The Dead Walking 4

(This is the 4th book in The Dead Walking series) I hate death. Its not even the fact someone died really its the after math when you look back and think "maybe I could have done something" and it just eats away at you until you cant take it anymore. And it seems no one really understands it, but you so you are left to face it alone. Just like you're left to face everything else alone now because we're all just monsters too.


7. Plan

        I wake up with my head on Carl's lap. I go to say something, but he covers my mouth with his hand and shakes his head. He moves his eyes up to the front seats where the 3 men are sitting. I understand. We can't talk right now. Not where they can here us. I'm really wishing now that Carl would have stayed back. Now no one will no where we are, if we're okay, if we're dead. At least if Carl would have stayed behind then he could tell the rest of the group and they could come searching for me. Now we don't even have that chance.

      In just a few minutes they stop the car. I sit up fast and look out the window. It's still too dark to see anything. I'm guessing we're at their camp though because the 3 men step out. One man comes to over and opens the right door and another man comes over and opens the left door. The other man just stays behind and watches as we all exit the car. "Take em' to the attic. I'll deal with em' in a minute," one man says. It's the man that held the knife to my throat. He must be the one in charge.

    They usher us forward and we enter a big building. It's almost the size of my old school, but it has the build of a house. Maybe it's some kind of mansion or something. We walk down a long hall passing room after room. It seems like the hallway will go on forever. We finally reach the end of it and we turn to the left. We walk down another long hallway and we reach a set of stairs.

     We walk up the first flight, then the second, and then the fourth. By the time we reach the top my calves are burning and I'm breathing fast. We walk down another long hallway and up one more narrow, flight of stairs and we come up to a big, open room. All there is, is 2 thick mats, a bucket, some toilet paper, and 2 blankets. It looks like this is the place they were saying they were going to take us. Yay.

      The men push us in the room farther before steeping out, shutting the door, and locking it. So this is it. This is where I will die. The boy and girl start crying as soon as the men leave, but I just stand there and Carl, he walks across the room to one of the mats and sits down. And I'm left just standing there, looking blankly at empty space. There's a lot of that in this room. Empty space.

      I probably stand there for an hour before I finally make myself move. I walk across the room, slowly and take a seat on the black mat beside Carl. He doesn't say anything to me, but I know what he is thinking. I got us into this. If I would have just let the 2 kids die we would still be free. We would be able to continue on our journey the way I planned it. I don't think he is mad at me, just frustrated. I always get us into trouble. I told him I was a bad luck charm.

      I lay down and Carl lays beside me. He puts his arm under my head so I can use it as a pillow. I shut my eyes and allow myself to think. I need a plan. I need to think of something to get us out of here. That's my responsibility. I got us in here, so I will get us out. It only takes me a minute to think of it. It probably won't even be that hard to pull off. I just have to be good at lying.




      Sometime later 2 men burst in through the door. The 2 kids are sleeping and he bangs his hand on the wall to wake them up. "Up! Up! Up!" he demands. Everyone sits up and gives their attention to him. "Now that you're all awake we can begin," he smiles. "Now the rules are simple. If you answer the questions truthfully and fully then you don't get beat. Now if you don't answer truthfully or you refuse to answer... then I promise you'll be begging for your mommy."

     I feel my heart beat faster. This is my chance. But what about Carl? He won't answer them. He would rather die. I look over at him and he looks back at me. I can tell he's worried about me. He figures I won't talk either. He's gonna hate me for a minute. I just have to get them away from here so that I can get us out. I guess I will just have to deal with Carl later.

    "Now let us begin," he eyes scan the room until they land on me. My heart beats even faster. "You," he points at me. "What were you doing out there last night?"

     "We ran away from our group. We wanted to be by ourselves so we ran away," I shrug.

    Carl narrows his eyes a little. "And why did you attack us?"

   "Well... I didn't want to watch 2 little kids get killed," I answer this part truthfully.

    "Aren't you from that group at the prison?"

    Here's my chance. "Yes."

   "And they are there now?" he asks.

   "Yes," I lie.

   "We just went by there recently and we didn't see anyone," he raises an eyebrow.

   "Well we used to be there..." Carl grabs my arm and I look at him. He looks into my eyes and I see shock. 

   The man notices this. "Let her talk!" he yells.

   I continue. "But we've been gone for awhile. Out on a trip. See we were in the back of the group and we just lagged behind until we could get away. They're back now though. You can go and get them. Right now and they won't expect it. You might want to bring a lot of people though, because they have a lot of guns and a lot of people."

   I feel Carl relax beside me. The man smiles at this thought. "Hm... and you're not lying to me?"


   He turns to the other man that is guarding the door. "Go round up a group. We're going hunting."

   The man nods and leaves the room. The other man turns back to us. He looks at me again. "I'm glad you cooperated to well. When I get back I'll think about letting you go."

  "Thank you," I say even though I know I won't be here when he gets back. That would be a disaster. Once he learns I lied to him, all hell is gonna break loose. We have to be outta here long before he gets back.

   The man leaves and we are left alone. The 2 kids stare me down. "Why would you tell him where your group is?" the boys demands.

   I smile a little. "I didn't. We aren't at the prison anymore. We moved to another location. All he'll find there is some dead people and some zombies. We're gonna break outta here as soon as they've all left. You can come if you want," I offer.

  They think about this for a minute and then they smile too. "Thank you. For saving us. Yes we'll come with you. As long as you're okay with it."

  "Yeah, it's fine."

  I turn back to Carl and see he is staring at me in astonishment. "W- how?"

  "I had to come up with a plan to get us out of here," I shrug.

   "Why didn't you tell me?"

   "Because then it wouldn't have worked as good. When you freaked out and thought I was gonna actually tell them, that made the man really believe I was giving information away," I explain.

   "You're a lot smarter than I thought," he smirks.

  "Hey, I got us in here and I have to get us out."

  He just smiles for a minute before leaning forward and giving me a small kiss. I hear the little girl say, "Ewwww! That's discusting!" Carl chuckles and I laugh. It's nice knowing we might actually have a chance to escape.

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