The rules of nature:-
1. A GOD can kill a GOD
2. A GOD can kill a demon.
3. A GOD can kill a human.
4. A demon cannot kill the GODS
5. A demon can kill a demon.
6. A demon can kill a human.
7. A human cannot kill a GOD.
8.A human can kill a demon.
9. A human can kill a human.
With that weapon....... everything's possible

Vivek is an Indian boy who has only eight months left to stop the inevitable. To prevent the monomaniac, obsessed to a level of monomania, he has to learn MAGIC. This secret of the GODS has been protected for a million years and he is the only one who will not get obsessed with the secret. Will he fight hundreds of gods and demons with merely a small weapon on his side. Impossible does stand for I'm possible.


3. Project Helix

 'This glass building explains alot about the inner appearance as you can see. This building is a hundred storeys. The lobby had a pleasant smell and a well-to-do atmosphere. There are various 3D projections about the next upcoming grand project which we are working on. The right side of the lobby was a replica of the left. There is a shallow pool with lotus flowers. There are plants on both sides of the path. It gives you the experience of a royal hallway.  The royal hallway differs into two simultaneous paths.

Approaching forwards there is the lift. It has a Wi-Fi connection, only available to the faculty and members of the company. A biometric lock is entered which needs a membership verification to justify that you are not an intruder.

The lift is made of glass and has a curved shape. The platform of the lift is also transperent. The transparent glass allows users to acces a touch screen mobile phone experience. Most of the faculty ends up getting fired oblivious to their duties.

The faculty wears badges which symbolizes the symbol of Deoxyribonucleic acid(DNA). The men have to wear a black suit whereas the women had to wear a black T-shirt and a skirt. Most of the faculty is not physically present. What you see are holograms. The people control their holograms from their homes. 

Welcome to Apribex, Las Vegas where we study and unravel the secret of Deoxyribonucleic acid. Enjoy the upcoming tour.'

The guide ended and the group of interns took out their glasses after getting out from the virtual experience. Their host, even though he didn't guide them, was the manager of Apribex and a hologram himself. An unpleasent voice emerged from his bluetooth disturbing his thoughts."Meeting... Floor 79... Room 125.... Project Helix denial complaint."

Without gathering his thoughts, the manager urged his way to the elevator. He quickly placed his card and it was verified. In the confusion of his thoughts he blindly typed the buttons which he later realized was wrong. He typed again, calmly, his emotions different from his behavior. 

The manager reached Floor 79. There were big plasma TVs put up in every possible place showing the stock market race of the Apribex. The Tvs also showed the employee of the month which was the manager. There where other TVs in  the other corridors. The Tvs in the next corridor was internet provided and quickly connected with the manager's bluetooth. "We provide you the virtual experience of playing as your ancestors and understanding them well. Our goal is to bring back your ancestors to life, yet, once again," said the bluetooth which was being showed on the TV as well.

The manager did not care about the motive of the company. He wanted to change the whole company, earning alot of money and become the CEO. It was a tough job though. He needed a great influence. 

He did have many followers. The people who passed by him gave him their greetings by the gesture of a formal namestey. The manager wanted to change the purpose and goal of the company. A thought had been disturbing him for a long while, can the DNA, when unlocked, give you godly powers? The manager was an Indian and a Hindu and a strict beleiver. He believed that if the 2% genetic codes of DNA were unlocked then humans would show a drastic change in evolution.

The Apribex had made this machine in which whenever any person is seated he/she can    re-live the memories of their ancestors. This is done by unlocking the DNA further and further until you chose the ancestor's memory you want to acces. This always enables user to  possess special skills their ancestors did. This may include any martial arts or ancient sport.

The manager had created a modified version of the machine, Petrifocos. This unlocked our DNA drastically and possibly could even give us godly powers. Until you are a special case, side affects wont affect you. The only problem was that the manager did not have any idea about the side affects.

The manager put away all his thoughts. Today is the day, TODAY IS THE DAY!

After a long walks from corridor to corridor, the manager recognized the room and entered. The room was very well decorated and was very big in size. The floor was transparent and the room also consisted of numerable number of TVs. There was a table in the middle and the manager recognized the meeting as a round table conference. 

The manager adjusted his tie and was filled with nervousness. He had been challenged to close this project. No matter who was the challenger, the manager would face him without any fear.

"Sorry folks I am late," he said quickly making his way to his seat.

"Well Subject 0-C974-za#..

