A lonely girl with magical hair stuck in a tower meets a boy who can control snow. They become friends, and later fall in love. They have to keep their friendship a secret, for the girls mother doesn't approve of her having any outside contact. When she does find out, Rapunzel and Jack must stop her from using their magic to force them apart.


2. Jack's Purpose

Rapunzel led Jack to the main portion of the tower.

"You can lie there if you want." She said pointing to a padded bench to the right of the window-porch where they had come.

"Thanks, Rapunzel." He responded. He walked over to the bench and laid down.

"So," began Rapunzel as she walked over and grabbed a chair from the kitchen area of the room and sat down. "You just came from a frozen lake, the Moon told you to use your powers for good, and your hair is white. Plus, when you walk you leave ice formations. What is all this? I mean, I've only ever seen one human before, and she's my mother. As far as I know, she doesn't have any special abilities."

Jack stared at her for a moment before answering her inquiry.

"All I can remember is coldness and ice. Then the Moon. Before that I have no memory. Besides my name. I think," he paused, "I think I'm supposed too help create frost. That's what my, as you put it, abilities seem to be. As well as flying, apparently. Which is really cool by the way. For the human matter, I'm pretty sure I'm not one, seeing as your shivering and I'm not."

Rapunzel had in fact been shivering uncontrollably ever since Jack began talking.

"I I I'll ggo ggraab aa bbbllaaanket." She got up quickly and bolted up the stairs. Not a minute later she came back down wrapped In a thick blanket.

"Better?" Said Jack, with a small smile on the edge of his lips.

"Much. So, you're obviously not human, and you seem to have the ability to create frost and fly. Well, if I ever do meet other people I sure hope they're as interesting and different as you!"

Jack chuckled for a bit.

" I myself don't really remember people. Everything before the ice is a blank. It's weird."

"Well, I will do my best at being a friend for you."

"Friend? You've only known me for an hour."

Jack smirked."But, considering my options, I'll take you." Rapunzel laughed. Jack liked her laugh. It was tinkly and beautiful. She also had a cute nose. Wait what?! Thought Jack. Since when did her nose become cute?

Rapunzel stared at Jack. His eyes are simply dazzling, she wondered. I can't stop looking into them. And that smile!!! Oh get a grip! What is happening to you!

"I suppose I should find you a place to sleep" Rapunzel got up and went back upstairs to fetch another blanket. Jack looked around himself. There was a bookcase in the far left corner, a wardrobe not far off to the left, and a beautiful carpet underneath. Rapunzel came down with the blanket and a pillow. "Here you go, make yourself comfortable. See you in the morning!! Oh, and if you hear a voice asking for my hair, that would be my mother, so you should definately hide then."

"Ok" Jack responded. "How did your hair end up that long anyway?"

"Oh yea, I forget to mention that. Do you mind keeping a secret?"

"Not at all"

"I have magically hair that glows when I sing. It has healing qualities. If I cut it, it turns brown. That's why my mother says I need to stay hidden. So that people won't cut and use it."

She looked hesitatingly up at Jack.

"So, I guess we're both pretty amazing people huh?" He winked at her. "Goodnight then!"

Rapunzel released the held up breath she had and smiled at him. "Night!"

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