Only You

Please read it's my first published story!


7. Chapter Six

The music played as everyone danced along. Then the man at the church called my name out.

"Queen Elsa, of Arrendelle." I stepped up and stood in front of everyone who attended. Basically everyone in Arrendelle curtsied and bowed in the grand hall. Which felt really strange no one would have known me and now, I am the 'queen'.

"Princess Anna, of Arrendelle." She waved to a girl and stood next to me, visibly stressed of her lateness. Everyone got back to what they were doing.

"Hi." I said and smiled.

"Hey Elsa. Isn't this amazing?" She asked excitedly. Then I just blocked out. Something just came into my head. I flashback or something.


"Hang on!" I said as I put a little snow hill under Anna as she jumped. She got faster and faster. To fast in fact. "Anna! S-slow down!!" She was jumping to fast and then I slipped. She was now in the air, ready for another hill.

"Anna!" I put my hand out for a signal for her to stop, but ice shot out of my hands and smack bang right onto the side of her head. She landed on a pile of snow. I got up and ran over to her. I sat down on my knees and held her in my arms.

"Anna." I looked at her hair, and a strip if hair turned white. I shook my head slightly. "Mama Papa!!" And ever since then I have shut everyone out. I would only say hi and goodbye to people.


"Elsa! Elsa!" I snapped out of my daze and turned to her.

"Don't you wish it could be like this all the time?" She asked looking at me. "Yes." Then I realised that I had to stay away from her so she doesn't get hurt again. "But it can't."

"Well why not i-"

"Because it just can't!" I said turning around.

"E-excuse me, f-for a minute." I heard her walk off, I watched her as I saw her go into the crowd of people. Why is my life so stressful?!

Five minutes later.

After talking to a lovely couple, I heard my name being called. I turned around.

"I mean, Queen." Anna said making a curtsy. She was with a... Prince? Anyway.

"We would like," Anna said first.

"Uh your blessing," said the prince.

"Our marriage!" They both said together happily.

"Marriage?" I asked.

"Yes!" Anna squealed.

"I'm sorry I'm confused." I said to her.

"Well we haven't worked out all the details and so and we'll need a few days to plan the ceremony, and- wait will we live here?" She asked the prince.

"Here?" I asked.

"Absolutely!" The prince said.

They kept babbling on of all the details. "Wait. Slow down!" I said interrupting them.

"No one's brothers are staying here. No one is getting married." I said.

"Wait what?" Anna asked me stepping forward. "Can I talk to you please? Alone?" I asked.

"No. Whatever you have to say you can say to both of us." She said stepping back to the prince.

"Fine. You can't Marryat man you just met." I said.

"You can if it's true love." While me and Anna was talking, the prince just stood there awkwardly.

"Anna what do you know about true love." I said.

"More than you! All you know is how to shut people out." She said. I widened my eyes a little.

"You asked for my blessing, but my answer is no. Now, excuse me." I said walking off.

"Excuse me your highness if I may ease you-" the prince started to say.

"No you may not, and I think you should go." I walked to one of the guards and said,"The party is over close the gates."

"Elsa no. Wait." And before I knew it my glove was ripped off my left hand.

"Give me back my glove!" I yelled trying to snatch my glove off Anna.

"Elsa please I can't live like this anymore." She said.

"Then leave." It shocked me to hear what came out of my mouth. I walked towards the door.

"What did I ever do to you?!" She yelled.

"Enough Anna." I said breathing heavily.

"No why do you shut people out? W-why do you shut the world out? What are you so afraid of?!"

And then I lost it.

"I said enough!!" I yelled, and being the stupid person I am, I accidentally made ice spikes at everyone. Luckily no one got hurt.

"Elsa." Anna whispered.

I ran out and outside with Anna running after me calling my name. Everyone was outside waiting for me as congratulating me. I stepped back, because they were all stepping towards me.

I put my hands on the water fountain, and obviously, it froze. I ran away from everyone and to the lake.

"Elsa stop!" I turned around and saw Anna about to reach me. I stepped back, and I thought I would get wet but I didn't. I looked down and saw ice. I stepped on the ice properly an it made a big snowflake and I didn't go through. I looked up and ran across the lake. "Elsa wait!" But I was already climbing the snowy mountain.

Anna's POV

I slipped on the ice. "No." I said as I watched my sister runs across the lake and up the mountain.

"The fords." He said. The whole lake froze and it started snowing once me and Hans got back.

"Anna! Are you okay?" He asked me.

"No." I answered rubbing my arms.

"Did you know?"


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