The Dean: The Last Time

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  • Published: 26 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 28 Aug 2014
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The Last Time; Things didn't go as Kim and Dean thought. Once Kim gave birth to their daughter Bridget, things turned a different route for Kim and Dean. Bridget was born prematurely and was on life support, she soon died from neonatal death. Dean starts drinking heavily again causing him and Kim to have a meltdown on their marriage again. Kim on the other hand started to lose her mind and became someone she wasn't really. Dean soon starts hooking up with girls after girls every night and doesn't pay attention to his son and Kim. Roman Reigns also has a secret to reveal. Once Dean notices the relationships Kim's been in, he grows jealous and tries to win back Kim. But will it be too late? Or will he win back her love?


9. Disneyland Disaster

Dean: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens the door* Hi. 

Dean: Can I come in? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Dean Jr: *running from the kitchen* Daddy!  

Dean: Hey! *chuckles* 

Dean Jr: *hugs dean* I missed you daddy. 

Dean: I missed you more son. *hugging dean* I missed you more. 

Kim: Ok well um, I'm gonna put our things in the car, did you want to put your things in the car too? 

Dean: *carrying dean* I thought I was taking my own car? 

Kim: Why? Then there's no use of use going together. 

Dean: Right. I'll come put my things in the car in a bit. 

Dean Jr: I want you to ride with us daddy. 

Dean: Daddy is. *smiles* 

Dean Jr: *smiles* Yay! Daddy's riding with us. 

Kim: *chuckles and walks out to the car* 

Dean: C'mon, let's get my stuff too. 

(Arrival At Disneyland Hotel) 

Dean Jr: Where is Disneyland mommy? 

Kim: We're gonna go there right now, we're just settling down. 

Dean Jr: Daddy, when we get there, can we meet Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and all of them!? 

Dean: *chuckles* Yeah, we can. 

Kim: Ok, are we ready to go? 

Dean Jr: Yes! 

Kim: Ok, let's go then. 

(Arrival At Disneyland) 

Dean Jr: Look daddy! It's Buzz! 

Dean: Ok, did you want to go say hi? 

Dean Jr: Yes! *runs off first* 

Dean: *runs after dean* Hey! Slow down son! 

Dean Jr: Hi! I'm Dean Ambrose. 

Dean: *chuckles* I'm Dean Ambrose? 

Kim: *chuckles*  

Dean Jr: *takes a pic with buzz* I'm hungry, can we go eat? 

Dean: I am too, let's go eat somewhere. 

Kim: Ok. 

Dean Jr: *sits next to dean* Daddy, how long are we staying here? 

Dean: Until you're mother says to go home. 

Dean Jr: Mom, can we stay here all night. 

Kim: Yeah, we can Dean. 

Dean: *looks at kim* You're not really with Zack aren't you? 

Kim: What you mean? 

Dean: If you were, he would have been here instead correct? 

Kim: I'm just going on dates, not looking for the one yet. 

Dean: *chuckles* Am I supposed to be one of them? Cause I'm here with you right now and my son. 

Kim: No, you're just here because you're his son. We're not on a date Dean. 

Dean Jr: Mommy, can daddy sleep with us in the house again? 

Kim: Dean, can we not talk about that here right now? It's about you today, only you, and you having fun.  

Dean Jr: Ok. *gets sad* 

Dean: Hey, look at me. You're mother's right, today is about you and you enjoying it and having a blast. It's Disneyland, the happiest place on earth son.  

Dean Jr: I know. 

Dean: Good, now let's eat. *eats first* 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: Ok, let's go home now, the fireworks are done. 

Dean Jr: Are we coming back tomorrow? 

Kim: No, we're gonna go home in the morning baby. 

Dean Jr: Aw. 

Dean: You want to go again tomorrow? 

Dean Jr: Yes. 

Dean: Then we will. 

Kim: Dean. 

Dean: I got it, I'll pay. 

Dean Jr: *hugs dean* Thank you daddy, you're the best. 

Dean: Alright, c'mon let's go home. *gets in the driver's seat and drives back to the hotel* 

Dean Jr: Mom, can I sleep with dad? 

