A lonely girl with magical hair stuck in a tower meets a boy who can control snow. They become friends, and later fall in love. They have to keep their friendship a secret, for the girls mother doesn't approve of her having any outside contact. When she does find out, Rapunzel and Jack must stop her from using their magic to force them apart.


1. Meeting

It was a dark, cold moonlit night. A tower loomed beside a frozen lake. Inside that tower a young girl with long blonde hair looked out her window at the ice. It sparkled prettily and she was enchanted by its beauty. As she was gazing, the moonlight seemed to brighten for a moment and then a sight so shocking she would never forget it, she saw a figure rise through the ice and hover in the air. She gasped, shocked at what she had just witnessed . Keeping her eyes on the figure, she noticed some details. His hair was pure white, and he held a crooked staff. He then suddenly dropped down onto the ice, without cracking it she noticed. He looked around himself in amazement. He turned around in a slow circle, then he took a hesitant step forward. As he did, the ice where he stepped became harder and whiter. The boy immediately removed his foot and stumble back. The same icy white pattern happened each time his foot touched the ice. The girl, still in shock, let out a gasp she had been holding in. Suddenly, the boy whipped his head up at her. Even from this far away, she saw his brilliant blue eyes. Those eyes looked up in wonder and a little fear at her. She herself was wary, for she had never before seen another human besides her mother. Just then the boy did something amazing; he floated. Literally lifted himself up and began, awkwardly at first but slowly getting more graceful, flew to her. He glided right up to her window.

"Hi," he said hesitatingly. His voice was musical.


"What's your name?"

"Rapunzel. What's yours?"

He looked up at the moon for a moment before responding.

" Jack." He said.

"If you don't mind me asking," Rapunzel began,

"How did you come out a frozen lake and fly?"

He looked at her wonderingly,

" I'm , not sure. I just remember waking up and being in the water and coming out of it and then the ice and flying, I don't know, I just kinda thought about it then it happened. The Moon told me I had special abilities and that I need to use them for good." He shrugged. Rapunzel stared at him.

"The Moon?"

"Yeah. He kind of spoke like in my head."

Rapunzel didn't know what to think of Jack. He both confused and intrigued her. He didn't seem bad, and was nice to look at, with his blue eyes, pale skin, and slightly crooked smile.

"Well," She said, "you can come in if you want. My mother won't be back till morning, and since I'm technically not supposed to have any contact with the outside world, you will have to find some place else to stay during the day."

"Ok," said Jack, giving her a little grin. He floated down and landed on the the little porch. Standing that close to him Rapunzel could feel the cold coming off him. She gave an involuntary shiver as she led him inside the tower.

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