Will it be something great?

hey im Rachel Higgins, recognise my surname? yeah I am related to Paul Higgins, he is in fact my uncle. my mum is forcing me to go stay with him for 6 months while she goes on a long work period of 5 months,|| what happens when she finds out who Paul manages/the body guard of? ||and what if her mum was lying to her? ||will there be hate? will there be love? || will she get hurt, || will people find out about her secret(s)|


3. chapter 3

Rachel's P.O.V.

*************2 WEEKS LATER***********

Its been 2 weeks and I have had so much fun, the boys are great and El is so sweet and funny just like Lou, she is literally the girl version of him. I found out the next day after I had gotten my phone that all the boys and El had added there phone numbers plus I have all the bodyguards numbers too, including my own one which is Brian, he's a sweet man, him and his wife are expecting a baby in a few weeks and I cant wait I love babies and kids. so over this 2 weeks I have found out things about the boys and the are:

Niall:  he's a friendly guy, he loves giving hugs, he loves food with a passion, infact he is my eating buddy. he is also like my older brother, well all the boys are

Harry:  he's a flirt, he can be funny, and he is also very friendly,

Liam:   he's responsible, but at the same time he is as fun as the boys and he loves to watch toy story with me but he wont watch number 3 with me because he knows I don't like it, don't ask okay I don't know why but I just don't like it okay!, and I can also share anything with him he is my rock to lean on, he is also sweet.

Louis:   he loves to joke, he acts like a five year old, so do I sometimes lol :), he's also sweet, and really loud

Zayn:  he's quite most of the time, but once you start talking to him, you can trust him with anything, and he is really sweet as well.

El :  well what to say about El well, she's my BESTFRIEND now, we have so much in common and we just talk all the time, but she is just really sweet and caring.


I receive a text and grab my phone, I see that El has messaged me, what the hell she is just downstairs?!?!?!?!

from: Ellybear

Get down here girl we are going in 10

I quickly text back an 'okay be there in minute' and get up running over to my closet to get some clothes I had brought with El last week when we went shopping, I quickly strip off my pjs and put on my outfit.

(her outfit)


this is my fav outfit ever, I quickly brush my hair and put on a little mascara before putting my heels on and I walk down stairs to see everyone waiting for me

"sorry im late, lets go before you guys are late for the interview" I say we all head out of the house locking it and we get in the van with Paul and Dave in the front, then niall, zayn and Louis in the middle with me el and Liam in the back. all our other body guard get into another van that is silver, and we head to the radio station for the boys interview.

**skip car ride**

we arrive at the radio station and get out. There are so many fans here, im not kidding there are thousands. the rest of the bodyguards arrive and we get out of the car with screaming fans and paparazzi everywhere, we al get guided into the radio station, safe and sound and make our way to where the boys are being interviewed.

**** skip interview and car ride home(im to lazy)****************

once we got home I ran upstairs and changed into some grey sweatpants and a black tank top. I make my way down stairs and sit on the couch next to El and zayn. Paul then walks in with all sorts of sandwiches and drinks and puts them down on the coffee table, everyone gets their sandwiches and we all start eating, while watching the boys interview that had just came on, on the television.


we had all just been doing our own things for a while and I decided to go to my room, cause I got bored.

Right now im just making up a dance for well, my enjoyment, I just love to dance, its my escape from all the bullshit in life.

I turn on Salute and start my dance from the start again, now adding the ending into it,


once I have finished and the song finished, I get startled by clapping coming from the door of my bedroom. I quickly turn around and see the boys clapping with interested faces. while Paul is standing behind the door, smiling widely, and I know the reason why, I smile at him too, and nod as he does.

"oh my god you didn't tell us you could dance" zayn shouts. I just smile and look down, in all honesty I haven't danced in about 3 years, this is my first time since 3 years......... anyway............

"thanks" I say, smiling, we all sit down in small groups and talk in my room as Paul leaves to make dinner for everyone, and we all talk quietly, im talking to El at the moment just the 2 of us

(Rachel = R, Eleanor = E)

 E - "You know, I have a friend you can dance with, if you want that is"

R- "yeah sure, I'll meet her whenever"

E- "okay well, ill call her tomorrow k?"

R - "yep"

****----- 1 hour later-----****

we have all finished dinner and decided to go take a shower.


once im done with my shower I get out and quickly change into some nice warm pyjamas, I then decide go to bed, I quickly run down the stairs and say goodnight to everyone giving everyone a hug, and run back to my room I get into bed and put my phone on charge, I thn turn the light switch off and within minutes in asleep.



hope you like it, and yeah I know its boring, sorry I've been going through a lot of things lately, including losing kaylah a few weeks ago, anyway hope you like it :)

- dani x :)


R.I.P kaylah Louise Mayo, I will miss you bub xoxoxoxo - love mummy x

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