The Dean: The Last Time

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  • Published: 26 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 28 Aug 2014
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The Last Time; Things didn't go as Kim and Dean thought. Once Kim gave birth to their daughter Bridget, things turned a different route for Kim and Dean. Bridget was born prematurely and was on life support, she soon died from neonatal death. Dean starts drinking heavily again causing him and Kim to have a meltdown on their marriage again. Kim on the other hand started to lose her mind and became someone she wasn't really. Dean soon starts hooking up with girls after girls every night and doesn't pay attention to his son and Kim. Roman Reigns also has a secret to reveal. Once Dean notices the relationships Kim's been in, he grows jealous and tries to win back Kim. But will it be too late? Or will he win back her love?


1. A Beautiful Girl Is Born

Kim: *calling for dean* 

Dean: *walks up the stairs* 

Kim: I think this is it Dean, I think our daughter is coming. 

Dean: Now? It's too soon though. 

Kim: I need you to take me to the hospital. 

Dean: Alright, let me get our things ready. 

Kim: *screams in pain* Hurry! 

Dean: *freaks out* Ok! Forget it! I'll come back for it, c'mon. *picks up dean* C'mon buddy, we gotta take mom to the hospital. 

Dr. Roberts: *checking up on kim* Hmm, we're gonna have to go a C-section on you as soon as possible if that's ok with you? 

Kim: *panics* Uh, yeah? We can do that, but is everything ok? 

Dr. Roberts: I'm afraid not, we need to do the operation as soon as tonight or else she won't make it. 

Kim: *cries* Ok, let's do this then. 

Dean: *watching dean in the waiting room* 

Dr. Roberts: Alright, I'll schedule you up for 2 PM. 

Kim: *looks at the clock* That's in an hour. 

Dr. Roberts: Yes, we'll have a room for you to stay in. 

Kim: Ok. 

Dr. Roberts: *leaves* 

Dean: Hey? 

Kim: *smiles softly then cries* 

Dean: What? 

Kim: Our baby girl's gonna be born prematurely. 

Dean: Is she ok? 

Kim: The doctor said she might not be ok. 

Dean: *stands in silence* What? 

Kim: I'm going into labor in an hour Dean. I need you to take our son for someone to watch. 

Dean: I'll call Roman over and watch him here. 

Kim: Ok. 

Dean: *calls roman* 

Roman: Yeah, I'll be on my way right now. 

Dean: Thanks bro. 

Roman: No problem man. *heads off to the hospital* 

Kim: *laying in bed worried* 

Dean: *rubs kims stomach* It's gonna be ok baby girl, mom and dad are here to support you. 

Kim: I just hope she's ok. 

Dean: Yeah, me too. *looks at dean* 

Roman: *knocks on the door* Dean? 

Dean: Come in. 

Roman: *walks in the room* Everything alright? 

Dean: Yeah, everything's gonna be alright. 

Roman: Alright. *hangs out with kim and dean* 

Nurse Nancy: Hello Kim, how are we? 

Kim: Um, good? I think. 

Nurse Nancy: Alright, Dr. Roberts has you schedule for 2 PM, I'm just gonna check up on you real quick and then we'll head into the labor room ok? 

Kim: Ok. 

Nurse Nancy: *checks up on kim* Alright, let's go. 

Dean: Do you want me to go with you? 

Kim: Are you allowed? 

Nurse Nancy: Is he the father? 

Dean: Of course I'm the father! 

Nurse Nancy: Ok, you can come along. *smiles and leads the way* 

Dean: Thank you Roman. 

Roman: No problem, we'll be in the waiting room. 

Dean: Alright. *looks at dean* Daddy will come back for you ok. *smiles and leaves* 

Roman: Alright, what should we do while your parents are in the labor room Dean? 

Dean Jr: Play. 

Roman: Play? With what though? 

Dean Jr: Toys. 

Roman: Look, there's a puzzle over there on the table, let's play with that instead. 

Dean Jr: Ok. 

Kim: *lays on the bed* 

Dean: I almost forgot how this even went. 

Kim: Just hold my hand and shut up. 

Dr. Roberts: Oh? Can we have you leave the room please sir. 

Dean: Oh? Ok. Don't be scared, I'll be out in the waiting room with our son. 

Kim: *cries* Ok. 

Dean: Don't cry Kim, I love you ok. Our baby girl's gonna be just fine. 

Kim: Ok. 

Dean: *gives kim a kiss* I love you. 

Kim: I love you too Dean. 

Dean: *walks out the room* 

Roman: Why'd you come back? 

Dean: Oh, doctor wanted me out the room. 

Roman: Aw, sucks man. 

Dean: Yeah, but it's gonna be alright, she's a strong girl. 

