Mary's Past (Blood Fusion sequal)

It is about Mary, the witch goddess who is sick, and so is her host. Lunia, daughter Daisy have to save her, but Daisy won't let her. What will happen though if Daisy is not from Egypt, what if she is something totally different? Will that change Lunia's perspective on her family, her culture, and herself?


8. Favortism

We approached her first death site, and I'll be, guess who we found... Michael and Gabriel guarding what looks like an old tree, with an old what looks like a noose, like the ones that was used to be used for hanging people. I rubbed my neck, and approached my uncles.

"Why are you her Uncles?" I asked as I bowed slightly.

"We are angels, not gods, no one bows to us," Gabriel stated. That was when Michael spoke for the first time to me.

"We are here guarding your mother's place of rest, if this place is at peace," he explained. I looked at him and nodded, still confused though.

"I have some question if you don't mind answering," they nodded. To what I'm hoping to answering. "If mother is a fallen angel and Father is a god, what does that make me?" I asked scared.

"That would make you a very special child, one that can not be replaced," Micheal answered. 

"I thought you wasn't supposed to do favorites Uncle?" I smiled. He smiled in return then he said something that shook me to my core.

"Hard not to, when I am assigned to be your Guardian Angel since birth and I have seem every wonderful thing you have done," he explained, though his voice remained monotoned, his eyes near to brimmed with tears, I could see the pride in his eyes. I couldn't believe it Michael, one of the first Guardian angel, whom is also my uncle, and he is my guardian. I looked at Anubis and he looked at me, then I looked at Michael, then shook my head. 

"I have never done anything wonderful in my life," I stated. I have a very low-esteem, which doesn't allow me to accept complements.

"My lovely neice you are, I know about your defence from being broken, but it is true whether you believe it or not," he shook his head and walked off. That was when Anubis looked at me and I avoided his gaze till he grabbed my arm to force me to look at him. 

"Why do even have a defence and what defence?!" I shook my head, then he shook me. "Answer me please," I pull out of his grip.

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