The Dean: The Last Time

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  • Published: 26 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 28 Aug 2014
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The Last Time; Things didn't go as Kim and Dean thought. Once Kim gave birth to their daughter Bridget, things turned a different route for Kim and Dean. Bridget was born prematurely and was on life support, she soon died from neonatal death. Dean starts drinking heavily again causing him and Kim to have a meltdown on their marriage again. Kim on the other hand started to lose her mind and became someone she wasn't really. Dean soon starts hooking up with girls after girls every night and doesn't pay attention to his son and Kim. Roman Reigns also has a secret to reveal. Once Dean notices the relationships Kim's been in, he grows jealous and tries to win back Kim. But will it be too late? Or will he win back her love?


7. It's Broken Out Of Love

Dean: I have to go home, it's getting late. 

Katherine: Why? Why can't you just spend the night here? 

Dean: I have a son at home. 

Katherine: Well bring him here and stay here. *smiles* 

Dean: I can't do that, sorry. *smiles* 

Katherine: Fine, promise you'll come back tomorrow? 

Dean: I promise. 

Katherine: *smiles and kisses dean* Alright, I'll see you tomorrow then. 

Dean: Alright, bye. *smiles and leaves* 

Kim: *sleeping with dean* 

Dean: *walks in the room* 

Dean Jr: *wakes up and smiles* 

Dean: Hey you. 

Dean Jr: Daddy. *stands up on the bed* 

Dean: I thought you were staying with uncle Roman? 

Kim: *wakes up* Oh, you're home? 

Dean: Yeah, I am. 

Kim: Where'd you go? 

Dean: Out to drink. 

Kim: Why? Why do you keep going out to drink Dean?  

Dean: Why? My wife's a little messed up, my son's been a brat lately, don't you think I just need time to myself? 

Kim: For what Dean? I'm not messed up anymore. I'm me now. 

Dean: Really?  

Kim: Yeah. 

Dean: Sure, well I'm gonna go sleep downstairs, goodnight. 

Dean Jr: Daddy. *gets off the bed* 

Dean: No, you're gonna sleep with mom tonight ok. 

Dean Jr: *shakes his head* No. I want to sleep with you. 

Dean: No I said! 

Dean Jr: *cries* 

Dean: See! Exactly why I can't stay home with you or your mother! 

Kim: Don't say that to him. 

Dean: Well it's the truth ok! 

Kim: He's just a kid, he doesn't need to be hearing that! Especially from his father! 

Dean: Well do something about it then will ya! *leaves the room* 

Dean Jr: *throws a tantrum onto the floor crying* 

Kim: C'mon Dean, you're father's the one that's a little messed up. *picks up dean and puts him on the bed* 

Dean Jr: I want daddy!  

Kim: Will I want you to sleep with me ok, we don't need your father, at least not now. *lies down* 

Dean Jr: *cuddles himself up and cries himself to sleep* 

Kim: Don't cry, mom's here baby ok. *holds dean in her arms* 

(Later In The Afternoon) 

Dean: *heading towards the front door* 

Kim: *walking down the stairs with dean* Where are you going? 

Dean: I'm gonna go over to Renee's. 

Kim: Oh?  

Dean: She just wants to meet up and catch up. I promise we're not seeing eachother. 

Kim: Right. 

Dean: *walks up the stairs and gives kim a kiss on the cheek* You know I love you Kim. 

Kim: Yeah, have fun. 

Dean: Bye. *leaves* 

Kim: Well... let's call auntie Brie to come over. 

Brie: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: Thank you for coming over, Roman's gonna come over too. 

Brie: Why? 

Kim: So he can help us. 

Brie: Bryan could of came, Dean could of helped. 

Kim: He's out with Renee again. 

Brie: Are they seeing eachother? 

Kim: Who knows, he's Dean Ambrose. 

Brie: *takes down portraits* 

Roman: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: I'll be back down. *goes ad opens the door* Hey. *smiles* 

Roman: *smiles* Is Bryan here too? 

Kim: No, just Brie, I told her to come and help too. 

Roman: Oh okay. *walks in the house* 

Brie: *standing at the top of the staircase* Hi Roman. *smiles* 

Roman: *smiles* Hi Brie. *heads up the stairs* 

Kim: Brie, Roman actually helped me get over myself and Bridget. 

Brie: Really? Thank you Roman, you are such a nice guy. 

Roman: It was my plessure. 

Kim: Um, can you take the crib apart for me please? *smiles* 

Roman: Yep, I got it. 

Kim: *putting the portraits in the boxes* 

Brie: *looks at dean* Hey you. *smiles* 

Dean Jr: Where's uncle Bryan? 

