Love Against Fate

Neville and Luna were not destined for each other, but a spark was there... One that was never lit, and one day they both thought... What if????? At the age of 28 and 29, both have been widowed due to a brief death eater uprising. They are suddenly left with no one but each other and the spark is set alight ( not hunger games fan fiction, sorry!) all credit to JK Rowling for all characters and just being a total inspiration! Enjoy!


3. Symbol of Love

"Luna, can I say something?" I asked, slightly drunk on fire whiskey but perfectly sane at the same time

"You just did!" Luna giggled

"Well I want to say something else too... I think... Erm oh yes! I think you are amazing and beautiful and smart and funny and kind Smart and pretty..." I mumbled

" I think that about you too Neville... You really are beautiful...."

( ok maybe we were a bit more drunk then we thought) ...... and with that we kissed.

For a long time after we just stared into each others eyes and I knew I didn't have to be lonely anymore...

**** authors note: hi guys I hope your enjoying this so far, I'm leaving it there for now but if I you want to hear more then please do comment. I'm fairly new at this so it might take a while to actually find the comments but I will try! Isabella ****

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