Roman: Yeah, she is. 

Kim: *relaxes* 

Dr. Roberts: *delivers the baby* 

Dean Jr: Dad, where's mom? 

Dean: Mommy is having baby sister right now, we have to wait ok. 

Dean Jr: I miss mommy. 

Dean: I know, mommy will be out in a bit ok. 

Dean Jr: Ok. 

(A Few Hours Later) 

Dr. Roberts: Here she is, a beautiful baby girl. 

Kim: *looks and takes the baby* She is beautiful. 

Nancy: I'm sorry, I have to clean her first. *takes the baby and cleans her* 

Kim: *relaxes* 

Dr. Roberts: *walks to the waiting room* 

Dean: Are they ok? 

Dr. Roberts: Yes, both are ok. *smiles* You can make your way to the room in 15 minutes. *smiles and walks off* 

Dean: Look, sister is here buddy. *smiles* 

Kim: *walks to the room and lies on the bed* 

Dean: C'mon, it's been 15 minutes, let's go greet sister and mom. 

Roman: I'll let you guys have your time, I'll stay back here. 

Dean: Alright, thank you for coming. 

Roman: No problem, anything for my boy man. *smiles* 

Dean: Thanks. *chuckles* 

Roman: *chuckles and sits down* 

Dean: *walks to the room with dean* Hey. 

Kim: *smiles* Hey. 

Dean: Where is she? 

Kim: She's in another room, she's not gonna be staying with me. 

Dean: What? 

Kim: Dean, she's on life support. 

Dean: *stands in shock* 

Kim: *cries* I know. 

Dean: *wipes his tears* For what? She's fine isn't she? 

Kim: No, she's not Dean. She's not ok. 

Dean: *cries silently* 

Kim: I know Dean, I'm sorry.  

Dean Jr: Where's sister mom? 

Kim: She's sleeping in another room honey. 

Dean Jr: I want sister! 

Kim: I know baby, I know. 

(An Hour Later) 

Nancy: Hi Kim, Bridget is ready whenever you want to see her, but Dr. Roberts is gonna come in a bit to give you the results. * 

Kim: Thank you. 

Nancy: *leaves* 

Dean: Let me bring Dean to Roman, and we can both go and see her. 

Kim: Ok. 

Dean: Hey Rom, can you watch Dean again. 

Roman: Yeah, just put him down. 

Dean: Stay with Uncle Roman, mom and dad will be right back ok. 

Dean Jr: Ok. 

Dean: *leaves back to the room* 

Dr. Roberts: *explains the results to kim and dean* 

Kim: *walks into the room* 

Dean: She is beautiful babe. *smiles* Let me hold her first. *picks up bridget* Hi Bridget, it's daddy here. *holds bridgets hand* Daddy loves you so much already, I don't ever want anything to happen to you ok. I been praying this whole time that you are gonna be 100% fine. 

Kim: *stares at dean and bridget* 

Dean: *tears up* I love you baby. I want you to be fine by tonight ok? You have to promise mom and dad that you are gonna be fine. You can't stay in this room forever and you can't leave us ok. *cries* I love you baby. 

Kim: *wipes her tears* 

Dean: *puts bridget down* I'm gonna go step outside real quick. 

Kim: *gives dean a kiss* I love you Dean. 

Dean: I love you too babe. *walks out the room* 

Kim: *looks at bridget* Hi honey. *smiles in tears* You are so beautiful you know that. *wipes her tears* I really wish you can go home with mom and dad. You have a big brother outside waiting to see you too you know that? *cries* I wish this wouldn't have happened to you baby. Mom loves you so much and she will do anything to help you fight it ok. 

Dean: Hi, can I ask you quick question. 

Nurse Alicia: Yes, what can I help you with? 

Dean: My daughter is on life support and I know kids aren't allowed over here, but it's my son's only chance to see my daughter. I want him to see her before it's too late. Can I bring him up here? 

Nurse Alicia: I'm sorry, I hate to tell you this, but no kids are allowed over here. 

Dean: I'm begging you, please let me son see his sister for the first and maybe last time. 

Nurse Alicia: I can't do that, I'm sorry. 

Dean: God dammit! What the hell man! All I'm asking is one favor from you guys, and you can't even do it!  

Nurse Alicia: Sir, I'm gonna have to have you lower your tone or I'm gonna call security. 

Dean: No, forget it! You're pathetic and useless to even talk to! *leaves* 

Kim: Dean? 

Dean: Look, I'm sorry babe I just... I really want Dean to see his sister before it's too late. 

Kim: I'll ask if I can bring her down to the room, c'mon let's go. 

Dean: Alright. *leaves with kim back to the room*

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