The Dead Walking 4

(This is the 4th book in The Dead Walking series) I hate death. Its not even the fact someone died really its the after math when you look back and think "maybe I could have done something" and it just eats away at you until you cant take it anymore. And it seems no one really understands it, but you so you are left to face it alone. Just like you're left to face everything else alone now because we're all just monsters too.


24. Little Pieces

         I wake up sometime later with my head in Carl's lap. Down at my feet is Casey. He's using the armrest as support. I sigh and sit up. I slide Carl further down and position his legs so he's laying down, but his legs aren't all over Casey. Once I have Carl laying down, I lay down beside him, using the armrest as a pillow. It isn't but a few seconds and I'm out.




          I'm awoken by the sound of wood being thrown into the fire pit. I squint my eyes against the light and see Casey has 4 logs stacked up beside the fire place. He throws 2 more logs in. "What are you doing?" I ask.

        "The fire was going out so I found some more wood out back," he explains.

       I nod. "It's good you found more wood. That's the only thing keeping us warm," I smile, my eyes half closed.

       Casey chuckles. "Well now that you're up, do we have anymore food?"

       I shake my head. "We have some beef jerky and crackers left, but that's it. We should be back at WALMART by tomorrow so we should be okay," I tell him.

      He shrugs. "I'm hungry. I guess I'm gonna go see if I can catch anything."

      "Be careful," I warn him.

      He rolls his eyes. "I will."

      "I'm serious. It was bad enough when he had to leave you," I shake my head at the thought.

      He smiles. "And I survived. So I'll be fine."

      I don't argue, but silently I almost will him not to be his normal, goofy self... because... to be honest I think I love him. Not how I love Carl, but like... how I loved my brother. It's like kind of having my brother back... just as an older... more experienced boy. I hear the sliding glass door close as Casey leaves. I can feel a little gust of cold air blow in and I snuggle closer to Carl. I see the corner of his mouth twitch and I know he's awake.

       "Good morning," I say.

       "Good morning gorgeous," he smirks.

       I roll my eyes. "You haven't even opened your eyes. How would you know-"

       He opens his eyes and before I can finish my sentence he presses his lips against mine. After a moment he pulls away and smiles. "Because you always look gorgeous." I can feel myself blush and I know Carl sees it too because he chuckles. "Are you... blushing?" he says with fake shock in his voice.

       "Oh shush!" I lightly punch his shoulder.

       Carl grabs my hand right before I pull away and half lifts, half pulls me over to where I am straddling him. "I didn't know the tuff Izzy blushed," he smiles. Both of our hands are entwined and it's only his arms that are keeping me from falling forward. "So what are we gonna do today? I mean it seemed very important to you that we get here," he points out.

        "Well... uh... it's kind of stupid really..."

        "Oh my gosh... do you think I'm going to laugh or something?"

        I shake my head. "No... well... it was awhile ago actually... when I left the group," he cringes a little at the memory. "I thought of... my happy place. And when I found this house... and the meadow... it was exactly like it. The meadow is exactly what I imagined and I just... I want to visit it again," I explain. "And well a smaller reason too... do you remember the day that we played a soccer game... in the back yard?"

       He smiles. "Yeah I remember."

       "Well I wanted to come here because... of that soccer game with Katy and Mark. This place reminds me of her..."

       "Izzy... I'm so sorry..." he gives me... a somewhat... awkward hug for a moment before just sitting up and wrapping his arms completely around me. I rest my head on his shoulder and think for a moment. I remember exactly what my happy place. It was me and Carl... dancing in a meadow. The same one that is outside of this house. Even when I was mad at Carl... he was still something made me happy.

        Just then I here the door open and a 'meow.' Carl lets me go and I stand up. I look into the kitchen and see Casey standing there. Holding... a cat. I squeeze my eyes shut before opening them again. This has to be a dream. Where in the hell could Casey have found a cat...? I walk into the kitchen and Carl follows.

       "Casey... where did you find a cat? And why... did you bring it back here?" I ask, confused.

      He smiles. "He was just wandering around outside in this meadow out there. He looked cold... and hungry... so I figured I would bring him back here," he shrugs.

      "Oh God... please tell me you don't plan on EATING that!" I shake my head fast.

      "Haha no of course not! Why would I want to eat a cat Izzy?"

      "Oh... I dunno. It's just that you said you were going to get some food and well... you brought a cat back here..."

      "No. I tried to find food, but it's like every animal that's left is off hiding somewhere. Not that I blame them... its pretty dang cold out there," he admits.

      I sigh. "Can I hold it?" I ask.

      He hands it to me. To be honest it isn't that big. It's fur is brindle. A mixture of light brown, dark brown, and black, with a little white on it's nose and paws. It's eyes are a light, put pretty green. I run my fingers through its thick fur and it purrs loudly. Casey's right. It looks hungry. It probably hasn't had much more luck than us with finding food.

       "Izzy," Carl says. I turn to look at him and see he has a smile on his face.

       "What Is it?"

       "You know what that cat reminds me of? Billy Bob."

       "Oh... my... God. I completely forgot about that! Oh my God Carl... now everytime I look at this cat all I'm going to be able to imagine is your retarded cat," I can't help, but laugh.

       "No, seriously. It's the exact same color and about the same size. They could be twins!" he's laughing too.

       "Oh my God..." is the only thing I can say.

       "Wait... what are we talking about?" Casey asks.

       This causes me to laugh more. "Carl you tell him while I feed it."

       I walk into the living room and set the cat on the couch. All the kids are still asleep on the floor. I rummage through my bag and pull out the beef jerky. It's all we have that it would want. I pick out a couple pieces and lay it down in front of it. As soon as I pull my hand away it digs in. I sit there and watch as it eats. Once it's done I take it back into the kitchen. Carl is just finishing and Casey is cracking up laughing.

       "Are you serious?" Casey asks.

       Carl nods. "I'm serious."

       He just shakes his head. "Wow."

       "Did you feed it?" Carl asks.

       "Yep. I gave it some beef jerky. So... I was thinking... we should name it."

       "Well it's a girl so... we need some girl names," Casey tells us.

       "What about Ginger? Cause ginger is light brown and it can have specks of darker brown and lighter brown in it," Carl suggests.

       "No... we need something... unique."

       "What about A.C? Apocalypse Cat," Casey shrugs.

       "What kind of name is that? You don't put the Cat in the name," I shake my head. "We don't have to come up with it right now... we have time."

       Carl and Casey nod. I lean down and run my fingers through it's fur again all the way from it's head to the tip of its tail. All these little pieces here... the soccer game... the meadow... and now the cat. This place is a part of me. It always will be.



       Okay guys! So there is only going to be about 1 or 2 more chapters. I want to think @JackD013 and @TheMazeRunner for all the harsh criticism. :P keep it coming guys! So I REALLY want this book to get to 10 likes at least so I'm not going to update again until I reach that goal. So if you like this book and want me to update again then PLEASE like it!!!

                                     xoxo~ Samantha <3

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