The Dean: Un-Love Me

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  • Published: 9 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 23 Aug 2014
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Un-Love Me; All she wanted was for him to un-love her. She's been broken, been used, and been hurt too many times by the man her son calls "dad." Dean Ambrose has broken Kim. Kim and Dean files for divorce after 1 1/2 year of being married. Will Kim forgive Dean at the end? Will she and him ever get back together for their son? Who will be the other guy that puts Kim back together?


3. Flashbacks

(Early The Next Day) 

Kim: *knocks on the door* Brie, Brie. 

Brie: *gets up and opens the bedroom door* Yeah? 

Kim: Brie, can you watch my baby again? I'm gonna go pack up more things at the house. 

Brie: Yeah, that's fine. 

Kim: Thank you. *leaves* 

Dean: *passed out the seth and roman* 

Kim: *opens the door and walks in* What the hell? 

Roman: *wakes up from the sunlight* Damn. 

Kim: So you guys decided to drink hard last night I'm assuming? 

Roman: What? *trying to wake up* 

Seth: *wakes up*  

Kim: I said were you guys drinking? 

Seth: *looks up and sees kim* Whoa! You scared me, I didn't see. *wipes his eyes and looks at dean* Dean. Dean. *wakes dean up* 

Dean: *wakes up* Five more minutes. 

Seth: Kim's here. 

Dean: *gets up fast* What?!  

Seth: Kim. 

Dean: *looks at the door* Oh? Hey. *hits his head* Sorry, had a rough night last night. 

Kim: Yeah, looks like it, but I'm not here to stay and talk, I'm here to finish my packing's. 

Dean: Why? I told you that you can live here, it's your dream house, not mine. 

Kim: It's under your name. 

Dean: I'm willing to let you live in it Kim. Big fancy houses are not for me, if you move out, then I'll sell this house and you won't ever get to live in it again. 

Kim: You're willing to let me live in here? Under your name? 

Dean: Yeah, because that how much of a good ex-husband I'm gonna be. 

Kim: *smiles* Really? *chuckles* Thank you Dean, I love you. 

Dean: What? 

Kim: I mean, as thank you. *smiles big*  

Dean: *smiles* You're welcome. 

Kim: I'm gonna go and bring my stuff back then. 

Dean: *chuckles* Ok, go for it. 

Kim: *leaves* 

Dean: Shit, I have to be gone before she gets back. *runs to his room*  

Roman: *runs after dean* Need any help? 

Dean: Yeah! 

Roman: C'mon Seth! 

Seth: Oh! Sorry. *gets up and runs drunk up the stairs and falls* 

Roman: Seriously? *goes and picks up seth* 

Bryan: Really? He's letting you keep that house? 

Kim: Yeah. *smiles* It's probably the nicest thing he's done for me. 

Brie: All those bad memories, you want to stay there? 

Kim: It's my dream house Brie. When he leaves, I'm gonna retouch it and start of fresh again. 

Bryan: Ok, if you want, you can also stay here too. 

Kim: No, I'm fine, thank you for the offer tho. 

Dean: Alright, I think I pretty much have all my stuff packed. 

Roman: Wait, I'm just helping you, where are you staying? 

Seth: I think I need to vomit. 

Dean: Bathroom is out there. 

Seth: *runs off to vomit* 

Roman: Seriously, where are you staying?  

Dean: Let me call Renee. 

Renee: Hello. 

Dean: Hey, can I stay with you for the mean while? 

Renee: Yeah, that's fine with... 

Dean: Ok, I'm on my way. *hangs up* 

Renee: Ok? *kind of chuckles* 

Summer: Who's that? 

Renee: Dean, he's coming to my place, I have to go home. 

Summer: Ok, I'll just talk to you another time. Bye. 

Renee: Bye. *leaves* 

Kim: *returns to the house* Hmm? Dean? 

Dean: Ok, I'm gonna leave this here, I'm gonna go back and get a few more things. 

Renee: Want me to come with... 

Roman: No! 

Renee: Ok. 

Roman: *slaps seth from the back* C'mon. 

Seth: *vomits onto the grass* 

Renee: Gross. 

Dean: Ugh! What the hell Seth?! 

Roman: No time to clean it up, let's go. 

Seth: Wait! 

Roman: I got this. *superman punches seth* 

Seth: *knocks out* 

Renee: You can't just leave him here! 

Roman: *goes and picks up seth* Some kind of annoying blonde you are. *walks off* 

Kim: *putting her things away upstairs* 

Dean: *walks into the house* Wow, I'm really leaving this house. 

Kim: *opens the closet and sees her wedding dress/smiles and thinks of the wedding* 

Dean: *looks around and flashbacks the first time they moved in together* 

(Kim's Flashback) 

Dean: I can't wait to meet our son. *smiles* He's gonna be so perfect. 

Kim: *chuckles* Already? 

Dean: Yeah, look how good his father looks, oh and his mother. *smiles* 

Kim: *laughs* 

Dean: Can you believe we've been married for officially a day now. 

Kim: It's a miracle how things all turned out. 

Dean: I'm glad you're married to me instead of Randy. 

Kim: *smiles* I'm happy to be married to you as well. *kisses dean* 

Dean: Yeah, and we're gonna be married for the rest of our life, so I hope you were prepared for that. 

Kim: I'm always prepared. *smiles* 

(Dean's Flashback) 

Kim: *putting up the portrait* 

Dean: *puts his arms around kims waist* Here, let me help you. *takes the portrait and puts it up* 

Kim: *chuckles* Thank you. 

Dean: That's what makes me a good husband right? 

Kim: *smiles* You're always gonna be an amazing husband to me Dean. 

Dean: *grabs both of kims hand and leans them against the wall*  

Kim: *steps back and leans onto the wall* 

Dean: Only you know how to win my heart. *leans inwards and slowly kisses kim* 

Kim: *smiles* 

Dean: *let's go of kim* What else do you need help on? 

Kim: Can you take out the boxes out from the baby' room and take them here. 

Dean: Yeah. 

(Kim's Flashback) 

Dean: I don't care ok! *knocks down the vase* Look! I don't know why you chose me over Randy, I know you still love him, so go back to him! 

Kim: Dean, I don't love him anymore!  

Dean: That's all lies. 

Kim: I'm your wife Dean! 

Dean: And I'm your husband! So listen to me! 

(Dean's Flashback) 

Kim: So tell me what it's gonna be Dean. 

Dean: What is? 

Kim: Are we gonna work things out or no. 

Dean: I can't see why? I mean, all we do is argue before we actually start a conversation. 

Kim: It's because you don't ever listen to me Dean! 

Dean: See there you go again, bitching like always. When are you ever gonna stop Kim?! 

Kim: Bitching?  

Dean: Yeah, it's like that's nevered changed at all Kim. 

Kim: I am too a nice person, it's just people like you! Who brings out the worst in me! 

Dean: You know what, I'm gonna go out, I don't feel like being here with you tonight. *leaves* 

(Kim and Dean's Flashback) 

Kim: What do you want Dean. 

Dean: Where is my son!? 

Kim: I have him, we're at the courthouse. 

Dean: Courthouse for what? 

Kim: Dean, I'm filing for divorce. 

Dean: What? *chuckles* What's that on. 

Kim: See for yourself when I come back later. *hangs up* 

(Flashback Stops)

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