The Dean: The Last Time

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  • Published: 26 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 28 Aug 2014
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The Last Time; Things didn't go as Kim and Dean thought. Once Kim gave birth to their daughter Bridget, things turned a different route for Kim and Dean. Bridget was born prematurely and was on life support, she soon died from neonatal death. Dean starts drinking heavily again causing him and Kim to have a meltdown on their marriage again. Kim on the other hand started to lose her mind and became someone she wasn't really. Dean soon starts hooking up with girls after girls every night and doesn't pay attention to his son and Kim. Roman Reigns also has a secret to reveal. Once Dean notices the relationships Kim's been in, he grows jealous and tries to win back Kim. But will it be too late? Or will he win back her love?


10. Please Stay With Us

Dean Jr: *wakes up dean* Dad, daddy? 

Dean: *wakes up* Yeah son? 

Dean Jr: I need the restroom, it's too dark. 

Dean: *reaches over and turns on the lights* There, go. 

Dean Jr: *gets out of bed and runs to the restroom* 

Dean: *looks over at kim* 

Kim: *sleeping* 

Dean Jr: *gets back in bed* Ok. 

Dean: You good? 

Dean Jr: Yeah. 

Dean: Alright. *turns off the light* 

Dean Jr: *grabs deans arms and puts it over him* 

Dean: Oh, I'm sorry. 

(Later That Morniing) 

Dean Jr: Are we gonna go to Disneyland again? 

Dean: No, we're just gonna go home Dean. 

Kim: You're father's a little broke right now. 

Dean: I won't be when I sell the house that you're living in. 

Kim: You wouldn't dare. 

Dean: Don't test me like that; you know I would if I got the chance to. 

Kim: Why are you being an ass Dean? 

Dean: I'm not being an ass Kim, why are you being a bitch. 

Kim: Hey! 

Dean: Exactly. Let's go then. *walks off first* 

Kim: *follows behind with dean jr* 

Dean: *parks the car and gets out* 

Kim: *gets dean out of the car* 

Dean Jr: Daddy, are you staying with us? 

Dean: No I'm not. 

Dean Jr: Why? 

Dean: Because I have a home to go to. 

Dean Jr: But this is your home daddy. 

Dean: I know it is, but you're mother and I are not together anymore Dean. You have to understand that ok? 

Dean Jr: But I miss you and you've been gone too long. 

Dean: I know Dean, I know. 

Dean Jr: Just this night please? 

Dean: I can't son, I have to go. Daddy's girlfriend is waiting for him at home. 

Dean Jr: *cries* Why? You don't love mommy anymore? 

Kim: Dean? 

Dean: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *looks at dean* 

Dean: *kneels to one knee* I love your mother Dean, but daddy can't stay here anymore, you have to understand that from now on. 

Dean Jr: *crying* But I want a daddy too. 

Dean: Then tell your mom to get remarried. 

Dean Jr: *hugs dean around the neck quickly* No! I want you daddy! 

Dean: *kneeling in silence* 

Dean Jr: You're my real dad! I want you as my only dad, daddy. I want you and mommy to be my mom and dad only. 

Dean: *looks over at kim* 

Kim: *sighs* C'mon Dean, your father has to go. 

Dean Jr: *hugs onto dean tighter* No! Not until daddy stays. 

Dean: Ok, I'll make you a deal. I'll stay the night here, but in the morning, I'm leaving with or without you up ok? 

Dean Jr: Why? 

Dean: It's either that, or I go right now. 

Dean Jr: Fine! Leave in the morning then. 

Dean: *looks at kim* Alright. 

Kim: *opens the door* 

Dean: *walks in the house holding deans hand* 

Dean Jr: Daddy, can you sleep with me in my room? 

Dean: I'm gonna sleep in the guest room, you can sleep with me there yeah? 

Dean Jr: Mommy, can I? 

Kim: Yeah, I don't care Dean. He's your father. 

Dean Jr: *hugs kim* Thank you mommy, you're the best! 

(Later That Night) 

Dean Jr: *goes and lies on the bed* Goodnight daddy. *gives dean a kiss* 

Dean: *smiles* Goodnight son. 

Kim: *knocks on the door* 

Dean: Come in. 

Kim: *opens the door* Goodnight son. *smiles* 

Dean Jr: Night mom. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Dean: Hey, do you have a minute? 

Kim: For what? 

Dean: I just want to talk, like the good ole days we would do. 

Kim: What's there to talk about Dean? 

Dean: A lot. 

Kim: *walks out to the kitchen* 

Dean: *looks at dean* Go sleep, you have school tomorrow. I'll come to bed in a bit ok? I'll be in the kitchen only, I'll even leave the lights on for you to sleep. 

Dean Jr: Ok daddy. *turns and closes his eyes* 

Dean: *walks out the room* 

Kim: So? What do you want Dean?  

Dean: What do I want? You must not have a problem with me staying here tonight right? 

Kim: Why you ask? 

Dean: I mean if you did... you wouldn't have let me stayed. 

Kim: It's for my son Dean, not me. 

Dean: Yeah, but if you are uncomfortable with me here, then let me know, so I don't make the same mistake again. 

Kim: *stands in silence*  

Dean: You hate me that much don't you? 

Kim: I don't hate you Dean. I can't hate you, even after all you done to me. 

Dean: I'm sorry both your last relationship had to end with the guy cheating and leaving you. 

Kim: *closes her eyes* It's ok. 

Dean: I'll let you go sleep, it is pretty late now. We can talk more in the morning. *walks towards the room* 

Kim: Dean. 

Dean: *turns around* Yeah? 

Kim: *looks to the ground in silence* 

Dean: What is it Kim? 

Kim: *looks at dean with a serious look* Please stay with us.  

Dean: What? 

Kim: Don't... Please don't go back to Renee. My son and I need you. We both want you back in our lives and we would really appreciate it if you come back and stay with us. 

Dean: Kim, we're divorced. I can't just stay here as if we never went thru anything. 

Kim: I don't care, please just stay with Dean and I. 

Dean: Kim. I wish I can, you know I would if I could. 

Kim: Then do it Dean. Come back home and be with your family again. 

Dean: I'm sorry Kim. 

Kim: Please. *cries silently* I'm begging you to come back to me and Dean. I want us to be a family again and I want us to work out this time. 

Dean: What happened to dating and moving... 

Kim: I lied. I know I told you I love this new life and the dates I go on, but none of them comes close to you and I's. The love for them is not there with them like yours. I tried expressing myself all over again and tried moving on, but it's just not happening Dean! When I talk and look at them, I don't feel the sparks and I don't feel the love towards them. Not like you. 

Dean: I love Renee Kim. 

Kim: But I know you're not in love with her. 

Dean: I love her. 

Kim: *cries* Yeah, but you're not in love with her like you were with me Dean. I can see it in you. You're not in love with her. 

Dean: Actually, you're wrong Kim. I do love her, and to be honest with you, we're engaged already. 

Kim: What? 

Dean: Yeah. I'm sorry; I didn't want to tell you because I wanted that day to be about our son only. 

Kim: *stands against the counter in silence looking at the floor* 

Dean: I have to go home. I can't stay here, it's not right. Tell my son I went home. *walks towards the door* 

Kim: *cries silently* 

Dean: *leaves* 

Kim: *drops to her knees and cries her heart out* 

Dean: *driving/having thoughts to himself*

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