The Dean: Un-Love Me

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  • Published: 9 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 23 Aug 2014
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Un-Love Me; All she wanted was for him to un-love her. She's been broken, been used, and been hurt too many times by the man her son calls "dad." Dean Ambrose has broken Kim. Kim and Dean files for divorce after 1 1/2 year of being married. Will Kim forgive Dean at the end? Will she and him ever get back together for their son? Who will be the other guy that puts Kim back together?


10. The Untrust In Our Hearts

(The Next Day) 

Kim: *sleeping in deans arm* 

Dean: *cuddling kim from behind* 

Dean Jr.: *sleeping still* 

Kim: *wakes up and moves deans arms* 

Dean: *knocked out* 

Kim: *gets out of bed and puts on her clothes* 

Dean: *hears and wakes up* 

Kim: *putting her bra on* 

Dean: *looks over at kim and walks towards her* 

Kim: *turns around* Whoa! I didn't hear you get out of bed. 

Dean: *smiles tired and hugs kim* You were great last night. 

Kim: Um yeah. *smiles then chuckles* 

Dean: We should do it again another time. 

Kim: Yeah, we should. *smiles* 

Dean: Oh? Someone enjoyed their night. *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles* Shut up. 

Dean: *looks at kim downwards and then up* You have a great body. 

Kim: Thanks? 

Dean: For a mom, yeah. 

Kim: I'm gonna go make us something to eat. *walks off* 

Dean: *quickly grabs onto kims hand*  

Kim: *looks at dean* 

Dean: *smiles* You need to fix the bed later. *walks off first instead* 

Kim: *looks at the bed* Wow. *walks out the room* 

Dean: Shit! *runs upstairs* 

Kim: What? 

Dean: *whispers* Go back in the room! 

Kim: Why? 

Dean: *pushes kim into the room* Someone's downstairs, I heard some noises. 

Kim: *whispers* What? 

Dean: Stay in here and lock the door, I'm gonna go see who it is. 

Kim: *grabs onto deans arm* Be careful. 

Dean: I will. *about to get up* 

Kim: *pulls on deans arm again* 

Dean: What? 

Kim: *kisses dean* 

Dean: I'll need that. *smiles and leaves the room* 

Kim: *locks the door and goes into the closet and guards dean in his room* 

Dean: *slowly walks down the stairs and hides behind wall* Who's there? *listens and hears nothing* I said who's there?! 

Roman: Dean? 

Dean: Roman? How'd the hell did you get in my house? 

Roman: Uh, you left it on the door still, you could have been robbed or killed, but thank god it's just me. I came in to check if you guys were alright. 

Dean: Oh shit, thanks man, yeah we're fine. 

Roman: Yeah, what was the rush that you forgot your keys? 

Dean: Um. *laughs* Nothing. 

Roman: Wanna go out for a few drinks with me and Seth later? 

Dean: Nah, I got a wife and son to be with. 

Roman: That's right, how's that coming along? 

Dean: Awesome, hit homerun last night. 

Roman: What? *laughs* 

Dean: Yeah, but let me go tell Kim, I'll be back down. 

Kim: *grabs dean*  

Dean: *knocks on the door* Kim, come out, it's just Roman. 

Kim: *opens the door* How'd he get... 

Dean: I accidently left the keys on the door, so he used them to check on us. 

Kim: Oh, ok, as long as it wasn't anyone we didn't know. 

Dean: Yeah, but Roman wants me to go out with him and Seth tonight. 

Kim: To where? 

Dean: Drink. 

Kim: Can we not do that anymore. 

Dean: I didn't say you. 

Kim: Yeah, but I don't want you drunk. I don't wanna get hurt again. 

Dean: Kim, I didn't say I was going, I said Roman asked if I wanted to go and you just cut me off. 

Kim: Oh? I'm sorry, so you're not going. 

Dean: *laughs* No, I'm not. I rather be home with my sexy wild wife and son. 

Kim: Shut up. *smiles* 

Dean: I'll be down there with Roman. 

