Sing, Theresa Says

Theresa says if I do everything, one day a man will spring worth loving ~Greg Laswell✝


1. Sing, Theresa Says

*Harry's pov*

Three years.

It's been three years since Theresa left me.

I sat alone at a bar stool as I asked the bartender for another drink. It was practically empty in Moe's bar, besides the biker couple, playing a game of pool.

I picked up my phone and looked through my contacts. The plastic balls on the green table click into each other about ten feet away from me. I stopped at her picture and just stare for a minute. God I missed her. I missed her so much.

I call her. I know she isn't going to pick up but I just needed to hear her voice. I know, it's pathetic.


Hey it's Theresa!

Sorry I can't come to the phone right now.

I'll try to call you back asap.



I hung up, knowing that she will never again answer a phone call.

I gulped down the last of my drink, loving the burning sensation that runs down my throught. I stood up and slapped down the money owed to the bartender and mumble a "thanks".

I walked towards the door, with my face glued to my phone screen. Oh shit. Of course me being the dick I am, I knocked into someone. I really need to learn how to walk correctly. Before I can say sorry half assed, she looked at me a began to speak.

"Watch it dick, I'm in no mood."

What the hell?

I'm not surprised by her reaction. What surprised me was...Why the fuck did she look exactly like Theresa?

This is crazy. I had to be seeing things. Theresa's dead. She died. She's gone.

She took a seat at the bar stool I was previously seated at. She pointed to a small brown bottle of whiskey. The bartender gave her the whole bottle.

I just couldn't help it.

I begin to walk up to her, keeping my self from running. I sat at the bar stool beside her and began to think of what I should say to her.

"Bad day?" I ask, full of other questions springing up inside me.

"Well if your definition of a bad is getting fired on your third day of work, being cheated on by your boyfriend who you have been with for two years and your grandpa dying then yes, I guess I'm having a bad day."

"I'm sorry." I honestly replied.

"Don't be, I probably deserved it."


She looks at me and smiles.

"Yeah probably."

"What's your name?" I asked, curiosity getting the best of me.

"Tarryn, and yours?"

"I'm Harry."

"Harry." She repeats my name.

"I like you Harry."


Hey guys!

So it's Gracie.

So this is my first fan fiction on here anyways.

I decided make this account because I wanted to try it out and compare it to wattpad.

I promise I will try my best to get used to the settings.

So this is my first fan fiction but I will be writing more!

Tell me if you like em'!

Bye my lovely British bum heads!💕

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