"Subject Manager 2-A100-ab# sir," said the manager interrupting the challenger who was the boss himself.

" Yes.. Subject Manager 2-A100-ab#. You might have been informed about the denial challenge," said the rowdy old man.

" And I oppose it .... sir." The manager shouted unaware of who he was speaking to.

"Apribex started with the sole idea of DNA and unravelling its codes. We managed to unlock the biosles and the neutrics hidden within the 2% coded DNA. With this we created the Petrifocos. We study the history of people's ancestors and their impressive data. Our motive is to instruct the Petrifocos to make a virus which has the ability to extract the DNA of the ancestor, which we have been unsuccesful to do. As you know, we need the DNA of the ancestor to understand how humans have evolved."

The manager grew tense. He stammered and blaberred some things which were of no use and then came to the topic," My aim is somewhat the same sir. The Project Helix will be a big boom for our company sir. With this project we can unlock the DNA quicker than any Petrifocos, drastically, and possess godly powers .....sir."

The manager got really angry. His expressions did tell that he wanted the manager to understand his point.

" Well....... your motive is great for economy, but what about the DAMN HUMAN RACE! People will buy our products, agreed. Company's will buy our products, agreed. We will make a lot of money, agreed. But how can you stop the humans from doing wrong things. Crime rates will go dramastically high, rapes, murders, terrorrism. What is the guarantee that the ISIS will not buy it? What is the guarantee that Lakshar-e-taiba wont buy it? WHAT IS THE GUARANTEE THAT AL QADE WILL NOT BUY IT? The G 20 summits may be attacked. Our company may make a huge profit for a decade... but what then? All these terrorrsist organiations will want to control the world. Corruption will increase rapidly and there would not be any suitable law force to sustain such criminal activities. The world would be in no profit," argued the boss.

The manager also grew tensed again and the boss could make it out from his expressions. The boss was a scrawny man in his mid 40s and despised anyone who opposed him. In this case, he even despised anyone whom he opposed. There wasn't a debate he had lost or a challenge he had forfeited. THat is why he ws the boss of Apribex, Las vegas. He used to be a philosopher in India and his motives were completly different. The manager had no chance in front of a senior who was way ahead in experience and quality of work.

The manager, on the second hand, was in his early 30s and had lost only a few debates. This was his first challenge and he was barely ready for it as he had less time to prepare

"First of all, we will make a profit in trillions! Our economy will rise rapidly and so will each employees salary," said the manager and noticed a gleam on the audience's face with the sentence," Then, if the terrorist organizations will buy our products, where will they get the money? We wont even sell it in public like those sabji walas in India. Assume for a moment, that even if the terrorist organizations do forge these products from somewhere, wont the police forces also buy them and sustain these organizatoins. But why assume? This wont even happen.First, we will sell this to the army of Afghanistan and other numerable countries who are facing terrorrism threats. They can use it to fight against the Taliban.....

" What is the guarantee that the Afghan president wouldn't want to conquer the other nations with such godly powers?" asked the boss, knowing that the manager would not be able to answer this witty question.

" A very well question indeed, sir.The brain controls the DNA and all actions we do. My Petrifocos will reverse this and make the DNA control the brain. The DNA, as I said, will become smarter and would restrict the president to take such actions. That answers all your questions sir and I prove myself right," said the manager ending the debate. There were many claps from the other people gathered.

The boss' mood dropped. He had to end the debate and asked, " Who are in favour?" 

Many hands shot up in the air. There was no point asking who was against as it was understood. A woman who hadn't raised her hand raised it now for questioning," Wont you have any human trials before coming up with the modified petrifocos?"

The victorous heart of the manager dumped itself into the darkness of hell. The manager knew he was wrong but still he answered," I will bring the results by next week Subject Internship -0-0-0-0."

" I will be expecting them, very well."

The meeting ended and one by one everybody had left. The manager was left alone,as this was his cabin. " Conversion required," the manager said into his bluetooth and slowly the furniture was replaced with other furniture. The manager walked around thinking of all possibities. Nobody from the company would vote for human trials. The manager screamed and threw his files in a corner," Damn with the project."

How could a 11th grade student oppose him? The manager had to come up with something fast. Whatever he had saidwas all prepared on the moment. His true motives were that he wanted tocontrol this company and fund in its shares. The owner of the company is a billionaire and so did he also want to become  one too. An idea struck him!

Nobody, not even a bloody eleventh grader could stop him from becoming a billionaire.

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