The Dean: Un-Love Me

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  • Published: 9 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 23 Aug 2014
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Un-Love Me; All she wanted was for him to un-love her. She's been broken, been used, and been hurt too many times by the man her son calls "dad." Dean Ambrose has broken Kim. Kim and Dean files for divorce after 1 1/2 year of being married. Will Kim forgive Dean at the end? Will she and him ever get back together for their son? Who will be the other guy that puts Kim back together?


5. Jealousy

Dean: *comes thru the back* 

Kim: *hears and wakes up* Dean? 

Dean: *looks up* Yeah? 

Kim: I'm sorry if I hurted your feelings... 

Dean: *softly chuckles* Why you say that? 

Kim: Well, you kind of... 

Dean: Oh no, I took Seth home. 

Kim: Seth? 

Dean: It's a long story, but I been up all day, I'm gonna get some rest if you don't mind. 

Dean Jr.: *cries* 

Kim: *looks back* Ok, goodnight. 

Dean: Night. *walks into the room* 

Kim: *hold dean* Sorry, your father just got home. 

Dean: *texts renee* I'm sorry about today, I'll come see you tomorrow and we can hang out all day. 

Renee: *texts back* Ok. Where are you staying? 

Dean: Same house as the ex-wife, just not half the house. 

Renee: Ok, I'll come there then. 

Dean: You have to come thru the back because that's my door. Front door is hers. 

Renee: Got it. 

Dean: Ok, see you tomorrow. 

(The Next Day) 

Renee: *knocks on the door* 

Dean: *opens the door* Remind me to get a doorbell. 

Renee: *chuckles* Ok, I sure will. 

Kim: *walks into the kitchen and sees renee* Oh, hi. *smiles* 

Renee: *smiles* Hi. 

Kim: Don't worry; this is my side of the house. I'm not even in contact with Dean. *closes the fridge and heads up the stairs* 

Renee: I don't get it. 

Dean: Living room, that bathroom, back door, and bedroom is all mine. All that beginning from kitchen that way is her house, her stuff. 

Renee: And those pile of clothes? 

Dean: Oh, I have to go around to get them. 

Renee: Why not just *steps on the kitchen* 

Dean: No! 

Renee: *steps back* What? 

Dean: Our rules, I have to get around to get them. 

Renee: That's stupid. 

Dean: Yeah, but that's the rules. Um, you can hang in the living room. 

Renee: What if you're hungry? Or I'm hungry? 

Dean: I buy out. 

Renee: What a bitch! 

Dean: No, it doesn't matter, not that I'm always home to eat anyways. 

Renee: Whatever, I'm gonna spend the night here, if it's... 

Dean: My house is your house. *smiles* 

Kim: *walking down with dean* Dean, can you come and take your son; I have to go to Brie's to get the rest of my stuff. 

Dean: Ok, bring him thru the back. 

Kim: Can't I just meet you from the kitchen? 

Dean: Yeah, but our arms are gonna be crossing the boarder line. 

Kim: Forget it then, I'll just take him. 

Dean: I'm kidding, I'll come around. 

Kim: *stands in silence pissed* 

Dean: *knocks on the door* 

Kim: *opens the door* Here, his stuff, I will ship it over. 

Dean: Ok. C'mon, son. 

Kim: *grabs deans things and puts it on the border line* His stuff is here. 

Dean: What if he wants a bottle? 

Kim: You act like I'm gonna know if you crossed over while I'm gone?  

Dean: Well... 

Kim: Oh right, while you get a doorbell, you can make your way to buy a little fridge for yourself. *walks off* 

Dean: You're not going to Brie's aren't you? 

Kim: I am, but afterwards I'm gonna go see a friend of mine. 

Dean: Who? 

Renee: *walks out the room* 

Kim: Does it matter now? *leaves* 

Dean: *gets jealous* 

Renee: What's he doing here? 

Dean: He's my son. 

Renee: No, not today Dean. 

Dean: Well what else am I supposed to do? 

Renee: Bring him to his mom's side, she can get the blame? 

Dean: I'm not that bad of a father, give me a break will ya? *walks to the room* Here, lay on the bed son. 

Renee: Hello? I was laying there? 

Dean: Ok, well my son needs to sleep Renee. 

Renee: I don't care! I'm your life now! Not him or Kim! 

