The rules of nature:-
1. A GOD can kill a GOD
2. A GOD can kill a demon.
3. A GOD can kill a human.
4. A demon cannot kill the GODS
5. A demon can kill a demon.
6. A demon can kill a human.
7. A human cannot kill a GOD.
8.A human can kill a demon.
9. A human can kill a human.
With that weapon....... everything's possible

Vivek is an Indian boy who has only eight months left to stop the inevitable. To prevent the monomaniac, obsessed to a level of monomania, he has to learn MAGIC. This secret of the GODS has been protected for a million years and he is the only one who will not get obsessed with the secret. Will he fight hundreds of gods and demons with merely a small weapon on his side. Impossible does stand for I'm possible.


4. Murder!

Nobody could beleive that a eleventh grader, with a poor background, could do an internship for the company which had an economy greater than China and the U.S.A itself. She was a low scorer in academics because her life plans were already set in her mind and she had begun to work on them from a very early age. 

Although she wasn't a biology student, she was interested in the idea of Apribex, which was in the long run, related to biology. She had come up with crazy theories about DNA and how to unlock its codes. She always put her ideas on the website of Apribex, unaware that there are people out there, people who are devils and are mischevious, and would never leave an opportunity to steal ideas.

She went several years of depression, with friends and family always discouraging her future plans. She had planned to join the Apribex! Every year millions of people applied for jobs in the Apribex. Only, five people are selected. In this rush and so many people applying, there was no chance for her to get in. It wasn't even worth the risk. She was nearly influenced and gave up on herself.

It was another cold Sunday with the same dysfunctional debates in the Stiffler's house early morning.Yet another Sunday, when people got late and only brunch was served. Another Sunday on the snowy peaks of Mussoorie,India.Another Sunday with everybody fighting for the TVs remote and the breadwinner watching what he desired to. 

Mr Stifler complained about various thingswith a twitched nose and the Uncle Vernon look on his old and grumpy face. Mr Stifler Jr. abused and shouted various times and created chaos.The ladies in the house had gone elsewhere without informing their husbands. The children of the house were busy playing a weird and nasty game; 'The Booger King'. The children poked their nose and forced out their boogers. Whoever took out the most number of Boogers won.

"1....2....3...4,5......6!How?Where are ten others?" demanded little John with the puppy look on his face."1..2...3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11.12! Ah ha twelve boogers!" shouted Jake with excitment.

" You have stolen mine," yelled John.

"No I didn't," shot back Jake. An argument took place which only took a few seconds to convert into a fight. The whole house was turned upside down.

In another room, on the far corner of the house was situated a small crammed room, which was never disturbed. In that room lived a person who wasn't a girl, neither a boy; neither a man, nor a woman; neither a grandpa,nor a grandma..... and neither what your imagination is telling you to expect. This person was doing the most sensible thing in the 

The house was situated in the middle of the forest and aged 150 years.It had a wood floor with that old people's smell. It had the looks of some haunted house in a bollywood picture. It had a chimney and a fire burning in the living room. The dog was sitting on the lap of the old man, while the wife was busy in the kitchen, with the kids all gone for some or other activity. All except one......

Why would anybody waste a Sunday, come to such a cold place, in middle of nowhere, just for delivering posts? Mrs Stiffler went to gather the posts,astonished. Astonished,not by the unwelcomed posts, but the name on it. it was written with bold letters in a cursive handwriting. A chill ran through Mrs Stiffler's spine as she was astonished to read Grace Stiffler.She 

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