The Dean: The Last Time

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  • Published: 26 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 28 Aug 2014
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The Last Time; Things didn't go as Kim and Dean thought. Once Kim gave birth to their daughter Bridget, things turned a different route for Kim and Dean. Bridget was born prematurely and was on life support, she soon died from neonatal death. Dean starts drinking heavily again causing him and Kim to have a meltdown on their marriage again. Kim on the other hand started to lose her mind and became someone she wasn't really. Dean soon starts hooking up with girls after girls every night and doesn't pay attention to his son and Kim. Roman Reigns also has a secret to reveal. Once Dean notices the relationships Kim's been in, he grows jealous and tries to win back Kim. But will it be too late? Or will he win back her love?


6. A New Kind Of Love

Barbara: Hey. *smiles* 

Dean: Hi. 

Barbara: Are you here alone? 

Dean: Yeah. I am. *chuckles* 

Barbara: I'm from out of town, let's hook up at your place. 

Dean: My place? Let's just check into a hotel yeah baby? 

Barbara: *sits on deans lap* Are you any good in bed? 

Dean: Expert. 

Barbara: *grabs deans hand and runs towards the dance floor* How expert? *dances against him* 

Dean: 10 out of 10. 

Barbara: Let's go then. *drags deans hand and runs towards the car* 

Roman: *reading dean a bedtime story* And then cookie monster ate all the cookies. The end. *smiles* 

Dean: *calls roman* 

Roman: Yeah? 

Dean: My son's gonna stay there for the week. 

Roman: Why? 

Dean: I don't think I can take care of him anymore, and with his mother being crazy, I don't want him to be around. 

Roman: And what about you? 

Dean: I don't want him to see his father as an alcoholic addict. 

Roman: Yeah, he stay here with me for the week. I don't think I'm doing anything too, so. 

Dean: Alright thanks. 

Roman: Dean. 

Dean: Yeah? 

Roman: You're with someone aren't you? 

Dean: What?! *laughs* Ok yeah, so?  

Roman: Dean. 

Dean: What Roman. 

Roman: Is it Renee again? 

Dean: No, I'm with like 4 different girls at a hotel right now. 

Roman: Dean! 

Dean Jr: *covers his ears* 

Roman: I'm... Listen Dean, don't do it. Just go home, try to help Kim, and help her come back to her sense. 

Dean: No! Why don't you do it since you're telling me! 

Roman: She's your wife! 

Dean Jr: *yawns* Uncle, I'm tired. 

Roman: Look, you're son's tired. He's been away from home since you two were trying to divorce. He's only 3 Dean! He needs the love and attention! *looks at dean* How can you not love this kid? He's so active, so smart, and knows so much for his age. Be a father and step in his life Dean. 

Dean: I am in his life. He's my life. 

Roman: Then leave the hotel, come get him, and go home. 

Dean: Can't these hoes are hot. 

Roman: *hangs up* 

Dean: The hell? 

Roman: You're tired you said? 

Dean Jr: Yeah. 

Roman: Then let's turn off the lights and go sleep then yeah? 

Dean Jr: Yeah. 

Roman: *turns off the lights and lays next to dean* 

Dean Jr: *grabs romans arms and puts it over him* 

Roman: *looks at dean and smiles* 

Dean Jr: *falls asleep* 

Roman: *stares at dean* I'm sorry you're father's not a good father, and I'm sorry you're mother lost it recently. But you have me; I'm gonna be your father for the week, and if I have to be your mother as well. Then I will. 

Dean Jr: *sleeping* 

Roman: *smiles* Goodnight Deannie. 

(Early The Next Day) 

Kim: *wakes up and takes her medication* Dean? *looks around the house* Dean? *calls dean* 

Dean: *sleeping* 

Elise: Who's Kim? 

Barbara: What? *looks at deans phone* Kim? 

Elise: I'm gonna pick it up. 

Danielle: No! I want to pick it up Elise! 

Haley: Wait who is it? 

Barbara: I don't know. 

Elise: Hello? 

Kim: Dean? 

Elise: Who's this? 

