In a new and improved society, Reyna Jackson is just a normal teenage girl experincing life in a bustling city. She never thought that she’d ever get involved with Supers and boy, she couldn’t be more wrong.


1. In The Beginning

In a world full of cruel people, those who were innocent didn't feel safe anymore. A time came when killing people was okay and authority ceased to exist. In a panic, scientist from all over the world came together to find a way that would protect the innocent from the cruel. The solution? A group of ordinary people that weren't so... ordinary. 

  This experiment is known as code 9101, or what the innocent called it, supers.    Twelve of the world's best and brightest were transformed into people who could control and do certain things depending on what they were assigned to. Control electrical currents, have the ability to fly, super strength, grow into a massive creature, and so on. The most well known out of the original supers was Aquafir, Flames, Rock Man, and Blast. These four had the ability to control the basic elements: water, fire, earth, and air.  

  When the twelve supers were let out into the world, the crime rate decreased dramatically from 93% to 18%. Many were grateful for the twelve supers and repaid them in wealth. They grew use to the life of a rich man and started to forget about their duties to the people. When they were called back to serve as official protectors of the world, all but two went to go live a life full of thanks and honor. The two who stayed started to grow an unknown hatred for the group of protectors and decided that the world needed the cruel to put the innocent in their place; under them. 

  The world's first super villains were born in that moment. A man who could manipulate and control darkness, named Pitch, and a woman that had the ability to freeze any substance, named Glaze. Together, they brought back the cruel into the world and crushed anyone who was in their way.    The War of the Glorious Twelve came about when the 10 original supers and  2 original villains clashed violently. Pitch and Glaze found a way to create more villains so the sides were even. During the final battle, the supers were losing to the villains so, in a final effort, the four elements came together as one. Literally, they created a force that took down the villains and ended the war. But Aquafir, Flames, Rock Man, and Blast all died immediately once their deed was done. 

  Of course, some of the other supers perished in the war but the Big Four are most remembered. The villains recovered but they were put into the Brig, a jail built to restrain those with powers. Villains did not vanish, neither did supers. But the ability to control the four basic elements vanished and no one knows why. 

  That war was 32 years ago. Nowadays, villains aren't as cunning and supers aren't as super. The last major threat was 7 years ago. Nether-less, the innocent still put supers on a high pedestal and like to think of villains  as trash. Lovely, isn't it?

    I never thought that I'd ever become apart of the big world of supers. That was until I moved out of a small town and came into a bustling city. 


  Fate has a funny way of working out.

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