The Dean: Un-Love Me

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  • Published: 9 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 23 Aug 2014
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Un-Love Me; All she wanted was for him to un-love her. She's been broken, been used, and been hurt too many times by the man her son calls "dad." Dean Ambrose has broken Kim. Kim and Dean files for divorce after 1 1/2 year of being married. Will Kim forgive Dean at the end? Will she and him ever get back together for their son? Who will be the other guy that puts Kim back together?


11. Make Love To Make Up

(Later That Night) 

Dean: *opens the door* Seems like you're mom's not back yet. 

Dean Jr.: *walks to the stairs* 

Dean: No, we're gonna sleep in dad's room, c'mon. *holds deans hand and walks to the room* 

Dean Jr.: *crawls on the bed and lays on the pillow* 

Dean: *laughs* Well aren't you cute. *takes off his jacket and lays next to dean*  

Dean Jr.: Bottle. 

Dean: You want a bottle? Don't you think you're a little to old for that now buddy? 

Dean Jr.: *shakes his head* 

Dean: Yes you are. *holds dean in his arms* Let's just go sleep yeah? But first, let's change your diaper. *changes deans diaper* Ok, go lay down over there again. 

Dean Jr.: *goes and lays on the pillow again* 

Dean: *smiles* You're just like me, lazy. *lays next to dean and holds him to sleep* 

Kim: *comes home and walks up to the room and doesn't see dean* Dean? *walks thru the closet* Dean? *calls dean* 

Dean: What do you want? I'm sleeping. 

Kim: Where? 

Dean: In my room duh. *hangs up* 

Kim: Rude. *walks to the room* Dean. 

Dean: *wakes up and opens the door* What? 

Kim: Why'd you lock the door? 

Dean: Why? My son and I are sleeping, can't you see. 

Kim: Ok, but we sleep upstairs Dean. 

Dean: Not tonight Kim, not tonight. 

Kim: What got into you? 

Dean: What got into me? *slightly pushes kim back and closes the door behind him* What got into me Kim.  

Kim: Yeah, must had a bad day with the boys right?  

Dean: No, I actually had a good time. 

Kim: Then why are you so upset? 

Dean: How was spending time with your friend. 

Kim: *cuts dean off* It was great, we had a load of funs too. *smiles* 

Dean: Randy. *gives kim a serious look* Don't cut me off unless I'm done talking. 

Kim: I wasn't with... how'd you know I was with Randy? 

Dean: How? I'm not stupid Kim, I wasn't born yesterday. 

Kim: How, you went thru my phone didn't you? 

Dean: Me going thru your phone? For what?! Let me ask you this, are you seeing Randy? 

Kim: What are you talking about Dean? You know I'm not... 

Dean: Was the mall really meant for you to meet up with him? Is that why you asked me if I wanted to go or not? 

Kim: If I wanted to meet up with Randy, I wouldn't had asked you to go and I wouldn't even had taken Dean. 

Dean: I love you Kim. I changed for you Kim. I changed my life for you Kim. Was that not enough for you Kim. 

Kim: Dean, you know I love... 

Dean: Randy. 

Kim: *gets mad/annoyed* No! I love you Dean!  

Dean: Then what was it that was so important you had to go and spend all day with him today? 

Kim: We just wanted to catch up. 

Dean: From what? 

Kim: What? 

Dean: Finish what from last time Kim. 

Kim: What are you talking about Dean? Randy and I didn't even do anything. 

Dean: *furious* I am your husband god dammit! Stop lying to me! *slaps kim across the face* 

Kim: *gasp in shock* 

Dean: *stares at kim pissed off* 

Kim: *tears in her eyes* I'm sorry Dean. *walks off and cries* 

Dean: *exhales and pulls his hair* Kim, I'm sorry. *goes after kim* Kim! 

Kim: *closes the door and locks it* 

Dean: Ki... Kim! Open the door please. 

