Falling In Love♡

Will they be Falling In Love?♡


1. In which: She's being bullied.

>No ones point of view<

There she is..

Sitting at the non-popular table at school with her head phones in.

No ones sees her.

No one cares.

She's the nerd.

No one wants to be friends with her.

No wonder.

After what happened last year, neither would I.

What happened last year, you ask?

Well, THAT, only she can tell.

She is always being bullied.

Everyday, every hour, every minute, every second.

As for the bully...

Well, his name is Justin.

Justin Bieber.

Yes, the famous Justin Bieber.

He stopped his carrier to go to school, only to be the bully.

Yet, her never hits her.

No, he has his friends to do that.

He's the player.

He has slept with every, and I mean every girl in school.

Except one.


And he won't be sleeping with her anytime soon.

No, because she is more protected than any other person in the school.

One, because her father is in the military.

Two, she's afraid of guys.

And three... Well.. We'll get to that part.


Love isn't always easy..

But maybe.

They could be falling in love..


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