The Dean: Un-Love Me

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  • Published: 9 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 23 Aug 2014
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Un-Love Me; All she wanted was for him to un-love her. She's been broken, been used, and been hurt too many times by the man her son calls "dad." Dean Ambrose has broken Kim. Kim and Dean files for divorce after 1 1/2 year of being married. Will Kim forgive Dean at the end? Will she and him ever get back together for their son? Who will be the other guy that puts Kim back together?


6. Do I Still Love Her?

Seth: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens the door* Oh hey Seth? 

Seth: Is Dean home? He wasn't picking up his calls. 

Kim: Um, his door is actually the back, but come in. 

Seth: *walks in* What? 

Kim: His house is that half, just go thru the kitchen. 

Seth: Ok. *knocks on the door* 

Dean: Who is it? 

Seth: Rollins, 

Dean: *opens the door* Oh. 

Seth: Oh? What's going on? I called you. 

Dean: Phone was off; give me like 10 minutes to get ready. 

Kim: Did you want anything to drink Seth? 

Seth: Um, no it's ok. So you two decided to live together still? 

Kim: Um yeah. *chuckles* But that whole side is his house, the kitchen and this way is my house, so if you want to visit him, you would go to the back and knock there. 

Seth: Got it, but how weird. 

Kim: Yeah, I know, but where are you guys going? 

Dean: *walks out the restroom* Does it matter? We're not married anymore. 

Kim: Right, have fun. *fakes a smile and walks back to the room* 

Dean: Let's go. 

Seth: *walks across the kitchen* 

Dean: This way! 

Seth: Oh. *runs back to the back door* Sorry, thought I should leave the same way I came in. 

Dean: No, that's not my house. 

Seth: Yeah, forgot. 

Eve: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: Coming! *opens the door* Hey. *smiles*  

Eve: Ready? 

Kim: Yeah, just let me get my sons things ready. 

Eve: I'll come and help. 

Kim: Thank you. 

(Later That Night) 

Renee: *lays on the bed* 

Dean: You're gonna sleep already? 

Renee: Why not? 

Dean: I thought we were gonna watch a movie and eat?  

Renee: Right, sorry. *sits up* 

Dean: We're not eating in my room. 

Renee: Fine! 

Dean: What's up with your attitude lately? 

Renee: Nothing, I just don't like Kim living here too. 

Dean: She's not even home. 

Renee: Is your son? 

Dean: Hey! What did I say about... 

Renee: I'm just asking. 

Dean: No, he's not home either. 

Renee: Good. *smiles* 

Dean: *turns on the movie* 

Renee: *sits down and eats her food* 

Dean: *about to eat* 

Kim: *walks in the house and drops her things* Shit. 

Dean: Oh, you're home? 

Kim: Yeah, we were put with Eve all day. 

Dean: Want some help? 

Kim: With what? 

Dean: I can carry him to bed, so you can pick up your things to the room. 

Kim: No, it's... 

Dean: *gets up and walks thru the back* 

Renee: *gives kim an ugly look* 

Kim: *rolls her eyes* 

Dean: Here. *takes dean* 

Kim: *smiles* Thank you. 

Dean: *chuckles* He's my son too. 

Kim: *chuckles* Yeah, I know he is. 

Renee: *puts her food down/get mad* 

Dean: *heads upstairs first* 

Kim: *grabs her things and heads upstairs* 

Dean: Remind me to get that fix too. 

Kim: It's ok, I'll fix it, I was the one that started it. 

Dean: Yeah, but I slammed you against it. 

Kim: Dean, it's ok. 

Dean: *grabs kim by the face* Look, I know your hurting, stop hiding it. I'm sorry that I even hurt you to begin with, but I do not regret being with you or having a son together ok. I'm sorry things didn't turn out how we both planned. 

Kim: *fakes a smile* I'm ok now Dean, thank you. 

Dean: Are you seeing Randy again? 

Kim: No, he has a girlfriend. 

Dean: Why was he... 

Kim: We were only catching up. 

Dean: Oh. 

Kim: Renee... Is she living with you now? 

Dean: Shit! I forgot she was here, I'm gonna go, sorry. 

Kim: *chuckles* It's ok, just go thru the kitchen. 

Dean: I need you to lock your door. 

Kim: Can you lock it for me since your heading that direction. 

Dean: Yeah, that's fine. 

Kim: Thanks. 

Dean: *leaves to lock the door and heads to his side* 

Renee: Took you long enough. 

Dean: Sorry, was getting my son to bed. 

Renee: Right. 

Dean: What? You think I'm cheating on you with an ex-wife? 

Renee: Who knows Dean, who knows what goes on in this house when I'm not here. 

Dean: Nothing. 

Renee: Goodnight. *heads to the room* 

Dean: You didn't even eat your food. 

Renee: Not hungry. *closes the door* 

Dean: Bitch. 

(The Next Morning) 

Kim: *cooking* 

Dean: *wakes up* Oh, you're up already? 

Kim: Yeah, are you hungry? 

Dean: No, plus I can't just barge into your house. 

Kim: *leans against the counter* Dean, I've been thinking a lot lately. 

Dean: *putting on his shirt* Ok? And what is it. 

Kim: This is your house, I'm actually the one homeless right now and I'm thinking that I should... 

Dean: You don't have to move out Kim. We can share this house as if we're roommates only. We don't have to divide it anymore if you don't want to. 

Kim: Yeah because I feel that I wasn't being fair by not letting you get the kitchen. 

Dean: I'm fine without one. 

Kim: No, I want to share it with you Dean. I don't want us to divide this house anymore. 

Dean: Ok, then we won't anymore. 

Kim: *smiles* You can also use the front door as well now too. 

Dean: I'll still use mine, it's a lot closer. 

Kim: Fine, but you are more than welcome to use the front as well. 

Dean: Thank you. 

Kim: Are you sure you're not hungry? 

Dean: I'm not hungry, Renee and I were gonna head out to the beach for a couple of days. Will you be ok home by yourself? 

Kim: *tries not to get jealous* Yeah, I'll be fine home. *smiles*  

Dean: Alright then. *heads back in his room* Renee, get up. 

Renee: What time is it? 

Dean: It's almost 7. 

Renee: Five more minutes. 

Dean: Ok. 

Kim: *sets her plate down and eat* 

Dean: Alright, we're gonna go, be safe ok. 

Kim: *nods* Yeah, I'll be fine home. 

Dean: Alright, see you when we get back. 

Kim: *silently* Ok. 

Dean: *leaves with renee* 

Kim: *pushes her plate away and cries in her arms*

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