Mary's Past (Blood Fusion sequal)

It is about Mary, the witch goddess who is sick, and so is her host. Lunia, daughter Daisy have to save her, but Daisy won't let her. What will happen though if Daisy is not from Egypt, what if she is something totally different? Will that change Lunia's perspective on her family, her culture, and herself?


2. The Fight

I am woken to the yelling of my parents, I roll over and cover my head with a pillow trying to block out their fighting, again. I got up and slammed my door shut and turned my Fallen Angels song by Black Veil Brides, got my blade out and started to cut. I am a goddess, so it don't scar but it helps release the pain and stress, I am going through. When they heard my music, they stopped arguing, then I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I knew it was my father, I paused my music and put my rob on so he wouldn't see me bleed, though I 'm kind of scared for his host is a vampire... He looked at me when I opened the door, first thing he did was smell the air. He shook his head and I sighed and handed him my blade, he took it.

"You're not happy?" I gave him the no shit Sherlock. "Do you want to leave?" he asked and I could see the sacrifice in his eyes. I shook  my head, and he walked to me; gave me a hug and he kissed me on the head. "I love you, Sweetheart. Right now though it is best if you move into with your Grandfather Osiris," I pulled away and looked at him. He looked pained. 

"No,I am going to help you with mother, you are not sending me away!" I screamed. He looked away, "Father you need me," I started to cry, and it begun to rain. That proved to him that I was hurting inside. He left me to pack, that was when I decided what I was going to do,I was still going to pack but for a different reason. I'm going to leave, but I'm going to travel. It is weird though me and Anubis are connected mentally, I'm not a telepathic, but I'm to Anubis, and he is the only one I am with. He saw the rain outside his house and he felt my pain. Cause when Father got down the stairs, someone knocked, so Father got the door.

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