Kim: Go away! *crying* 

Dean: I'm sorry I slapped you, can you please open up, let's just talk. I want to talk. 

Kim: No! 

Dean: I'm not leaving until you open this door. 

Kim: I don't care! I'm not opening it ever! 

Dean: Fine. *pretends to walk down the stairs* 

Kim: *walks to the door and listens against it* 

Dean: *sits on the first step at the top of the stair* 

Kim: *walks to the bed and cries herself to sleep* 

Dean: *sits on the staircase throughout the night* 

(Early The Next Morning) 

Kim: *listens to the door and opens it slowly* 

Dean: *sits in silence* 

Kim: Where's my son? 

Dean: *sleeping against the handle* 

Kim: Dean. *pushes dean* 

Dean: *falls down the stairs* 

Kim: Dean! 

Dean: *tumbling down the stairs* What the hell! 

Kim: I, I didn't know you were sleeping. *runs down the stairs* Are you ok? 

Dean: Am I ok?! No I'm not ok Kim! *sits at the bottom staircase* My wife is cheating on me, and won't admit it and then she pushes me down the stairs!  

Kim: I didn't... I am not cheating on you Dean! 

Dean: Lies, then tell me what you and Randy did. What did you two have to finish huh? Sex? 

Kim: Dean, I did not have sex with Randy, and I am not seeing him ok! *sits on the fourth stair* I love you, I would never cheat on you how you did to me. 

Dean: But I came clean didn't I? 

Kim: Yeah, but still, I didn't cheat. Randy and I were with friends. 

Dean: Who? 

Kim: Ok, fine, Seth was there too. 

Dean: Explains why he didn't show up at Roman's. 

Kim: Yeah, wait? He didn't tell you guys? 

Dean: No! 

Kim: Ok, now that's messed up knowing you guys are so close, but Dean I didn't cheat on you, and I am not right now and never will. 

Dean: You sure? 

Kim: *gets up and walks to dean and sits across from him on the floor* Yes, I love you. *puts her hands on deans knees* You're the only one who makes my heart beat and puts a smile on my face. No other guy could ever do that, even if they did I would. 

Dean: *cuts kim off* Would continue flirting back. 

Kim: No, I was gonna say they would never compare or come close to you. I love seeing you every day and I love hearing your voice.  

Dean: Really? 

Kim: Yeah, even if we're arguing like right now. 

Dean: So you're not seeing Randy? 

Kim: Dean! 

Dean: I'm just... If I call Seth, he's gonna say the same thing right? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Dean: Give me my phone then. 

Kim: Where is it? 

Dean: In my room. 

Kim: You only have one room. 

Dean: Ok, my other room. 

Kim: *smiles* Where exactly? 

Dean: On the bed I think. 

Kim: Ok. *leaves to get the phone* 

Dean: *holds his head* Ow, that shit hurt. *looks at the stair* The hell did I even end up falling asleep sitting. *gets up* 

Kim: Here. 

Dean: Thanks. *calls seth* 

Seth: Hello? 

Dean: Hey, it's Dean. 

Seth: Hey, what's going on? 

Dean: Did you happen to be with Randy and Kim last night? 

Seth: Uh, maybe? Why? 

Dean: I need to know. 

Seth: Are you two arguing? 

Dean: We kinda were and are. 

Seth: Yeah I was with them, don't worry, they didn't do anything. I was there the whole time. Matter of fact, Kim left before we all did anyways, so there's no need to be upset. 

Dean: What did you guys do? 

Seth: I can't tell you man. 

Dean: Can't tell me? 

Seth: Can't say Dean, I'll get in trouble for it. 

Dean: Did it involve Randy and Kim though? 

Seth: No, actually, they hardly talked. Kim talked about you basically throughout the day and night. 

Dean: Really? *looks at kim* 

Kim: *walks off to get dean from the bed* 

Dean: What she say? 

Seth: A lot of sweet stuff, but I'm not allowed to say it.  

Dean: Who and who was there? 