Kim: Yeah, I don't care. *grabs her towel and heads in the shower* 

Dean Jr: Can we go sleep? I'm tired. 

Dean: Yeah, go ahead and go sleep first. 

Dean Jr: Promise you'll sleep with me? 

Dean: Yes son. 

Dean Jr: Ok. 

Kim: *blow drying her hair* 

Dean: *hears the blow dyer/walks to the restroom door and thinks back* 

(Dean's Flashback) 

Kim: *turns off the dryer* Dean? 

Dean: Have sex with me tonight. 

Kim: What? *chuckles* 

Dean: It's been a while since we last had sex, have sex with me tonight. 

Kim: Dean, are you ok? 

Dean: I just... no I'm not ok. *chuckles* I want to experience having sex with you not being drunk. 

Kim: *puts the dryer down* Ok, well we can wait another night to do this. We just got back and I don't think... 

Dean: *walks to kim and kisses her roughly* 

Kim: *kisses dean back* 

Dean: Have sex with me right now. 

Kim: *walks out the restroom* Whoa! Stupid! What the hell were you doing by the door? 

Dean: *confused for a bit* What? 

Kim: Can you move? 

Dean: Oh, I needed the restroom. 

Kim: Ok. *gets out the way* You can go in now. *walks off to the bed* Aw, he's sleeping already? 

Dean: *stands in front of the sink* What the hell? 

Kim: *lies in bed* 

Dean: *walks out the restroom* Kim. 

Kim: What? 

Dean: Do you ever consider wanting to get back? 

Kim: *sits up against the bed* Why? 

Dean: I'm just asking. 

Kim: No. 

Dean: No? You don't mind getting back or... 

Kim: No I don't ever want to get back. 

Dean: Oh, ok. Because I was just thinking just now that my son has an attachment against me, and it's best if I... 

Kim: Come back home? No Dean, sorry. You called it off, and it's gonna be that way. 

Dean: So, you called it off first, and I wanted to get back. 

Kim: No I didn't! I said we were never even divorced because you nevered signed the papers! 

Dean: Ok, still you took me back. I asked if we were official again and you said yeah, so I went with it. 

Kim: Yeah, but you called it off this time for real Dean. We're divorced, and I don't think I would want to get back with a cheater again. 

Dean: So, you got back with Randy. He had a girlfriend and you went out on a date with him all day and night. 

Kim: We were not... 

Dean: In the room together? Laughing? And then coming to the kitchen making even more noises, oh and what was that he was doing when I walked out? Oh right, he was leaning on you about to... 

Kim: It wasn't anything like that ok! 

Dean: *chuckles* Why are you mad? *goes and sits on the bed next to kim* 

Kim: I'm not mad Dean; you're just being an idiot right now. 

Dean: Idiot? I don't think my son got all his smartness from you. 

Kim: Oh what's this about our son now? 

Dean: It's always been about our son Kim. Everything we did was for our son. 

Kim: You know, I don't even know why I invited you to come. I should have known this was gonna... 

Dean: Hey! 

Kim: What! 

Dean: Don't talk like that; I don't like it when you talk nonsense stuff ok. 

Kim: It's not nonsense stuff when it's a fact. 

Dean: What's a fact huh!? 

Kim: *cries from anger* Everything I have said Dean!  

Dean: Why, why are you crying? There's no need to cry when you're so right. 

Kim: Because I'm sick and tired of all this Dean!  

Dean: Sick of what Kim! This is our first time back together in a year! What have you been doing for a year while I was out with my girlfriend! 

Kim: Waiting and waiting... for you to come back. 

Dean: Oh we're those dates not enough for you? I'm sorry, I can't just come back home to someone who has hatred towards me! 

Kim: I don't hate you Dean! I never had and I never will. You know what, this conversation is over. Goodnight. * lies down turns the other direction* 

Dean: Oh, I'm sorry you were so jealous everytime I talked to a girl.  

Kim: It's not called jealous when you're cheating and having an affair with them. It's called hurt.  

Dean: *sits in silence*

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