The Dead Walking 4

(This is the 4th book in The Dead Walking series) I hate death. Its not even the fact someone died really its the after math when you look back and think "maybe I could have done something" and it just eats away at you until you cant take it anymore. And it seems no one really understands it, but you so you are left to face it alone. Just like you're left to face everything else alone now because we're all just monsters too.


5. So That's Where We Go

        Carl came back just a minute or so after I hid my journal. He is struggling to hold 2 plates of food and 2 drinks. He sets them down on the bed and I am able to see what is on the plate. It is a plate of chicken and macaroni and cheese. I look up at him, with shocked, but excited eyes. "Where did you get this?" I gasp.

       "My dad found a stray chicken on a hunt and there's a bunch of boxes of macaroni so he made some," he explains.

       "You even brought spoons," I smile at the memories at the prison. He always had spoons we needed them.

       "Yep," he smiles too.

       I dig in right away. The chicken is sweet and juicy. I sigh as soon as I bite into it. "It's been so long since I have had something other than soup."

       Carl nods. "Same here," he takes a huge bite.

       I eat more and more until finally my plate is empty. Only then do I open my Mountain Dew. It pops as I open it and just barely fizzes. I take huge gulps at a time. Even though it is pretty flat it is the best thing I have had in a long time. Once I have finished with everything and so has Carl we set our food aside. "Thanks for the meal."

      "Don't thank me. Thank my dad," he tells me.

      "I will," I nod.

      "I miss our journey to Salus. I know that's crazy because it turned out that journey was a waste of time since it got overrun. But I miss it," he smiles. "Do you know why?"

      "Why?" I ask.

      "Because that's the first time we kissed. That was when we really started to like each other. I just miss it. We had alone time and I don't know... I guess I just liked being with you," he explains.

      I smile. "That's so sweet Carl. Remember our bet?" I let out a light laugh.

      "Oh yeah. That was an awesome bet," he jokes.

      I shake my head, a smile still on my face. "To be honest I'm glad you made me fall too. That kiss was way better than getting 5 bullets for my gun."

     He grabs me hand and pulls me up. "We should ask if we can go on another small trip. Just you and me," he suggests.

     I look at out hands, entwined in one another's. "Where would we go?" I ask.

     "Wherever we wanted."

     I look up at him. "I like that idea."

    He pulls me along as he heads to the front of the store. I see Rick talking to Michonne and Daryl near the front doors. Mark is keeping watch. We walk right up to them and wait for them to stop talking. "Dad. Me and Izzy were wondering if... maybe we could... go out on a little trip. We can hunt and scout the places around here," he persuades.

     Rick thinks about this for a moment. "Who would all be going?" he asks.

     "Just us," Carl tells him.

     "I don't know..."

     "Come on. We'll be fine. We're only going to be gone for a couple days. I promise we won't be gone for too long."

     "Only for a couple days-"

     "Yes! Thank you!" Carl interrupts him and gives him a quick hug.

     "If you're not back in 3 days then you will be grounded from going on any trips," Rick warns. 

     Carl rolls his eyes. "Okay dad," he agrees, but I can tell he doesn't really believe him.

     "I mean it!"

     "Yeah, yeah," Carl says as we start to walk back to our bed.

     Once we get there we start to pack. I get my book bag and start to put my stuff in it. I have an extra pair of jeans, a gray tank top, my sweatshirt for the cool nights, 2 cans of food, a bag of beef jerky, 3 water bottles, my pistol and sword, and my notebook and pencil. I make sure to put my notebook and pencil in without Carl seeing. I will be able to write when he is sleeping. Carl makes sure to pack the ipod just in case we feel like having a dance party. He also packs food for him and an extra pair of clothes. Once we are packed we head out.

      Once we are on the road I can tell this trip will be fun. Just me and Carl out in the wilderness. I have a plan though. I want to go to the house that me an Carl have stayed in multiple times. I like that house. Especially the meadow. If we get there by tomorrow we can stay there for a day and then head back. We shouldn't be gone fore more than 3 days if we travel fast enough. 

      "Carl, I have a plan," I say after a moment.

      "What kind of plan?"

      "What we will do for our 3 days."

      "And... what is it?" he asks.

      "Okay so if we travel fast enough we should get to that one house with the really pretty meadow by midday tomorrow. That gives us about a day to spend there. And then we can leave there and head back here. We shouldn't be gone for more than 3 days if we stay on track," I explain.

       He nods. "If that's where you want to go."

      "It is."

      So that's where we go.



      Hey guys! I am sorry for the past 2 short chapters. I'll try and make the next ones longer. Don't forget to comment your questions and like and favorite! Thank you all for reading! Love you guys!

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