The Dean: Un-Love Me

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  • Published: 9 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 23 Aug 2014
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Un-Love Me; All she wanted was for him to un-love her. She's been broken, been used, and been hurt too many times by the man her son calls "dad." Dean Ambrose has broken Kim. Kim and Dean files for divorce after 1 1/2 year of being married. Will Kim forgive Dean at the end? Will she and him ever get back together for their son? Who will be the other guy that puts Kim back together?


1. Disagreements

Dean: *enters the scene* 

Kim: Where did you go? 

Dean: Why does it matter to you? I mean everytime I come home, we only argue. 

Kim: Do you seriously have to keep going out when we argue?! 

Dean: Yeah. 

Kim: Exactly where did you go Dean?! 

Dean: I was at the bar. 

Kim: For what? 

Dean: I had something better to do there than stay home and be with you and my son. 

Kim: *chuckles* Better than me and my son? Honey, are you hearing yourself right? 

Dean: Yeah, I did why? 

Kim: Don't forget who wanted to get married ok. 

Dean: And don't forget who came back after she was free. 

Kim: *stands in silence upset* 

Dean Jr.: *cries* 

Kim: You really are a jerk you know that. 

Dean: Am I? Have you just notice that now? Kim, I already told you, I'm not a dater; I don't stay in committed relationships. 

Kim: *pissed off* We're not in a relationship! We're married ok! *storms off to dean jr.* 

Dean: Bitch. *sits on the couch and flips thru the channels* 

Kim: C'mon baby, you're sleeping with mom tonight. *puts dean jr. next to her* 

Dean: *walks into the room* What the hell? Where am I sleeping? 

Kim: In the livingroom, duh. 

Dean: This is my house, my house! You better sleep outside. 

Kim: Oh so you want it to be that way, it's fine with me then Dean. *packs her and dean jr.'s things* 

Dean: Hey, you're not taking my son anywhere. 

Kim: I have every right to Dean! He is my son, I gave birth to him and he's gonna go with me wherever I go! 

Dean: No, he's staying here, you can leave. 

Kim: *chuckles* No, that's not correct. He goes with me wherever I go. He doesn't stay with you. 

Dean: *knocks the bag out of kims hand* 

Kim: *looks at the bag and then dean* Excuse me?! 

Dean: *grabs kim and kisses her* 

Kim: *pushes dean away/disgusted*  

Dean: *smiles cocky and goes and lies next to dean jr.* 

Kim: *grabs dean jr.* 

Dean: *sits up* Hey! 

Kim: We're leaving you tonight Dean. I'm sorry, but I can't deal with you anymore. 

Dean: Deal with me? What am I doing wrong huh? 

Kim: You know exactly what you're doing and what you've done wrong. 

Dean: You can't take my son from me! He is my son and you're gonna leave him with me! 

Kim: He's my son too! 

Dean: *gets mad and knocks the bag off kims hand hard* 

Kim: *holding dean jr. in silent shock* 

Dean: He's gonna stay with me! *takes dean jr. from kim* 

Kim: *still standing in shock* 

Dean: Get out of my house. 

Kim: *slowly picks up her bag* No. *cries* I'm not leaving without my son. 

Dean: Guess you should have listened to me when I said plan B huh? You could have still been happily dating Randy still. 

Kim: At least Randy and I have a better love life then you will ever have. *walks off* 

Dean: *stands in silence mad* 

Kim: *packs all of dean jr.'s things and takes them to her car* 

Dean: *holds dean jr. to sleep* 

(A Few Hours Later) 

Kim: *gets up and takes dean jr.* 

Dean Jr.: *fuses* 

Kim: Shhh. *puts dean jr. in the carseat and buckles him* 

Dean: *knocked out* 

Kim: *starts the engine and leaves* 

(The Next Morning) 

Dean: *wakes and panics* Dean? *looks for dean/calls kim* 

Kim: What do you want Dean. 

Dean: Where is my son!? 

Kim: I have him, we're at the courthouse. 

Dean: Courthouse for what? 

Kim: Dean, I'm filing for divorce. 

Dean: What? *chuckles* What's that on. 

Kim: See for yourself when I come back later. *hangs up* 

Seth: Divorced?  

Dean: Yeah divorce guys. 

Roman: She's lying right? 

Dean: She said she'll drop the paper off later. 

Roman: What happened? I thought it was what you two wanted? 

Dean: Apparently, it's not anymore. 

Seth: You two are parents together Dean, talk to her! 

Dean: I don't want to ok! She's not my type and she's not the girl I want to be with. 

Roman: Anymore? 

Dean: What? 

Roman: Not the girl you want to be with anymore, right? 

Dean: Yes. 

Seth: Man you two got a weird relationship. One day you're in love the next you hate eachother's guts and then a few days later, you miss eachother. 

Roman: Look man, is this what you two really want? 

Dean: She filed before I even told her an answer. 

Seth: Man, you're screw bro, what about your son? 

Dean: She's probably getting custody. 

Roman: *shakes his head*  

Dean: What the hell was I supposed to do? Drive to the courthouse that day? 

Seth: Yeah! A great father would do that for his child Dean! 

Dean: Whatever, I'm gonna go out, get out my house. 

Roman: It's like that. 

Dean: Yeah, it's like that Ro. 

Roman: C'mon Seth. *walks off first* 

Seth: Careful what you say and do, don't wanna regret anything later on. *walks off* 

Nikki: You are divorcing from Dean? 

Kim: Yeah, I am Nikki, I didn't want to, but he left me with no choice. 

Nikki: Kim, if you love him then work it out, don't leave. 

Brie: Nicole! She's not leaving, they're divorcing... That is different. 

Nikki: Right, well I mean, it's you. Whatever fits you two then, I'll support the both of you on it. 

Kim: Thanks Nikki. 

Nikki: Just kind of wish you told us beforehand, so we could have helped? 

Kim: But I didn't, let's just move on. 

Dean Jr.: *cries* 

Kim: C'mon baby, let's go home to your father, mom has to get the rest of her stuff. 

Brie: Why don't you leave him with us?  

Kim: Why? 

Nikki: Because I know there's gonna be yelling and fighting maybe? 

Kim: Right, ok, I'll come pick him up later tonight. 

Brie: Alright, call us if anything. 

Kim: I will. *smiles and leaves*

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