Kim: Ok. 

Dean: Yeah, I'm not gonna go tonight with you guys, maybe another time. 

Roman: Alright then. 

Dean: Why, why didn't you just call me? 

Roman: I called all last night, but you didn't answer. 

Dean: Oh. *smiles and then laughs* Yeah, sorry, was knocked out. 

Roman: Alright I'll see you another time then. 

Dean: Alright. 

Roman: *leaves* 

Kim: Roman left already? 

Dean: Yeah, he just came over because I didn't pick up my call yesterday and he got worried. 

Kim: You didn't tell him that we were... 

Dean: Fucking? No. 

Kim: *chuckles* Whatever, I'm gonna take baby, and we're gonna go shopping, do you want to come too? 

Dean: I didn't cancel this request with Roman and Seth for no reason. 

Kim: Ok, well then get ready. 

Dean: You're not ready either. 

Kim: I'm gonna get ready. 

Dean: Hey, can I tell you something, but don't get upset. 

Kim: What? 

Dean: When we were having sex last night, you were pretty... I mean I know why you didn't want to do it. 

Kim: Why? 

Dean: Because you didn't even let Randy hit it much either huh? 

Kim: Why you say that? 

Dean: Because out of all girls I slept with you were pretty... 

Kim: Yeah, I don't like to have sex much, got a problem with that? 

Dean: No, but to me I think it was the best sex I had in a long time. The first time together, I didn't really remember it. 

Kim: That's gonna be our last for a while. 

Dean: What! Ok how about once a week. 

Kim: Or month. *walking up the stairs* 

Dean: Week. 

Kim: Month. 

Dean: Week. 

Kim: Month, end of conversation. 

Dean: Fine, then I'll go see someone for it then. 

Kim: Ok fine, how about once twice a week. 

Dean: So twice a month? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Dean: *smiles* I can live with that. 

Kim: So you have to wait two weeks from today to do it again. 

Dean: That is long. 

Kim: It's either that or once a month. 

Dean: Loosen up and let your freak out Kim. 

Kim: I'm not a freak. *smiles and walks off* 

Dean: Before you had our son, yeah. 

Kim: You want me to be a freak? 

Dean: Yeah. 

Kim: Then I'll be a freak. *jumps on dean and kisses him like crazy* 

Dean: Kim! *pushes her off him* What the hell? *laughs* 

Kim: Don't like that? Fine, your lost then.  

Dean: Wait, do it again. 

Kim: *smiles and jumps on dean and wraps her arms around his neck* 

Dean: *wraps his arms around kims waist* Ok. 

Kim: *looks at dean and smiles*  

Dean: *stares at kims lips and then her eyes* 

Kim: *jumps off dean and smiles* Sorry. *walks off* 

Dean: *slaps kims butt* 

Kim: Ow! *hits dean* What the hell man! 

Dean: *laughs* Let's go. 

Kim: *walks out the door first with dean* You're a perv. 

Dean: For you. *chuckles and locks the door* 

Kim: *puts dean in the car seat and buckles him* 

Dean: *gets in the driver side and starts the engine* 

Kim: *gets in the passenger side* 

Dean: Where we going? 

Kim: The mall. 

Dean: Alright. 


Kim: *buys 3 outfits for dean* 

Dean: You're gonna buy him that? 

Kim: Yeah, why? 

Dean: That's fine. Hey can we go eat afterwards? I'm pretty hungry. 

Kim: You're hungry? 

Dean: Yeah. 

Kim: We can go eat later. 

Dean: Or I can just eat... you later. *smiles* 

Kim: You're such a pig Dean. 

Dean: Hey! I am your husband ok. 

Randy: Kim, hey, I wasn't expecting to see you here at the mall today. 

Kim: Randy? *fakes a chuckle* Yeah, I wasn't planning on seeing you today either, who are you with? 

Randy: Just me. *looks at dean* How you been Dean? Haven't talked to you... 

Dean: Since the last time you were in my kitchen. 

