Mary's Past (Blood Fusion sequal)

It is about Mary, the witch goddess who is sick, and so is her host. Lunia, daughter Daisy have to save her, but Daisy won't let her. What will happen though if Daisy is not from Egypt, what if she is something totally different? Will that change Lunia's perspective on her family, her culture, and herself?


1. Proloug

                         Hello my name is Lunia, I am The Star Goddess. My mother is Daisy Danielle Diamond, who is Mary's reincarnate, and is now Queen of The Gods and Goddesses, beside Father. My Father is, The Avenger, God of War, Pharaoh of the God and Goddess, Horus. Mum and I are always by his side, but Mum forget  things she has known forever. There was a time she called her daughter's from a previous life... We talked to grandmother, Isis, and she gave us very grave news. Mary, her human body that she was born with, was cursed, and she never was able to break it, so every new life she has, or body, it will deteriorate. That is what is happening to mother, we have to find a way to break it, I shall do everything to save her. It is my duty as Princess, Princess of God and Goddesses, and all of Supernatural. Also I know this might sound a bit weird but I might be in love with Anubis. For Gods and Goddesses that is not weird at all, but for humans if they try to figure it out, they'll get confused and grossed out. By the way, I am dark skinned, snow with hair, and light baby blue eyes; which change color per mood. I am extremely tall, and I look like a goddess of course.



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