Only You

Please read it's my first published story!


1. chapter one

Elsa's POV

"Bye Anna I'll see you in two weeks." I said as she left the house. "Bye El!" She said and drove away. I got my suitcase, locked the house and went to my own car. I looked in the reflection of my review mirror. My brown hair was neatly done in a side braid and my fringe in little waves on the sides, and my green eyes bright. I started the car up and drove to the airport. I was seeing my cousin Harry. I parked in my reserved spit and hopped out. I grabbed my suitcase and and sat down. Not long after my flight was called. I stood up and stepped onto the plane. I gave the flight lady my ticket and sat down in my seat. And soon fell asleep.

Three hours later.

I slowly woke up from the pilot saying that we were landing. I sat up and checked myself in the mirror. We landed in I got my suitcase and walked off. I looked around for Harry. Then I heard my name being called.

"ELSA!!" I turned around and saw Harry. I smiled and ran over to him. Once I reached him I hugged him. We broke apart. He grabbed my hair.

"What's this? I thought you didn't like braids." He smirked.

"Well I guess I do now huh?" I said and laughed.

We hopped in his Range Rover and arrived in his house in seconds.

"I don't get it why can't you just walk to the airport?" I asked. He just shrugged his shoulders making a silly face. I laughed. I hopped out and grabbed my suitcase out of the boot. I walked up to the mansion and opened it. I screamed when the boys said,"YAY!" They were watching Grown Ups. They screamed when they heard me scream. I stopped and started laughing.

"ELSA!!" They yelled and tackled me to the ground.

"I like to breath." I said and used all my strength to push them off.

"Race ya to the pool." I said dropping my suitcase and running to the pool. I jumped in with my clothes on. I looked at everyone as they jumped in. But where was Louis?

"SWEET MOTHER OF CARROTS HERE I COME!!" He yelled and did a flip into the water. We all laughed when he rises back up. Then the boys ran out of the pool and went inside. The closed the door and locked it, leaving me outside. I hopped out and banged my hands on the door. They just laughed and walked off. I sat down shivering.

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