Randy: Oh yeah that night, I wasn't doing anything with Kim. 

Dean: Right. 

Randy: I have a girlfriend; I was only catching up with Kim. 

Dean: By leaning on her? How's that being faithful to your girlfriend at home. 

Randy: *gives dean a mean look* 

Kim: Ok, let's just move on from that. It was nice catching up with you Randy, but we're gonna go now. We're gonna go eat. 

Randy: Awesome, hope to see you again, and I'm confused, are you playing with her heart again or just leading her on again? 

Dean: Isn't that the same thing? But no, I love this girl, and I'm not gonna let her go this time again. 

Randy: Well when you finalize your divorce, let me know. 

Dean: Not gonna dude, not gonna happen. 

Kim: Yeah, Dean and I had a talk, and we're gonna work things out. Not just for our son, but for us too. 

Randy: Well just so you know, if he ever hurts you again, let me know and I'll handle if for you. 

Kim: I'll let you know, but I don't think we'll be having any problems right now, goodbye Randy. *grabs deans hand and walks off* 

Dean: *sticks his tongue out at randy and then silently laughs* Bye Randy. *turns around and walks off with kim* 

Kim: What the hell Dean! 

Dean: What? 

Kim: You seriously had to be immature about it just now? 

Dean: It's not call immature if you're standing up for yourself and the one you love. 

Kim: I know, but Randy and I are good friends still Dean, you have to respect that ok. 

Dean: Ok, so if I say Renee and I are friends with benefits right now, it's ok for you too right? I mean, you're gonna have to respect that too. 

Kim: I said good friends, not benefits. 

Dean: Right, if Renee and I are good friends, you'll respect that too. 

Kim: Uh, yeah, I guess? 

Dean: Whatever, no one matters, but me and you ok.  

Kim: Ok. 

Dean: C'mon, let's go get something to eat. 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: *lays in bed next to dean* Are you still upset with me? 

Dean: No, I'm not. 

Kim: Are you sure? 

Dean: Yeah, I cross my heart Kim. 

Kim: *puts her arm on deans chest* Well if you're not upset then, can you give me a little massage on my shoulders? They're kind of sore somehow. 

Dean: Why? 

Kim: I don't. *sits up* Can you? 

Dean: Yeah. *sits up* 

Kim: *moves her hair to the side* 

Dean: *stares at kim from behind and then massages her shoulders* 

Kim: Go a little bit down. 

Dean: *goes down to kims waist* 

Kim: Right there, go up a bit. 

Dean: There. 

Kim: *turns around and smiles* Thank you, you're the best. *lays in deans arm and touches his chest* 

Dean: Can you not do that. 

Kim: Why? *looks at dean* 

Dean: Cause that's turning me on. 

Kim: *laughs* How? 

Dean: It just is. *laughs* 

Kim: Well... *gets up and sits on dean* 

Dean: What are you doing? 

Kim: *bends over and slides her hands up and down deans chest* Maybe I can give you a little massage in return. *takes off her shirt* 

Dean: *staring at kim* What are you doing Kim? 

Kim: What? I just feel like giving you a massage. 

Dean: Ok, I don't need one. 

Kim: Oh, I wasn't talking about that one. *reaches behind her and unclips her bra* 

Dean: *sits up quick and knocks kim onto the bed*  

Kim: *laying on her back* Dean! *laughs* 

Dean: This position is a good massage for me. It'll feel better if take off your pants tho. 

Kim: *reaches up and pulls dean towards her and kiss him* 

Dean: *pulls off kims bra and goes to work* 

(The Next Morning) 

Kim: *sleeping and facing dean* 

Dean: *sleeping* 

Dean Jr.: *cries* 

Dean: *hears and wakes up* 

Kim: Go get him. *turns and faces the other way* 

Dean: He'll stop crying. *cuddles kim from behind* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Dean: Can I ask you something? 

Kim: What? 

Dean: Let's make love tonight instead. 

Kim: Why? 

Dean: I think another child would do us good. 

Kim: Another? 

