The Dead Walking 4

(This is the 4th book in The Dead Walking series) I hate death. Its not even the fact someone died really its the after math when you look back and think "maybe I could have done something" and it just eats away at you until you cant take it anymore. And it seems no one really understands it, but you so you are left to face it alone. Just like you're left to face everything else alone now because we're all just monsters too.


9. No Promises

       It takes about an hour, but finally I hear the sound of a closing door and the sound of the truck starting. They're finally leaving. I wait a few minutes before standing up. I think about it for a second. I don't know how many left. There could still be a lot of people here so we will have to be quiet. How am I supposed to get their attention?

     I turn around and look at the 3 of them as I get an idea. "Okay, so I have an idea," I begin.

     "What is it?" Carl asks.

     "So we need to get their attention right?"

     "Yes," the boy says.

     "Well..." I turn to the little girl. "What's your name?" 

     "My names Melonie," she tells me. "And my brothers name is Joel."

     I nod. "Well Melonie do you think you could do something? Something that would help us?"

     "Oh, yes!"

     I smile a little. "Do you know what a seizure is? Or a spasm attack?"

     She shakes her head. "No."

     "Okay well it's basically where your shaking really crazy or your muscles are like spazzing out," I try to explain it, but I can't. "Like this," I show her. Everyone starts laughing. "Do you think you could do that so I can get someone up here and while they are "looking at you" I can kill them and then we can get out of this room?"

     She nods. "I think so."

     "Okay. You don't have to start yet. Just wait till you hear someone coming up the stairs," I instruct.

     I walk up to the door and take a deep breath. I ball my hand up in a fist and start banging on the door. "Help! This girl is having a seizure!" I yell as loud as I can.

     I hear some shuffling all the way down stairs and someone mumbling as they head for the stairs. Their footsteps sound like stomps as they walk up each step. I look back at Melonie and mouth the word now. She starts to do her best impression. It doesn't look that bad. I mean it's believable so I guess it's good enough.

     The man finally gets up the stairs and he walk up to the door. He slings it open and storms in. He sees Melonie on the ground and runs over to her. He starts to shake her and I can tell she is scared. "Stop that," he demands.

     It's now or never.

     I run forward and jump on his back. He grunts. "Get the hell off of me!"

     He slings around and  I have to grip on to his shoulders as tightly as I can and wrap my legs around his waist so I don't fly off. He lets put another grunt and slams his head back into mine. I gasp as the back of his head slams into my face. I feel blood stream from my nose, but I don't let go.

     "Izzy!" Carl gasps.

     He tries to get the man to stop moving around so much, but he can't. The man sprints towards the wall and just before he hits it head on he spins around. I am smashed in between him and the wall. My arms and legs fall away and I slide to the ground. He spins around and rips me off the ground by my neck. I wince as I feel the pain in my back and neck as he holds me to the wall.

     "Let her go!" Carl demands.

     The man slings me on the ground and spins around so he is facing Carl. I am gasping for breath and I think he may have broken a couple of my ribs. The man advances on Carl. I can't let him hurt anyone else. I force myself to stand up. For some reason I'm extremely dizzy. I fall to the side a little as I try to stay level with the ground, but then again the ground is tilting at all different angles. I just barely make out Joel tossing a piece of broken glass my way. It fall to the ground in front of me and I pick it up. The man has Carl against the wall now. I take a deep breath to steady myself and run forward. I send the glass into his skull. I let go of the glass right away and he slumps to the ground.

     Suddenly I can't hold myself up anymore and I slump against Carl. "Izzy. Izzy they're gonna be coming up here in a minute. What- what hurts?" he asks.

    "I'm fine," I lie. "I just think... he broke some of my ribs," I heave a little as I try to take in a breath. I feel a sharp pain in my right side as my stomach expands and contracts.

    "Are you going to be able to walk? To fight?"

    I nod, quickly. "Yeah, don't worry about me."

    I am not fine at all. To be honest I can't even see straight. It hurts to breath and that's kinda necessary to live and my nose is probably fractured. But I can't just let them give up now. They have to believe that I'm okay.

    "I'll... I can't help you right now, but I'll help you later Izzy," Carl promises.

    I nod. "It's fine. Check..." I wince. "Check that man for any weapons."

    Carl squats down and checks the man. He finds 2 pistols and a pocket knife. He hands me a pistol, but I push it back. "Don't you want a pistol?" as asks.

    "I can't... I can't even see straight Carl. I'll just waste the bullets. Give me the pocket knife," I grab the pocket knife from him and he hands Joel the pistol. He keeps the other one for himself.

    Just then 2 men burst in through the door. They look at the man on the floor with shocked eyes. Carl raises his gun and shoots the first one before they even have time to react. Joel raises his gun and shoots, but misses. He shoots again, but his hands are shaking and he misses again. I shake my head and take the gun from him. I aim as best as I can and shoot. I hit him in the shoulder. He screams and his gun falls to the floor. I shoot again and get him in the chest. He grabs his chest in pain and falls collapses to the floor, dead.

     Only 3 more people come up the stairs and we are able to kill them easily. Once I know everyone is dead I am able to actually feel my pain. I sit on the floor and hold my side as I try and get enough air to my lungs. I wipe the blood away from my nose and let myself moan.

     "Izzy. I know it hurts, but we have to get out of here. At least to the woods and then we can stop, but we can't be here when the others get back," Carl warps his arm around my waist as softly as he can and helps me stand up. He keeps his arm around my waist as we walk down the stairs and down the long hallways.

     I find my stuff near the door. I grab my weapons, including the pistols we just got and we leave whatever that place was behind us. It's strange because it is really close the road. Hopefully it is the long road that connects the prison and WALMART. I know it isn't though because I have never passed this place and I've been on this journey 3 times now and I would have passed it about 6 times now.

     So we head to the woods on the other side of the road and we just walk. We don't have anywhere else to go and there is no way we can be there when the others get.




      We walk until I just can't walk anymore, which is probably only 2 or 3 miles. When we finally do stop though I can tell my ribs are hurting worse. Most likely they're really bruised. I take a seat on the ground and and lay back in the grass. Carl sits beside me and Melonie and Joel sit a few feet away. I look up at the little opening in the trees made by the little clearing we are in. It's so bright I can almost imagine I am in heaven.

     "I'm going to see what's wrong Izzy. Make sure he didn't break anything serious," Carl says nervously.

     I nod. "Okay." He moves his hand slowly toward the bottom of my shirt. "Oh for goodness sake just check if my ribs are broken," I snap.

   He pushes my shirt up to just below my bra and gasps at what he sees. I look down and see a huge purple blob over my whole right rib cage. I groan. "So... I'm no doctor, but I'm guessing that they are either severely bruised or broken."

   "Well no der," I joke a little even though I am NOT in a joking mood.

   "I'm sorry Izzy. I should have done something. You shouldn't have had to do that," he shakes his head.

   "No. Don't start blaming your self," I demand. "We're all safe and that's all that matters."

  "You can't travel like that. I mean can you even breath?"

  "I'm still alive aren't I? Living requires breathing," I sigh. "Yes I can breath. It just hurts that's all."

   He pulls my shirt back down and sits me up. He brings my head to his chest and strokes my hair. "I'm sorry you're hurting. Is there anything I can do to make it better?" he asks.

  "Just, don't give me a hug," I smile a little.

  "No promises," he chuckles.

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