Mary's Past (Blood Fusion sequal)

It is about Mary, the witch goddess who is sick, and so is her host. Lunia, daughter Daisy have to save her, but Daisy won't let her. What will happen though if Daisy is not from Egypt, what if she is something totally different? Will that change Lunia's perspective on her family, her culture, and herself?


7. Achea's story

That was when I decided to go home to get some answers, from the only one who could give them. I am going to ask Mother bluntly where did she come from, if I have to I will use my Egyptian blood and pull the information out of her. As I approached the front door, I heard him, I looked up and there on the roof on the ledge was a silver and gold eyed falcon. I bowed.

"Hello Father," the Falcon nods and flies off, knowing what I plan. I opened the door and walk through, that was when I heard Anubis grunt. I guess that Mother and Father had made it where he had to be invited in.  "Anubis, I allow you entrance," he sighed as he took a step inside.

"Thank you, my love," I shivered at the sound of that, then he walked to me and kissed me, that was when we heard someone clear their throat. We parted and found my mother, standing with green eyes, looking at us. Then I realized that she only saw our auras, not us in general, so she knew what we was doing, just not who we are.

"Mother, where was you originally born?" her eyes went dark and her voice raspy, then she spoke.

"I was an indian chief's daughter being sent off to marry another for peace, well I got sick and he no longer wanted me for exchange for peace. So while the men was sleeping, I took a warrior's bow and went to the enemy chief's camp, then to his tee-pee, and shot him in the head. Then I was sent home and prayed for forgiveness from the gods. There I was found the next morning, still covered in the chief's blood, and my father asked; I told the truth. He looked at me with pride and respect but consequences must be taken. Tribal law bid that I must die, by his mate, and she bid I would be hunted like wolves' prey, so I was. I was good at surviving just as good as any warrior or hunter in the woods they had chose, they ever found me, several years had passed and I had gotten lonely. So I went home to see my father, he saw me, recognized me and so did his new wife. The one who ordered my sentence, I was killed on the spot," she paused to go make some tea. I had a feeling I knew what she was going to tell use next would change everything. I brought Anubis into the living room and I could see that they hand disowned me, nothing no pictures that they had, anything that was up that had to do with me was removed. In a trance I went upstairs to my room, and I blessed the Gods and Goddesses that everything was still intact, so I hurried and grabbed everything I wanted to keep in a bag, Anubis came up to check on me, and found me crying. He came running to me, slid to his knees to hold me. 

"What's wrong Baby Doll?" he asked worrying about me. I looked at him and smiled. 

"My family has disowned me," I stated. He looked at me, I could tell he was confused.

"Then why are you smiling?" I laughed, and cupped his cheek. 

"Cause I have you and I know you'll never leave me, you'll never let me go, you will hold and take care of my heart without tampering with it. You love me unconditionally, and you will never stop trying to prove that, that I'm pretty, that my heart is not black, that I'm your world, and that I have every right to be your whole world,"  he chuckled and held me closer, only too soon mother called.

"My Lady?" then I realized that I am now a ruler of death by Anubis's side while he is Osiris's right hand man. I stood up, grabbed my bag and guitar, and went down stairs back to the living room, there she had tea ready for three. "Have a drink with me, My Lady?" I sobbed silently. She is acting like she never had me, I looked at Anubis, he nodded comfort, and held my hand. I sat down and drank tea with her while I waited for her to continue, her tale, but someone came in and immediately I knew.

"Hello Father," I said tersely, and I bowed.

"Daughter, My Lady, you bow to no one," then I couldn't keep this one quiet. That was when Anubis finally spoke to Father out of anger.

"What is the meaning of this? Disowning your daughter because she now rules Funerals at my side and me the stars at her's, but you are not even acknowledging her till now," he ranted, and I shook my head indicating that it is pointless. Horus then spoke, and it was like a robot.

"I don't have a daughter, Cousin. This woman who claims that she is my daughter, she must understand, I am also a vampires, so she has to understand I can't procreate. So I can't have a daughter," with that he left. That was when I realized that someone must have wiped me from their memories. I went back to my seat, and prompted Mom to finish, that is when she looked at me, and the first time in months, her eyes turned blue.

"Luny, look for the man, Lucifer, her took you from us, I love you, save me, save us," then her eyes went back to green. I looked at him, at Anubis, he nodded, acknowledging that he would remember the name. Then I turned back to Mom.

"Mom, what happened to the indian maiden after she died?" then she continued.

"I come across a bright light and I only heard five voices, in what sounded like a canyon. Then one started talking to me, he said that I was the fourth one, the four most purest, and I asked of course pure of what. He answered that my soul was one of the purest, so he offered me to help guide humans and keep them safe. I asked who he was and he said that he was God, that he made everything, but our will. So he gave me and the other three wings, we became Guardian Angels, Lucifer, Michael, and Gabriel, my brothers. That is where I am from, I am from the Christian's Heaven, I was a Angel, but no longer, thanks to Mary, to me falling, to being Egyptian," she smiled. 

"Mom, why are you on Earth?" I asked needing to know.

"I was watching my human that I was incharge for, and I saw his Mum and Dad in his doorway after he was put to sleep, kissed, and whispered I love you's in each other's ear and I wanted that, so I returned to heaven and went to the edge and got ready to jump, but my brothers saw me. I jumped, but they grabbed my wings trying to keep me from jumping, well I jumped and my wings was ripped from my back," she shuddered as if remembering the pain of such an act. She got up out of her seat and went to the mantle where a huge, black feather was in a case hanging up, then she took it off the wall. "This feather was the only one I had left, I was the only angel in Heaven, even as Father, Lord, recruited me to be an angel, I was the only one with naturally black wings. Father said it was because I killed, but I don't know, but that don't matter. Once an angel falls they are left with one feather, because they are naturally still immortal, or like me unable to stay in Heaven. Can burn our feather and it will send me to my brother, who now runs hell, it is basically a shortcut to leave Earth forever, except to endure pain for the rest of eternity, so I gave it to Horus," whom decided to walk in.

"I think that you have over ran out of your stay," he stated. We stood up, and I looked at Father then to Mom.

"I love you Mum, and Dad. I'll fix this, I promise," then I left crying, with Anubis holding me together. "I think it is time we fine my Uncles," so we set off to find Michael and Gabriel.

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