A lonely girl with magical hair stuck in a tower meets a boy who can control snow. They become friends, and later fall in love. They have to keep their friendship a secret, for the girls mother doesn't approve of her having any outside contact. When she does find out, Rapunzel and Jack must stop her from using their magic to force them apart.


3. Morning

Sorry for the long hiatus! Life got complicated! Back now and promises to upstate as frequently as possible! Thanks 😄

Jack woke up the next morning to sunlight streaming into his face. He sat up from the bench and stretched out his arms. He then heard a voice from below the window,

"Rapunzel! Good morning! Please let down your haaaiir!"

Suddenly he heard footsteps from the loft upstairs and saw Rapunzel come barreling down the stairs.

"Oh no! Jack! You need to hide now!!" She said as she began frantically looking for a spot to stash him. Jack noticed a wardrobe in the corner.

"How about in there?"

"Rapunzel! I'm not getting younger down here!!!!!"

Rapunzel quickly grabbed his hand and yanked him over to the wardrobe and all but shoved him in there.

"Please be quiet! I'll find a way to send her back out soon."

She closed the doors and he was left in darkness. And the smell of dresses. How did he know what dresses smell like? Weird. He heard Rapunzel answer her Mother. Then it was silent for a while. After a few minutes he heard Rapunzel's mother's voice.

"My dear, what took you so long? And why are you not dressed yet? Run along and get yourself ready for the day my flower, and i'll make us some breakfast ok?"

"Yes Mother," came Rapunzel's reply. Jack then heard Rapunzel run toward him and open up the doors.

"Please stay quiet, sorry about this!" She whispered, grabbing a purple dress before closing the doors and running up the stairs. Then he heard her mother's footsteps go toward the kitchen area and began making noises. A few moments later Rapunzel came back down as the smell of something delicious came to Jack's nose.

"Ah, there we are my flower! I'm making some eggs for you. Would you be a dear and go to the pantry and grab some peaches for me my pet?"

"Be right up Mother!"

Jack settled himself so he was sitting on top of some boxes; it looked as if he would be here a while.

Half an hour later, Jack came out of his doze to hear Rapunzel's mother sound like she was leaving.

" I'll be back in a few hours, my pet. I need to do some errands in the town. I won't be back till dinner, I'm afraid. Will you be alright until then all by yourself?"

"Yes I will mother. I'm old enough now!! And it's not like anything can get to me all the way up here!" Jack could tell that Rapunzel sounded a little resigned as she said that, even though her tone was cheerful.

"Well then, see you tonight! I love you."

" I love you more"

" I love you most"

Then Jack heard the pulley system he remembered seeing last night as he began to get up and go out. Five minutes later he heard Rapunzel come running toward him and open the wardrobe door. Her extremely long golden hair was strewn all over the place in her haste to come to him, face a bright pink, green eyes sparkling. Jack tho it he had never seen something more beautiful. Then he remembered that he really didn't remember anything except ice, moonlight, and Rapunzel.

"Hi! Morning. Sorry you had to wait that long. You hungry?" She said breathlessly, breaking up his thoughts.

"That's alright. No thanks, I don't think I need food. Is that weird? I'm not hungry." As he said that, he realized this to be true. He wasn't hungry.

"Huh" said Rapunzel. "Well, makes that easy for me!" She then went back over to the kitchen as Jack stepped out and closed the wardrobe. She began washing and putting things away.

"So," she began,"what do you want to do today? Since we gloriously have the whole day now! I should teach you about the world, sunscreen you seem to have awaken from some kind of comatose state or something. Although," she said with a sigh as she put away the last dish and came over to where Jack was sitting," I'm probably not the best teacher, since I'm confined in this tower and only own one bookshelf of books." She plopped herself down next to him. Jack looked over at her," I would very much like to learn the things I don't remember. You would do just fine! Trust me." I said, giving her a playful shove. She looked up at me and gave me a smile as bright as the moon.

"I would love to show you what I know!"

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