Only You

Please read it's my first published story!


2. chapter two

Seven hours later

Louis' POV

"Hey lads aren't we forgetting someone?" I asked. We all widened our eyes and ruses out the back. We saw Elsa laying there, eyes close and her lips were pure blue. "SHIT!!" Harry yelled and I picked her up bridal style. We placed her in front of the fire, but she didn't wake up. Her face was nearly white. Shit.

Then something magical happened. Icy patterns came up all around the room from her heart. Her hair turned white. Then what she was wreaking turned into a blue dress showing her right leg with snowflakes and a sparkly coat was placed underneath her. The icy patterns went back into her heart. We looked at her face and she woke up. And holy shit her eyes were blue. She slowly sat up, and noticed that we were staring at her.

"What?" She asked. She looked down at her dress. She looked confused. She got up and ran over to the mirror. She screamed. She touched the mirror, and it started freezing up. She ran upstairs into her room she usually stays in and we heard her slam the door. Wow.

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