Mary's Past (Blood Fusion sequal)

It is about Mary, the witch goddess who is sick, and so is her host. Lunia, daughter Daisy have to save her, but Daisy won't let her. What will happen though if Daisy is not from Egypt, what if she is something totally different? Will that change Lunia's perspective on her family, her culture, and herself?


5. Guardian Angels

Now I can't stand to have him out of my sight, it hurts physically, I can't believe how well his body made sure I couldn't leave. Now it is official he has to come with me. I didn't like that , he'll end up getting hurt. I looked at him and he looked smug, I screamed and hit him. He went fling, when he landed at least a dozen feet away, I smelled what calls to the evil beast that lies deep inside me. I could smell his blood, calling my fangs to respond waking up a monster who has been asleep for a very long time. 

"Baby, you need to stop starving yourself, come and feed Mi Amor," I shook my head, he huffed in irritation, and he got up then approached me. I looked away, and he got in front of me. Hey put a finger under my chin, and made me look at him. "You need to stop denying yourself blood, drink, for me," I couldn't, I wouldn't. "Bite me, Lunia," then I couldn't stop myself, I guess he saw the hunger win in my gaze cause he smiled, and pulled me closer. I leaned in and licked his neck, he shivered; I was trembling, for I've never fed off of blood, I didn't need to, but as I've gotten older it has been harder to fight the deplorable monster that is inside me, that was when my fangs emerged and sank, deep into his luscious neck. 

His hands tightened around my waist, I don't know what was happening, but he was acting as if he was aroused, which makes no sense. I was afraid to take anymore of his blood into my body, so  I pulled my head away, and his grip on me loosened, I just let him hold me, till we heard the sound of wings heading our way. I knew just one other person with wings, my mother. I jumped away, away from him, and I started to shift, the need to protect my mate, was too powerful so I grabbed him and took to the sky.  That was when I saw them, with their lances at the ready... Michael, and Gabriel. 

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