Seth: Everyone except Roman and you? 

Dean: Why weren't we invited again? 

Seth: It's a surprise for Roman Dean. But don't tell him ok. 

Dean: A surprise for Roman? 

Seth: Yeah. 

Dean: And when is that surprise happening? 

Seth: In 2 days. 

Dean: Where at? 

Seth: Can't tell you that too. 

Dean: Alright, whatever, talk to you another time. *hangs up* Kim! 

Kim: *holding dean* What? 

Dean: Oh, he's up, what surprise are you guys talking about? 

Kim: *eyes widen* What surprise? 

Dean: I don't know! Seth said it's a surprise for Roman, why wasn't I invited to plan it? 

Kim: Oh. *chuckles* Because we wanted you to keep Roman accompany. 

Dean: You act like he was gonna end up there? 

Kim: Never know, but I love you Dean, just know that. 

Dean: Yeah, love you as well Kim. 

Kim: Here, hold Dean, I'm gonna make us something to eat. 

Dean: Ok. *takes dean from kim* Morning son, let's go watch tv. 

Kim: *takes out the pans* 

Dean: *puts dean in the playpen* Stay here, I'll be back. 

Kim: *grabs the recipe* 

Dean: *walks in the kitchen and stares at kim* 

Kim: *leaning over the counter reading the recipe* 

Dean: *walks up to kim and puts his hand on kims hips* 

Kim: *gets startled and turns around* 

Dean: What you reading? 

Kim: Um, I'm just looking at what to make for tonight. You scared me Dean! 

Dean: *laughs* Sorry.  

Kim: *smiles and puts her arms around deans neck* So what do you want to do tonight? 

Dean: *carries kim and puts her on the counter* 

Kim: *smiles at dean* 

Dean: You have really beautiful lips you know that. 

Kim: Thank you. 

Dean: I feel like kissing them, but also I don't. 

Kim: Excuse me? 

Dean: I don't know where that mouth's been. *smiles and then laughs* 

Kim: Shut up! *smacks dean and then puts her arm back around deans neck* 

Dean: I'm just messing with you babe. 

Kim: What you'd call me? 

Dean: Babe? 

Kim: *smiles softly* You never call me that before. 

Dean: Well I am now babe. *smiles* 

Kim: *kisses dean* 

Dean: *kisses kim back* 

Kim: *wraps her legs around dean* Let's make love tonight. 

Dean: What? *chuckles* 

Kim: I thought about what you said and... I want to make love and see how it's different from just sex. 

Dean: You want to make love... tonight? 

Kim: *smiles big and nods* Yeah. 

Dean: Someone's addicted to sex now aren't they? 

Kim: No I'm not! *laughs* 

Dean: What happened to once a month, to once every two weeks? It became three times a week now. *chuckles* 

Kim: Fine, then we'll wait two weeks from now to do it then. 

Dean: I was only saying, but if you want tonight. *moves closer to kim* We can do it too. *gets real close to kims face* 

Kim: Ok. 

Dean: *puts his hand around kims neck* 

Kim: *locks her neck* 

Dean: *pulls kim and ends up giving her a kiss on the cheek* Make me something to eat. *walks back to the living room* 

Kim: *stares at dean and then smiles to herself* Loser. 

Dean: I heard that! 

Kim: *laughs* What! 

Dean: *walks back to the kitchen* I'm not a loser, and if I'm a loser, you're a forever loner. 

Kim: Not really because I have a husband and a son, so. 

Dean: *walks to kim fast and lifts her up* 

Kim: *wraps her legs around dean* 

Dean: *kisses kim crazy* 

Kim: *stops kissing dean* Make love to me. 

Dean: *carries kim and walks to the other room* 

Kim: *smiles into deans eyes* 

Dean: *kisses kim from head down* 

Kim: *sits up and takes off deans belt and then unzips his pants* 

Dean: *smiles at kim* 

Kim: *stares at dean* 

Dean: Turn around. *lays on top of kim*

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