The rules of nature:-
1. A GOD can kill a GOD
2. A GOD can kill a demon.
3. A GOD can kill a human.
4. A demon cannot kill the GODS
5. A demon can kill a demon.
6. A demon can kill a human.
7. A human cannot kill a GOD.
8.A human can kill a demon.
9. A human can kill a human.
With that weapon....... everything's possible

Vivek is an Indian boy who has only eight months left to stop the inevitable. To prevent the monomaniac, obsessed to a level of monomania, he has to learn MAGIC. This secret of the GODS has been protected for a million years and he is the only one who will not get obsessed with the secret. Will he fight hundreds of gods and demons with merely a small weapon on his side. Impossible does stand for I'm possible.


2. Caught!!!

Nebulous dreams filled his sleep.

Desolation and silence, twin sisters in the dark haunted the fort. He now saw a king carving inscriptions on rocks, going from boulder to boulder, chiselling away until each rock's surface was fully covered with unreadable squiggles. Finally, thirteen rocks stood in a circle with something written in an ancient language. It was like an gazing eye at the sky.

In one hand the King held fire, in the other,water......

Vivek awoke suddenly and sat up in bed, dazed.Still half awake,half asleep, he recollected his memories. 13, King, Rocks. Fire, Water. Oblivious to his surroundings,he didn't pay attention of the approaching footsteps. The sound of the approaching footsteps became louder......

Vivek rested at the corner of the old red room. The midnight night and the surroundings were a replica of what he saw in his dreams. Life was easy, without any troubles.... but misfortune can hit anybody, anytime just like an unwelcomed guest. It creeps and hollows the person it strikes! It is just that, the person should be brave and bold to strike back again. Vivek got out of his thoughts. He saw five unknown men standing at the entrance."You are surrounded now. All of them are there... Hordan, Piuvus and countless others. Hand it over now and death will be welcoming," the tallest man(supposedly the leader) said.

"Whom do you have on your side? Friends, family... or have all of them perished away'' he said while making an unnoticed movement for reaching towards his weapon.

Moments of silence haunted the room with a woeful revenge. The silence was only interrupted when Vivek spoke, for his words were unwelcomed." I have them..... just them.......SUMIONPITRUS." The people emerged out of a void and were unexpected. Vivek grinned and in the midst of the air dissapeared.

MAGIC was used in the war. Thousands of years of heritage was destroyed by a single spell. The fort had been wiped off from the face of the earth, as if it never existed. The nearby areas were affected with the disastorous event too.

The people, who Vivek had summoned, were all dead. Only, the remaining soldiers of the other army were injured. 

Besides Vivek there was something else missing too..... the inscriptions! The people who were eavesdropping on Vivek were appalled with the heinous incident which took place.

Hordan entered the room where there was devastation all around. His expressions betrayed his feelings or was it that he knew something which the others were oblivious to?


A year ago.......

Somewhere in Delhi, capital of India.

" Why not?" replied Vivek

" Because your allegations have not been justified mister," he replied.

" Oh they are justified.... So PLEASE!!!!" argued Vivek

" How can it possibly bring faith?" he asked.

" You are coming back on square 1,"

Unaware to the fact that the teacher had entered, the two braggers kept debating. Soon they found themselves outside the room in which they were seated. The debater who had started the ineffectual debate looked like a resourceful and intellectual person with the heavy pair of red spectacles he wore knowingly. He was dominant in studies and was provided a fully paid scholarship to attend this tall white building surrounded with gardens and parks. He was otherwise, an underprivileged, beggared orphan boy. He was Vivek ... just Vivek.

He saw a replica of himself in the other debater who was financially strong. The second boy's father was working at Apribex, the company which controlled the economy of the world. He was a caring and sensitive man. He was a tall and sturdy man. His strict looks always betrayed his inside emotions. The second boy was Vijay Dhanteeras Chauhan and his father, Fakrish Dhanteeras Chauhan.

The Chauhans lived in the Chauhan Villa which was an elegant and opulent place to live in. Such a magnificent place to find in Delhi was next to impossible.

Vivek was a small child of two when his father passed away. His father was a drunkard who died from liver cancer. His mother ran away after giving birth to Vivek. A tall and sturdy, strict man adopted him and claimed to have known his parents very well. He never talked about him though. That tall and sturdy man possessed a large amount of inheritance. He possessed one of the largest houses in India... The Chauhan Villa.

Vivek coped well with Vijay for the next five years but a misunderstanding broke their relationship as brothers. Vijay assumed that his parents adored Vivek which was true. Fakrish's love shifted from his son to an unknown beggared boy.

The two people just remained friends. At the present moment they were taken out from class for debating about a futile topic which wouldn't have changed any one of their perspective. The both of them were granted detention. As a matter of fact they had to stay back and write ineffectual gibberish on the black board. The boys couldn't stop discussing about the same dysfunctional topic. Vivek was done with his part of the punishment leaving Vijay to finish the rest of it. Vivek sneaked into the staff room which contained a foul smell of deodrants. Except Ms Das(the teacher which punished them) there was nobody else in the entire school. Vivek hadn't slept last night because of all those weird and spooky nightmares he had.

He lay down on a sofa. Slowly, Slowly everything went black.


Luminous and glossy, twin brothers of light rejoiced the kingdom. Everybody was happy and rejoicing at the victory of their king. The king, however , showed signs of dismay. It seemed as if he had to rush somewhere quick. He placed the thirteen tiny rocks on his palm and read the inscriptions. The secret had to be hidden from the gods. Ending it would be no good.

A tall, gleaming golden statue of Hordan was the heart of the kingdom. The rumours said that the statue can read anybody's mind just by looking at it. Between him and the god, his people would be confused in a dilemma. To kill Hordan he had to kill the people who believed in him. It was a tough choice the king had to make.

He was taught magic by the secret itself. He had to put an end to the Mashafiyanigans(people who believed in Hordan). He closed his eyes, his heart thumped louder and louder. The Mashafiyanigans consisted of his family, his sons, wives and mothers. Nervousness crept upon the king like a black storm covering the sky. "espiardiog". A loud unwelcoming  voice was heard from a nearby place. From the throne up there the King could see the disastorous  event taking place in the sea. He had made a mistake and had to revoke it. His magic stopped for which he had enchanted  a strong, powerful spell. The King shouted and shouted but his pain ended in vain. An icy storm struck the town of Mashiyara that cursed night. The cold increased day by day. It crept like a disease and ended like a virus only granting permission to live for one  of his victims, the king himself. The gold statue was covered with a shadowy layer of snow with the eyes covered too. The king had made a grave mistake. The past was the past. He wore a warm red cloak and approached the statue of Hordan."Blistifimmia."  The statue broke into a million pieces.

One last task for the King was left... to bury the secret and hope to bury himself for which he would have killed himself.

" Why are you snoring away to glory?" asked the teacher. Vivek suddenly awoke, recollecting the memories of his dream." Ah ha !!! Now you have been called by the principal. You have been caught"




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