Dean: What? Don't you want a daughter? 

Kim: Yeah, but... 

Dean: You want it with another guy? 

Kim: No, I was gonna say I didn't want one right now. I was gonna wait until our son started school. 

Dean: Ok, well we can still practice making love tonight. *smiles* 

Kim: *pushes deans face away* Stop being a perv. 

Dean: Hey, I wasn't the one taking my clothes off first last night. 

Kim: *laughs*  

Dean: Plus, I liked what I saw with the lights on. *winks* 

Kim: Whatever. *laughs* 

Dean: Maybe you should start wearing nothing to bed from now on. 

Kim: *slaps dean gently* Stop, you already used your second pass already. 

Dean: No I didn't! You got onto me first. 

Kim: Yeah, but you took control. 

Dean: So! That doesn't count! 

Kim: *attacks dean and lays on top of him* Yes it does. *slowly kisses dean* 

Dean: *pushes kim off and gets on top of her* I like how we are right now, nothing on but... 

Kim: Get off me Dean! *pushes dean off* 

Dean: *laughs* I wasn't even gonna do anything stupid. 

Kim: I'm gonna get my son. *grabs her robe and puts its on* 

Dean: You sure you don't want a daughter? Minus try for one now while I'm in the mood for another kid. 

Kim: Nope! *walks in the closet and gets dean* Hey buddy, good morning. *smiles* 

Dean Jr.: *smiles in tears* 

Kim: Aw. *wipes deans tears* It's ok, mommy's here. *walks out the closet* We're gonna be downstairs, join us in a bit? 

Dean: Yeah. 

Kim: *heads downstairs and puts dean in his playpen* Ok, stay in here, mama is gonna make something for us to eat ok. *walks in the kitchen* 

Dean: *walks in the kitchen* What are you making? 

Kim: Well what do you feel like eating? 

Dean: *smiles* You. 

Kim: *laughs* I meant real food. 

Dean: *walks to kim and leans against her* Surprise me. 

Kim: *steps back and leans against the counter* Well I don't know, what do you want? 

Dean: *puts his hands on kims hips* Anything. *kisses kim* I'm gonna head in the shower. *walks off* 

Kim: *cooks* 

Dean: *hears kims phone beeping/grabs kims phone and sees randy's name* Randy? *reads the text* 

Randy: Come over tonight; tell that bitch that you're going to hang out with an old friend. We need to finish what we started last time in your kitchen. *winks* 

Dean: *gets mad/marks the text as unread* 

Kim: *walks up stairs*  

Dean: *heads in the shower* 

Kim: *grabs her phone* Oh, Randy texted me? *reads the text and texts randy back* 

Randy: Ok. 

Dean: *walks out from the shower* 

Kim: Um, is it ok if I go and hang out with an old friend tonight? 

Dean: Who? 

Kim: She's just an old friend from high school. 

Dean: You still talk to her? 

Kim: Yeah, she wants to go out for a few drinks tonight. 

Dean: Are you seeing anyone else? 

Kim: *smiles and shakes her head* 

Dean: What are we twelve? C'mon, speak up. 

Kim: No, I'm not seeing anymore. 

Dean: Alright, have fun. 

Kim: I'm gonna go shop for something to wear, can you watch our son? 

Dean: Yeah, just go, I'll probably be at Roman's or Seth's anyways. 

Kim: Ok. *smiles* I'm gonna get ready, breakfast is on the table. Oh and can you feed Dean as well. 

Dean: Yep, don't trip, I got it. 

Kim: What's wrong? Why do you sound so pissed off? 

Dean: Nothing. 

Kim: Ok, well I'll see you later. *gives dean a kiss* 

Dean: *doesn't kiss kim back* 

Kim: Why didn't you kiss me back? 

Dean: I didn't feel like it, sorry. 

Kim: Ok? *smiles* Well I'll see you in a bit, I'm gonna get ready and head off. 

Dean: *walking down the stairs* Yeah, whatever. 

Kim: *gets ready*

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