His Absence


3. Chapter 3

-dream starts-

I walked into god knew where, lonely and tired. My eyes blood shed red and my mind empty yet full enough to make me wanna explode.

The sky had only few stars struggling to sparkle to give it some light as it was as black as the alley.

A few street lights were shining down, my shadow carefully following close by behind me.

Soon, I met with a long alley that didn't seem to stop, me getting chills down my spine as I feared the dark terribly.

Being brave enough, I walked in, my arms folded as my bare skin shivered against the cold breeze.

Although there was barely anything or anyone to be seen in the alley, I could feel someone's presence waiting. Waiting for me..

Licking my lips, I unfolded my arms now walking slowly towards what looked like an object.

Thinking who I thought was standing there, my heart skipped a beat as I gulped.


I smiled brightly, seeing a figure in a distance as I walked into the pinch black alley.

The figure stood there silent and lifeless as I could only hear my heels clicking every second.


I asked again frowning as I pursing my lips and I tried my best to not trip over anything.

There was a weird scent.. But I couldn't figure out where it was from.

The figure shifted, slowly stepping out of the dark with only little light shining down on it.

It was Harry. His curly hair was jelled up perfectly and there was a soft half smile plastered on his one of a kind face.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was Harry. It was him and I was certain.

He looked cleaned up and polished, smiling sheepishly down at my tiny figure.


I mumbled, stopping in front of him, letting out the air that I didn't realize burring in my chest.

He was so calm and quiet. His green eyes were locked with mine with some kind of happiness buried in them.


He finally spoke, his voice echoing through the brick walls of the alley, me getting chills just by hearing his voice.

"It's really you.."

My voice trialled off, my heart beat fastening as I couldn't stop smiling.

Just looking at him made my world a whole lot better. With just one smile, he could make me a 100% happy. I didn't know how he could do it, but he could.

Quiet once again, his hands gently grabbed mine, his fingers around mine tightly as if he didn't wanna let go.

His hands intertwined with mine, slowly pulling me closer to him as I obeyed with a smile.

Looking down at our fingers intertwined, I blushed lightly, looking away quickly.

"I haven't seen you in a long long long time"

He smiled, slowly speaking as he looking at me up and down several times.

His eyes never left mine. Not even for a second. He was a keeper. He never failed to make me happy.

I didn't know what to feel. Happy, sad or both. After what happened, I couldn't face him the same way I used to. But he gave me the hope and confidence to.

Blushing lightly, I held back the tears that were threatening to spill out from happiness.

Nodding my head, I sniffled controlling my emotions as much as possible.

"Hey.. Hey"

He calmly said, pulling me into a warm hug that I haven't had in ages. His arms wrapped around me safely as he pulled me closer to him, me sniffing in the scent of his signature cologne.

Burring my face in his collar bone, a tear rolled down my cheek although the smile on my face didn't leave even for a second.

Pulling away slowly, our eyes met once again, the little light reflecting in his eyes, shooting out a zillion fireworks.

The alley was still dark and quiet, with only us standing there. It was frightening, yet safe and sound because I wasn't alone. He was there, standing by me.

Running my fingers through his tangled curls, I smiled admiring how peaceful he seemed to be.

Harry's large hands cupped my face gently, pulling me closer to him as I closed my eyes shut.

Feeling his heavy breathing against my lips, I shivered. Just when our lips were close enough, a sudden rush of water grew in my throat, me quickly stepping back as my eyes widened.

Coughing out water, I struggled to breath as it felt like my last seconds alive.

The rush was unbelievable. I felt like I was being choked, my face and eyes red.


I struggled to yell, my voice echoing through the now evil looking valley as he stood there emotionless, staring at me.

Raising a hand to reach for his, I helplessly cried, my air ways blocked.

Spitting out water that never seemed to stop, I fell to the floor, my hands tightly gripping around my neck.

"You should've saved me while you could"

Harry coldly said, standing still, not even moving an inch. His eyes were now evil and upset, his eyebrows frowned and his jawlines tightened.


I screamed as tears rolled down my cheeks, still choking out water.

-dream ends-

Gasping for air, I fell off my bed, my wet cheeks attacked with even more tears.

My eyes widened, my mouth open as I begged for air and my hands around my neck tightly as if I was chocking myself to death.

Realizing, I let go as I began breathing in and out less violently, my body shivering cold.

"Oh my god.."

My voice trialled off as tears rolled down my cheeks desperately. Shaking my head, I stood up my back hurting like a bitch.


A voice quietly spoke into my ear, me jumping in fear. I knew that voice. It was Harry's. It was Harry's voice.

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