The rules of nature:-
1. A GOD can kill a GOD
2. A GOD can kill a demon.
3. A GOD can kill a human.
4. A demon cannot kill the GODS
5. A demon can kill a demon.
6. A demon can kill a human.
7. A human cannot kill a GOD.
8.A human can kill a demon.
9. A human can kill a human.
With that weapon....... everything's possible

Vivek is an Indian boy who has only eight months left to stop the inevitable. To prevent the monomaniac, obsessed to a level of monomania, he has to learn MAGIC. This secret of the GODS has been protected for a million years and he is the only one who will not get obsessed with the secret. Will he fight hundreds of gods and demons with merely a small weapon on his side. Impossible does stand for I'm possible.


1. Captured!!!

A big castle appeared after a long time in front of the man. Man would be a not so goodword for him. Possibly he had undergone various mutations to appear red in colour. He possessed four arms and was well built. 

The castle was situated on a snowy peak and did not look like earth. The sky showed an inky orange colour with many circular objects in sight. One of them was a big blue ball which always collided with this planet. This peak,however, was never harmed.

The snow possessed a red colour as if soaked in somebody's blood. There were some living creatures which were unlike the animals on earth. A big white-dragon like creature roamed the areas and was easily spottable in the red soaked snow. It could fly and was a very ferocious creature. Its teeth contained poisonous substances. It wasn't like the normal poisons found on earth, but was created by the same people of the red man's race. This substance was extracted from the different balls of fire in the big vast space they know as the Universe. Its completetion took place when weird sentences were spoken(which created yellow sparks). It was just like magic!

Who were these people? How can they look so different in comparison with humans? How do they not die forcing themselves near supernovas? 

Is there a scientific reason? And if not....... were these people GODS????


Present day


Hordan was walking bristly and looked very tense. HIs red skin and four arms gleamed as if it was soaked in blood.  Although he was a GOD of few words he really didn't know if he would still be called the GOD of few words. Something from his treasury had been stolen. It was his most beloved possession. This possession was wanted by the GODS of various races. They fought for this possession and it was to remain secret for the benefit of the Universe.  

Millions of years of wars had started with this cursed possession and it would go on for many years further. The other clans were oblivious to the location of the possession, until recently when somebody told him the whole the security clearance and how to break it. There was a betrayer within these walls. The security system was enchanted and full of illusions. Out of the 13 clan members Hordan could only suspect one. 

 The possession belonged to his ungrateful son, Woarse.This son was the weakest out of the thirteen. He had grey skin and a very weqk body.Hordan never treated Woarse as an equal...... Never! It was everybody's duty to fight against such cruelity and so did Woarse.Hordan demanded his son(rather he would call him a subject) to hand over the possession a million years ago.

Informed by the Petroc Spy of the theft, Hordan became restless. In the mortal world, however, there had been a lot of bloodshed for the Gift of God. Hordan did have his doubts.

 Hordan pushed the doors open of Woarse's private chamber. It had a greyish and dull appearance, unlike the other clan members who had gleaming gold and silver magnificent gates.

'' HAIL THE MIGHTY, KING OF THE GODS, THE MIGHTIEST, THE BOLDEST, ONE OF THE CREATORS OF THE UNIVERSE, HORDAN,'' yelled the guard. Woarse awoke suddenly for he was sleeping , unaware of the fact that his father was there to imprison him in the Sonic Prison. 

Woarse was a proji, masterless god without any skills.The reason for Hordan to hate his son was not justified.When Hordan's wife, Maria gave birth to Woarse she died during childbirth. Hordan held Woarse responsible. 

''One of my prized possessions has been stolen.''  Nervousness crept across Woarse like a black beast.

'' When..... oh mighty lord?'' asked Woarse.

'' Pretty recently, I suppose...... The thief has already been found and that  gruesome whore will be banished in the Sonic Prisons. ,'' replied Hordan.

Woarse gulped,''You are wrong! Nobody, including the thief knows about the location anymore''

'' PETRIFOCOS!'' yelled Hordan producing a red thunderbolt which struck Woarse and hit the ground falling unconcious at that instant. ''SUMIONPITRUS!' yelled Hordan and summoned the guards. '' RESTIMARFIN PARTIMANFUS GARGALONTUS PRIUPUSS DUFFDIMHARUM TIMDRKHAN SUGON!'' The guards understood the instructions and took woarse to the prison. They resembled oxen who could stand like human.

'' Oh I will find the sword soon son and I will create A NEW UNIVERSE, A NEW WORLD and will force all the GODS of all religions under me. No one, not even a mortal can stop me,'' boasted Hordan using the ancient means of telepathy.

'' O King of GODS. The possession that you claim for yourself will be found by the thirteenth. For it is a co incedence that I am the thirteenth one, not even you can stop the thirteenth,'' said Woarse.

'' The ancient prophercy will be proved wrong only in a moments time. I will kill the thirteenth, before that mere boy really becomes a man,'' laughed Hordan,'' I will send my best assassins SUMIONPITRUS!'' . From the midst of the air the black particles combined to form an ugly faced, black hooded assassin.

''  It has been found. You know what to do'' instructed Hordan.

Confusion struck the assassin, oblivious to the fact what Hordan was talking about. Although , he tried best to behave as if h understood. Hordan caught the assassin lying from his poker face. Oil was added to fire.


The assassin nodded, bowed and left packing all his MAGIC books. A mere boy would not have a chance in front of a trained assassin. 

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