Kim: Kim, who am I speaking to? 

Elise: Oh I'm sorry, you got the wrong number, bye. *hangs up* 

Dean: *wakes up* 

Elise: Oh you just missed it, Kim called. 

Dean: *sits up quick* Kim! 

Danielle: Yeah, who is that? 

Dean: That's my sister, I have to go pick her up. 

Elise: Oh, sorry, I told her wrong number. 

Dean: *smiles then laughs/goes and kisses elise* 

Elise: *smiles* 

Dean: I have to go girls. 

Barbara: Will we see you again? 

Dean: Maybe. *winks and leaves the hotel room* 

Seth: Dean? 

Dean: Seth? What are you doing here? 

Seth: I'm here with my fiancé Leighla, she's in town. 

Dean: Oh? 

Seth: Why are you here in this hotel? 

Dean: Why are you? Don't you have a house here? 

Seth: *chuckles* She surprised me; I'm just here to pick her up. 

Dean: Oh, well... I was just, needing some space from home. 

Haley: Dean, I thought you left? *laughs* 

Danielle: Aw, you're still here baby. 

Seth: Two? 

Elise: Baby, come back in. I need those kisses. 

Barbara: Yeah, we need you again, we're bored. 

Seth: Four? Are we looking at 6? 

Dean: No. 

Danielle: *smiles* Oh, who is this friend of yours, he's cute. 

Seth: Sorry, I'm engaged. *leaves* 

Dean: I have to go girls. *leaves* 

Roman: *sleeping* 

Dean Jr: *wakes up crying* 

Roman: *confused for a bit* What the? *turns around* 

Dean Jr: *sitting on the bed crying* Mommy. 

Roman: Hey what's wrong?  

Dean Jr: Mommy, I want mommy and daddy. *wipes his tears crying* 

Roman: *hugs dean* It's ok, you're gonna be staying here for a while Dean. I'll take you to have some fun, and go eat ice cream, anything you want. 

Dean Jr: I want auntie Brie and uncle Bryan. 

Roman: No, you have to stay with me ok. Let's get you something to eat. *carries dean* This just tells me that you stay too much at their place huh? 

Dean Jr: Fun. 

Roman: Fun? Or forced to stay there? 

Dean Jr: Daddy and mommy drops me off. 

Roman: Exactly.  

Dean: *walks in the house* 

Kim: Where've you been? 

Dean: I was with Seth. 

Kim: Really? 

Dean: Yeah. 

Kim: Why do you smell like perfumes and everything? 

Dean: Oh Seth's fiancé was in town. 

Kim: If I call him? 

Dean: Go ahead. 

Kim: *calls seth* 

Seth: Hi Kim, Wassup? 

Kim: Hi Seth, was Dean with you? 

Seth: Dean? With me? Uh, yeah he was with me why? 

Kim: Oh so he wasn't lying then. 

Seth: No he was with me and my fiancé. 

Kim: Ok, thank you. *hangs up* Lucky. 

Dean: Hey, why don't you check up on Bridget? 

Kim: She's sleeping. 

Dean: Kim. There's something I want to tell you. 

Kim: Ok. 

Dean: Stop your craziness right now ok. 

Kim: What are you talking about? 

Dean: Kim, list to me. Bridget's gone, she's dead ok. And she's not coming back, so stop it! 

Kim: I know she's gone Dean. I am her mother Dean. I only wanted to pretend she was still here Dean. I'm not crazy Dean. And I'm not mental Dean. 

Dean: So you were pretending the whole time? 

Kim: Yeah, well not really, but I know what happened.  

Dean: Listen, Brie was really worried about you Kim. 

Kim: *cries* I know she was, and now I see what kind of friend I have.  

Dean: Why fake some parts? 

Kim: Why? *cries* Because I want to know how it feels to have a baby girl home with me Dean. She's my baby Dean! I never got to take her home and welcome her properly!  

Dean: By scaring the shit out of us? Kim, that's not funny. 

Kim: I'm no crazy Dean! 

Dean: I don't know if you're still crazy or if it's really you because I'm confused right now. 

