Will it be something great?

hey im Rachel Higgins, recognise my surname? yeah I am related to Paul Higgins, he is in fact my uncle. my mum is forcing me to go stay with him for 6 months while she goes on a long work period of 5 months,|| what happens when she finds out who Paul manages/the body guard of? ||and what if her mum was lying to her? ||will there be hate? will there be love? || will she get hurt, || will people find out about her secret(s)|


1. chapter 1

Rachel's P.O.V.

"bye honey I love you" mum says to me and gives me a massive hug "ill see you soon" adds, I smile while crying

"this is the final call for flight 284 to England London, please make your way towards gate 9" the last announcement for my flight is called mum lets me go and I turn around and walk over to the lady who checks my ticket, she lets me through and I turn around just in time to see my mum  before the door closes behind me. I am flying first class, because my uncle Paul brought the tickets, he also said he would send a car to pick me up.

I haven't seen my uncle in about 4 years, so he will probably be shocked by how old I am now and how grown up I look. btw here are some things about me

age: 16

height: 5'3

eye colour: blue, sometimes greenish/grey depending on what I wear

hair colour: brown

hobbies: dancing, watching movies, eating, going for runs in the early morning/ late afternoon

family: my mum- jade, I don't know who my dad is then I have my uncle Paul and his wife and their kids, that's my whole family, I don't have any siblings but I wish I had a brother and sister it would be so much better.


(this is Rachel)


its been 3 hours and im now off the plane and collecting my luggage. after I have collected my luggage I walk out of the airport and look around, I see a man standing with a sign that says 'R Higgins'  I smile and walk over to the man.

"your you miss Higgins?" the man asks, I smile and nod

"yep that's me" I smile brightly,  he leads me over to a black range rover, he takes my bags from me and tells me to hop In the car, I get in and wait for him to put my 2 suitcases in the boot before he gets in the car and starts the drive to wherever we are going. I just sit in the back of the car looking out around me and thinking about everything. I don't have a phone cause mum said she didn't have enough money to get me one, and o don't work yet either, I have just been concentrating on school, but now I wont do school for 6 months, but my teacher's understand, well I am the smartest in my class and im ahead of everyone by 2 months anyways so its fine.


an hour later we pull up to a massive house and Dave(the driver) stoped the car, we got out and he got my bags for me , before leading me to the front door. he knocked 6 times and a buff guy opened the door, I recognised him, it was Paul,

"paul!" I yelled hugging him he hugged me back straight away

"I missed you so much kiddo" he said to me

"I missed you too" I say as he lets go of the hug, he lead us in to the very large lounge room............................



hope you will like this movella I have some great ideas for this please like comment and favourite if you want more! :)

-dani xx

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