Young Love

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  • Published: 18 May 2014
  • Updated: 18 May 2014
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the story is about a girl Jocelyn who loved a boy , but tells her secret to the wrong person a girl called Eline about the boy she loves, so Eline dated the boy that Jocelyn loved in front of her. Joceline got depressed and sad for a while but then she found the guy that Eline loves so she dated him and kissed him in front of Eline to revenge, but later something bad happens. The story will be told by Jocelyn's friend.


1. Love

Young Love Once a girl named Jocelyn loved a boy called Jake since the 3rd grade and still loves him till now in the 7th grade he knew she loved him in the 5th grade and he has made fun of her. And now in the 7th grade she still loves him but he doesn’t care, maybe because he didn’t know, but she had a strong feeling that he knew that. A girl in her class Eline the most beautiful, Jake was telling her that she is beautiful, hot and lot of other things, Eline knew that Jocelyn loved him and she went to tell her what he was telling her, Jocelyn didn’t knew what to do she wanted to cry or maybe hit Eline but it was so stupid to do that, she wanted to cry when she told her that she wanted to do this but she couldn’t she was scared if Jake knew so he’ll make fun of her in front of all the classes again. She told he

r best friend Mary that she wanted to forget him but she couldn’t and that she was so sad when Eline told her this. Mary told her that both of them Eline and Jake are stupid and that she shouldn’t think about them, but about to forget Jake she said it was true love. But Jocelyn thought what kind of true love is that? She loved him but he barley knows about her existence, she passes everyday next to him in hope maybe he would tell her HI but didn’t look at her, he even doesn’t accept her as a friend, that’s why she is even scared to talk to him. Mary has tried everything to help her but she couldn’t, she thought that “What is that a curse?” for this age there will be a crush of one and three months but not 4 years! It wasn’t logic for her, but she was sure Jocelyn wasn’t lying. But Eline has just made fun of her and still continues to flirt with Jake in front of Jocelyn and telling her what he was saying about her physical appearance. And the class to was making fun of Jocelyn’s story because they were all fascinated of Eline ’s beauty, but Jocelyn was much more beautiful than her but she was brunette, but all people around said that she is very beautiful she had also kind of magic dark eyes but Eline had green eyes but around them she was like a drug addict,Jocelyn has long strong dark hair, but Eline has a little bit long brown burned hair. Until now Jocelyn hasn’t any little hope in Jake because of Eline and James sentence to her “even in your dreams you will never see him” It was really shocking for her she was like dead… Once I told her Jocelyn forget him he is nothing we are still young, it’s just a simple crush but maybe that has lasted too long you still have may more to see. But she never listened, and Eline and Jake have still continued to make fun of her and break her she was so depressed. But one day she has come changing her appearance everything changed I and Mary were still her best friends but we couldn’t see her smile, when the others noticed they asked us Have you ever seen Jocelyn smile? And they tried their best to make her smile but she was so cold while talking to us and to everybody. One day I asked her to talk to me in our best place: Under the old tree, I asked her what is wrong, what are you planning to. Her face didn’t show that there will be peace in class later. It was so scary and I was freaking out. But she answered:” You’ll see wait.” Few weeks later I have seen her with Damien Eline ’s true love, they were like in a relationship and she was laughing very hard that you can hear he from the class, she passed next to me without telling me a single word, she went to the playground and walked to Eline and Jake, Damien was hugging her she was laughing she talked to Eline and said:” Hey there! With a big smile, It’s been about four months I haven’t talked to you, missed you and suddenly Damien kissed her on her mouth in front of everybody, all were shocked, they were looking at them with big eyes, that kissed lasted for a long while, Miss Holmes, has dropped her coffee, Integra, the dark girl in her world starred at them, Lindsay, the romance lover, was feeling the moment too, Alice and Tom were feeling that they wanted to do like them, Alexia and Leon were happy for her, they loved her too they were best friends. I found out her plan, she’ll take her fist from Eline and Jake. And Eline has started shivering, Jake’s face has become with much more than it was, Mary thought she has forgotten Jake. A fifteen minutes kiss in school was strange so asked her, Jocelyn what you have done. She said I’m sure you have understood what happened, right now. I will take my fist from her, I will let her pay. I told Mary about that but she said , It was going to happen now or later, she has been heartbroken many times and she will revenge now or later, we can’t stop her, no one can, but maybe she started falling for Damien, that kiss…. Jocelyn and Damien have repeated this scene many times he kissed her many times a day in front of everybody. And I could feel, Jocelyn has started to spread out all the darkness and sadness that she has kept for the past four months. And Eline started to be like Jocelyn in the past but she hasn’t felt what has, she done to Jocelyn so this is happening to her. Few weeks later Damien stood up in the middle on the playground and screamed I love you Jocelyn! Have you all heard I love Jocelyn! This time Miss Holmes fell of the stairs, Alice and Tom kissed, Eline she has lost conscience and fell on the floor, Jack was shivering of his anger but Eline ’s accident has made him forget. And he did that again and again and again for two months… In 15 May 1889 we heard the bell of Mother Theresa’s church, Eline died, her mother so depressed told us, she cried, she cried, she cried, she cried two weeks and she died! The poor Mrs. Anderson she was screaming, and screaming, and screaming, Jocelyn has showed-up behind the tree watching the funeral, she was sad too, she… I don’t know what. In July 1 1889 Jake has followed Eline he killed himself, but he left a note to Jocelyn it said: “Jocelyn I’m so sorry, I know I’ve hurt you a lot for four months, I loved you too but Eline … I don’t know she haunted my mind, my thoughts I didn’t knew what happened. I’m not saying it’s her fault and I’m innocent, she asked me to stay with her in the recess time and she flirted around me and you know I’m kind of a womanizer, I didn’t know what to do, Jocelyn I loved you but she mixed all my thoughts, you were right for what you’ve done , but I’ve got jealous. I really loved you and I still love you, I love you while I’m writing this letter and I’ll love you when I’ll be with you but I.. I’m sorry I’m not going to do this because I love her I’m doing that because I don’t deserve to live after I’ve hurt you for four months without thinking. I’m sorry, so sorry. I loved and love you truly and deeply. Jake After reading that Jocelyn cried she wished he was still here she said:” Mary, Chelsea I wish he was here, I wish he is next to me like you both are right now. I love you all…. And I hope someone will miss me… Goodbye…” She has killed herself with the sword, in front of us Mary and I cried a lot so her mother.. In 2 July 1889 Jake and Jocelyn were buried together: under the old tree of our childhood…. The end.

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