Brie: He's at home, he didn't come. Did you want him to come? 

Dean Jr: Yes, Dean sad now. *makes a sad face* 

Brie: Aw, don't be. He'll come later ok? *smiles* 

Dean Jr: *smiles* 

Brie: You are too cute Dean. 

Roman: *chuckles* That's Deannie. 

Brie: Deannie? 

Roman: What? It's a nickname I gave him; he seems to be responding each time, right Deannie? 

Dean Jr: *laughs* 

Brie: *laughs* That is too cute. Deannie. 

Renee: So you're gonna be spending the night here? 

Dean: Yeah, I think I am. I don't want to go back home tonight. Something in me stopped loving Kim again. 

Renee: Who do you love? 

Dean: I mean I love her, but I'm not in love with her anymore Renee. 

Renee: Then who are you in love with? 

Dean: No one.  

Renee: There's got to be someone you're in love with Dean, you can tell me. You know you can trust me. 

Dean: It might even be you Renee. 

Renee: *smiles* Really? 

Dean: I'm not gonna put my money on it, but I might be in love with you again. 

Renee: Then let's get back. 

Dean: Aren't we already? 

Renee: I don't know. 

Dean: *kisses renee* 

Brie: Alright, it's getting late I'm gonna go home now. 

Kim: Alright, thank you for coming over. 

Brie: Thank you for calling me. 

Kim: *hugs brie* 

Brie: *hugs kim back* I'll see you tomorrow. 

Kim: Ok. 

Brie: Say bye to mom Dean.  

Dean Jr: Bye mommy. 

Kim: *smiles* Bye baby. 

Brie: C'mon Dean. *leaves with dean* 

Roman: Is that all you needed? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Roman: Anything else before I go? 

Kim: No, Roman, thank you for coming to help also. It means a lot from you. 

Roman: Hey, a man's gotta do what a man's job is right? 

Kim: *chuckles* It was actually supposed to be Dean's, but you were closer here then he was. 

Roman: Where is he by the way? With another girl again I'm assuming? 

Kim: He's with Renee he said. 

Roman: Renee? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Roman: He told you? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Dean: *calls kim* 

Kim: Speaking of him. *chuckles* Hey? *smiles* 

Dean: Let's divorce. 

Kim: *on the phone in silence/stops smiling*  

Dean: Did you hear me? 

Kim: *slowly* Ok. 

Dean: I'll come home tomorrow to talk more. *hangs up* 

Kim: *hangs up* 

Roman: What happened?  

Kim: Uh. *cries* 

Roman: *hugs kim* Was it Dean? 

Kim: *crying* Yeah. 

Roman: What he say? 

Kim: *wipes her tears* We're really getting a divorce now Roman. 

Roman: What? 

Kim: Before I wanted to, but now... now I don't and now he does. 

Roman: It's ok Kim, maybe it's time you two moved on and start over with your lives. 

Kim: I love Dean Roman. I love him so much that it's hurting me. 

Roman: *hugs kim again* I know you do, but hey, at least you still have me, I'll be your friend. 

Kim: I don't want another love, I want Dean. 

Roman: I believe you can move on from Dean just how you moved on from Randy Kim. Don't get me wrong, Dean is a great guy and friend, but there are mistakes that he's gonna be making. 

Kim: I just want him Roman.  

Roman: He doesn't love you Kim.  

Kim: How do you know that? 

Roman: No one knows him more than me and Seth. I see it in him and he's not in love with you anymore, love maybe, but in love no. 

Kim: How? 

Roman: I know Dean when's he in love and when he's out of it. Right now I can tell you that he's not in love anymore. So him calling you now asking for a divorce... Let him go. 

Kim: I can't. I love him Roman. 

Roman: But you can get over him, trust me. Just look at you and Randy. When Dean was in the picture, you told me you love Randy and only want Randy, three years later, you're telling me you love Dean and only want Dean. I believe you can move on from him too if you wanted to. Let me be the one to love you. Kim. 

Kim: *stares at roman*  

Roman: Please? 

Kim: I can't do that Roman. I don't have that love for you and I don't want to do this to you and Dean. 

Roman: *gets fed up again* Dean knew I liked you! He just jumped over the boat and swam to you first! 

Kim: Roman, I have a son with Dean. I cannot have Dean be calling you dad. It's just not right. 

Roman: I'm gonna say this for the last time. Let me! Be the man in your life. I will and can love you more than Dean ever will. 

Kim: I'm sorry. 

Roman: Goodbye Kim. *leaves* 

Kim: Roman. 

Roman: *ignores kim and walks out the house*

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