Pretty hurts

Whenever pageant girl Millie Yates looks in the mirror she sees fat, fat, fat... That is until she mets her new fitness training coach. He's attractive, smart, funny and a all round nice guy. Problem is the fact that he actually might like her never crossed her mind and he might even be the best thing that's ever happened to her. Will she realise it before it's too late?


2. Chapter two

"Just another stage, pageant the pain away

This time I'm gonna take the crown

Without falling down, down, down"

We sit by the old oak tree at the back of the field, where the smell of tobacco constantly lingers in the air and there are more open condom packets than leaves. Obviously not for the same reasons as the young couple making out just a few metres away from us or the familiar group of pot smokers behind the bush but it's nice to not be surrounded by the hustle and bustle of school lunch times. No one really talks much, we just sit and quietly eat our lunches.

Trisha stares at me as I pick at my salad and slowly choke down the odd mouthful. She opens her mouth to say something, I glare at her and she goes back to slurping her chocolate thick shake and shoving her burger down. Shanelle looks at me as if she knows what I'm thinking and honestly she probably does.

Trisha lives by the book, she has her whole life planned out, everything is handed to her whenever she wants it and she never has to work for anything. Everyone likes her but she always has something to say about everyone she encounters. Often what she says is bitchy and completely unnessasary. She is a good friend, who keeps secrets well but I'm sick of her. She doesn't understand me the way Shanelle does and I don't think she even wants to. It will just mess up her perfect world and add more 'weight' to her shoulders.

I guess this whole time I've been avoiding weight as well. But for me it's in more of a literal way.

Trisha chatters away, complaining of period pains, I don't even get my period anymore for some strange reason and I'm starting to think it's because of what I'm doing to myself. Mum buys me tampons every month oblivious to the fact that I throw them away every time to compensate with my secret. I probably won't even be able to have children.

-Shanelles P.O.V-

She looks so lifeless now, I don't even think my best friends in there anymore and I'm starting to think I can't do anything about it.

She rocks back and forth slowly as she stares at her lunch like it's a monster. Her body looks so fragile, it's as if a light gust of wind could blow her over.

I don't even think Trishas worried, she's so ditzy when it comes to things that don't directly affect her either that or she just ignores anything that stuffs up her perfect world.

I just wish Millie would talk to me.

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