Falling In Love♡

Will they be Falling In Love?♡


3. He likes me?

Alessia's point of view.


I walked into the school after saying goodbye to my driver.


"Hey Al." Everyone said. And by everyone, I mean everyone.


"Yeah yeah.." I said and went to my locker. I was getting my books ready when it suddenly slammed and Boom! There the worst person on earth was.


"Hi babe." Justin said. Yuck. That name.


"Piss off." I said and tried to walk away but he blocked me. That's when I realize we were the only one here in the hallway.


"Now now. Such a dirty mouth. You should be using that for something else, babe." He said, whispering it in my ear. I decided to whisper back.


"My dad is coming home today. And I'll tell him everything you just said, if you don't take that small dick of yours and fuck off." He looked at me shocked and I smirked. I then walked to class.

I didn't look back but I knew he was surprised by my words and actions. 

After class was over, I walked out and everyone was smiling at me. I looked at the end of the hall and saw him. The man that meant the most to me. The man I called, Dad. 

"DADDY!" I yelled and ran to him. He grabbed me and spun me around while we were hugging. 

"Princess.. I missed you so much." He said and sat me down. Everyone was looking at us. Maybe because he still had his military clothes on or because all his team mates were also here. 

"Alessia, who is that boy over there?" My dad  pointed to Justin and signaled him to come over. 

"Hello Sir." He said and bowed. What a suck up. 

"Hello young man. You were looking at my daughter. Is there anything I need to know about you two?" 

" No. There is nothing to know. He's just an asshole." I said through gritted teeth. 

"Alessia! Let the man speak." My father said. I rolled my eyes at him. 

"No Sir. She is right. I have been a complete asshole to her. I um.. I like her.." As Justin said that, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. He what?!

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