Dean: Hey, anything you can say, but don't you bad mouth about my son. 

Renee: Whatever Dean, I'm gonna be watching TV then. 

Dean: You are more than welcome to leave home. 

Renee: Kicking me out? 

Dean: No, with that behavior, I'm sure you don't want to be here anymore. 

Renee: I'm your girlfriend, you're my boyfriend. I can stay as long as I want here, plus tonight, we're gonna be making love loud so a bitch can hear. 

Dean: Ok that's fine, but can you calm down a bit? 

Renee: Yes. *leaves the room* 

Brie: Wait, you two are living together still, but splitting the house? How's that possible? 

Nikki: Yeah, what about the mail? The bills? 

Kim: Oh, we both check and take what's ours and for the bills, we're still paying half and half. 

Brie: That's good. 

Kim: Yeah, but I'm gonna go see Randy. I just came to pick up my things to see what I'm gonna wear for later. 

Nikki: Oh? Do I hear a partying? *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles* Shut up Nikki. *grabs her bag and leaves* 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: *opens the door* 

Randy: Wow, it's a beautiful house you have. 

Kim: Thanks. *smiles* 

Dean: *hears and listens* 

Kim: Come to the room. *smiles* 

Randy: Alright. 

Dean: *walks out the room and sees randy walking up the stairs with kim* 

Renee: Dean? 

Dean: Oh, sorry. *walks back in the room* 

Renee: Why are you checking up on her? Do you still have feelings for her? 

Dean: No, just thought she'll come get Dean, but it's ok. *lays in bed* 

Kim: *laughing loudly with randy* 

Randy: *laughing* What? What's so funny about that? 

Kim: Nothing Randy, nothing. *looks at him and smiles into his eyes* 

Randy: *grabs kims hand* I'm glad you're single again. You still look great as if you never even had a child. 

Kim: *smiles softly* Thanks Randy, you look great too. 

Randy: What happened to your wall? 

Kim: Oh, I um, I need to fix that. *chuckles* 

Randy: Do I need to kick his ass? Is he home? 

Kim: Yeah he is, but it's ok, I actually did that. 

Randy: You? 

Kim: Hey! I'm strong than I look ok. *chuckles* 

Randy: *laughs* Yeah, you are. 

Kim: C'mon, let's go in the kitchen to get a few drinks. 

Randy: Alright. 

Kim: *making loud noises* 

Dean: *opens the door* 

Randy: *leaning against kim on the counter* 

Dean: Can you two get a room and be quiet. My son is sleeping. 

Randy: I thought you two? 

Kim: Oh we are, just that's his half and this is my half. 

Randy: Half? This is more than half. *laughs* 

Kim: *laughs* 

Dean: Fine you want it that way, it's fine with me. *walks in the room mad* 

Renee: What is going... 

Dean: *kisses renee roughly* 

Renee: Dean! *pushes him off her* 

Kim: *mood changes* 

Renee: What are you doing? Stop! 

Dean: You don't like that! Get out of my house then! 

Renee: I'm sorry, just... you nevered kissed me like that before. 

Kim: *gets a little hurt* 

Randy: You alright? 

Kim: Yeah, let's call it a night now. 

Randy: Alright, I'll see you tomorrow, or call me. 

Kim: *smiles* Yeah, I will. 

Randy: Bye. *smiles and leaves* 

Kim: Can you give me my son. 

Dean: *ignores kim* 

Kim: I know you can hear me Dean. 

Renee: *walks out the room* Why don't you come around and get him! Just how you made Dean come get his son! 

Kim: Excuse me? 

Dean: Stop! Stop it ok Renee! Go home! Leave! 

Renee: Fine! I will! *grabs her bag and leaves* 

Dean: *stands in silence* 

Kim: I'll come... 

Dean: No, just I'll bring him over. 

Kim: Really, I can... 

Dean: *walks off and gets dean* C'mon, let's go to your mom. *walks to the kitchen* Here. 

Kim: *grabs dean* Thank you for watching him today. 

Dean: He's my son too; I want to watch him Kim. Matter of fact, each week he gets to spend time with one of us and sleeps with one of us on our week.  

Kim: Well since he slept with me yesterday, I'll take this week then. 

Dean: Deal.  

Kim: Goodnight Dean. 

Dean: *stands in silence* 

Kim: *walks off* 

Dean: Goodnight. *walks off to bed*

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