Will it be something great?

hey im Rachel Higgins, recognise my surname? yeah I am related to Paul Higgins, he is in fact my uncle. my mum is forcing me to go stay with him for 6 months while she goes on a long work period of 5 months,|| what happens when she finds out who Paul manages/the body guard of? ||and what if her mum was lying to her? ||will there be hate? will there be love? || will she get hurt, || will people find out about her secret(s)|


2. chapter 2

~~Rachel P.O.V.

Its been 4 hours and Paul said 'the people who are living here will be back in less than an hour with dinner' they were his exact words, he still hasn't told me who he works for or who he is living with here, but he has told me 6 people live here plus him and a few more guards. hmm I wonder who could be living here?

"Rachel, please come downstairs" I hear Paul yell form the bottom of the stairs. I put my book I was reading face down on my bed and run downstairs. I immediately stop in my tracks as soon as I entered the living room, there sitting in the living room are my 6 idols, I have looked up to and who have helped me get through tough times like last year............

anyway, its one direction and Eleanor Calder, someone please pinch me! I think to myself, just after I had thought of that, I feel someone pinch my arm

"ow!" I yell slightly holding my arm where the person had pinched me, hey I have sensitive skin okay!

"what was that for?" I say turning around and facing a smiling Louis Tomlinson.

"you said 'some please pinch me' so I did it" Louis says laughing, I get embarrassed and look down at t he floor,

"we bought dinner" I hear harry say as he holds up 3 bags, he hands out dinner to everyone and I decide I just want a chicken burger, because I don't feel like eating much, I might not even eat all of the burger.


"oh and before we forget" zayn says walking over towards the other side of the lounge room picking up 2 boxes, I look at him and all the boys including Paul, Dave(the driver), Preston, Andy(aka baldy), Patty and  Brian, they all just smile at me,as zayn hands me the two boxes, I open the smallest one and find a I phone 5 in it with a cover of the boys and a cover of El, I open the next box and see a apple laptop, I smile and look up to the all the boys and El

"how did you know I wanted all this?" I ask not really directing it towards anyone.

"just thank your uncle he told us you didn't own a phone or computer, at first we didn't believe him, but in the end we did" harry says smiling at me 

"so we decided to  get you a phone and laptop, everyone pitched in and we heard that you love Eleanor, so we got you a cover specially made with her on it for you" Liam finishes.

"thank you all for this" I say almost crying, I get up and run over to El and Paul and pull them in a hug, all the boys join in as well as the rest of the body guards.

we break apart a few minutes later and we decide to watch a movie, me and Liam yell that we want to watch toy story 1, so the others agree, only because it my first day today living with them. I run over and pull El over to a couch where we stretch out over the couch making Louis have to sit down on the ground in front of El. everyone finds a spot to sit and we watch the movie, till we all have t go to bed.



hope you like it please give me feedback I would really appreciate it thanks :)

- dani xx 

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