Kim: I'm gonna go check on Bridget, I think I hear her crying. 

Dean: Ok, you are still mental... I'm taking that in. 

Dean Jr: I want you to call my dad for me. 

Roman: You're dad? 

Dean Jr: Yeah, dad. 

Roman: He's kind of busy right now son, well call later yeah? 

Dean Jr: *cries* 

Roman: No, hey, let's go to your house instead yeah? 

Dean Jr: Yeah. 

Roman: Alright, let's go. *smiles* 

Dean: I'm gonna go back out. 

Kim: Why? 

Dean: I don't want to be home because this house is nothing to do. I mean, you're mental, what can I do? 

Roman: *about to ring the doorbell* 

Kim: I am not mental! 

Roman: The heck? *rings the doorbell* 

Dean: *opens the door* Oh hey guys. *smiles* I was just leaving, come back maybe? *leaves* 

Kim: Dean! *smiles*  

Dean Jr: *runs to kim* 

Kim: *hugs dean tightly* Oh I missed you son. Did you miss mom? 

Dean Jr: Dean cried sad tears. *makes a sad face* 

Kim: *laughs* Aw. *hugs dean again* Mommy's here, and mommy's not gonna let anything happen to you ok. *smiles* 

Roman: So arguing huh? 

Kim: Why you ask? 

Roman: "I'm not mental" 

Kim: I'm not mental Roman. 

Roman: I know you're not Kim. You're a beautiful girl, your head is just not on right at this moment, but I know you know what you're doing.  

Kim: Of course I do Roman. I take care of my daughter every day while Dean is out doing whatever, and... 

Roman: Kim, I need you to stop talking and listen to me ok.  

Kim: Ok? 

Roman: Don't get mad, don't go crazy, don't talk, just listen. 

Kim: I'm listening. 

Roman: Bridget is not coming back, you know she's gone from this world Kim. If you're not mental, then stop acting like you are because how you're doing it is making people think you are mental. 

Kim: *starts to get mad* 

Roman: No, don't get mad. You know I'm right Kim. Maybe I'm just in love with you Kim. 

Kim: What? 

Roman: I know this is gonna tore our friendship apart with me and Dean, but I actually found myself in love with you. 

Kim: How? When? 

Roman: I see how Dean treats you, and I always want to tell you that you can do better. But you two have a kid together, and I can't tell you that, but now I had enough. I'm gonna speak up now. 

Dean: *walks to play with his toys in the next room* 

Kim: *stares at dean and then roman* 

Roman: I actually liked you first when we first saw you at work. I kinda wish you were talking to me, but thank god I answered for Ambrose when you asked him that question. Kim, you are beautiful, I know you're married to my best friend, but I want you to hear it, all of it. I don't mean to ruin the marriage, but right he's seeing someone again. Last night he was with a few girls at the hotel. 

Kim: *gets mad/hurt* 

Roman: The way you feel, I can almost feel it too. It hurts me too, yeah. *chuckles* When we were in my car talking about how you felt for Ambrose... I really wish it was me you were expressing your love for. Has it not run thru your head that everytime you two argue, it's always me and you and Seth and Dean? 

Kim: What you mean? 

Roman: I'm always there for you and Seth is always with Dean. 

Kim: Roman, I'm not in love with you. 

Roman: But I am. 

Kim: Roman, you can't do this to me, not after almost 3 years. 

Roman: Leave Dean for me Kim. 

Kim: I... I can't... 

Roman: *grabs kim and kisses her* 

Kim: Roman! *pushes him* 

Roman: Kim, I've waited 4 years for that. 

Kim: *stares at roman* I have to go my daughter is... 

Roman: *grabs kims arms* Stop it Kim! 

Kim: *looks at roman mad* 

Roman: You know she's not really there! Why continue to do it for! 

Kim: I have to, she's... 

Roman: *yanks onto kims arm* Stop it! *stares into kims eyes* 

Kim: *stares at roman and then hugs him and cries* 

Roman: *slowly hugs kim back* It's ok, you don't have to do this anymore Kim. I'm right here and I won't let you down.

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