Only You

Please read it's my first published story!


9. Chapter Seven

Anna's POV

"Princess Anna!!" I turned around and saw the duke of Weasletown walking over to me.

"Do you think we could just stand here and freeze." He said.

"Your right," I said. "Tonight was my fault. I pushed her, so... I'm the one that needs to go after her."


"Bring me my horse!" I said to the stable keeper.

"Anna no it's to dangerous." Hans said. "Elsa's not dangerous." I slightly smiled as I put my coat on and hopped on my horse. "I'm coming with you." He said. "I need you to stay here and look after Arrendelle." I said. "On my honour." He said in reply.

"I leave Prince Hans in charge!" I yelled.

"Be careful out there, I don't want you getting hurt." He said.

"She's my sister," I said. "She would never hurt me." I galloped away on my horse to see my sister.

(Watch Elsa's let it go video)

Ten minutes later.

"Elsa?! Elsaaaaa?!" I yelled out for my sister on the very, and I mean very big snowy mountain. "It's me, Anna! Your sister who didn't mean to make you freeze the summer!" On other thought, "Well it would've never happened, if she just, told me her secret. She's the stinker." I said and laughed slightly while speaking.

Then a tree fell on us and the horse totally FREAKED OUT.

I fell off and saw it run away.

"No come back!" I yelled after it. "No no no no! Okay..." I shivered. I pushed the tree as hard as I could and snow fell on me. I sighed.

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