Meeting One Direction

Three girls called Madelyn, Jordan and Veronica were at Ronnie's (Veronica) flat, when the best thing that happened... Read and find out!!!!!!!!


2. Chapter Two

We were sitting down talking and laughing when we heard a knock on door,


"Oooh that must be them" Jordan said bouncing up and down on the couch, I just laughed.


"Yeah probably" Ronnie said "And chill out Jordan" she added, Jordan stopped bouncing and pouted, we just laughed at her. I got up and opened the door to only be attacked in a hug by Louis and landed on the ground,


"Oof, god Louis how much do you weigh" I groaned, the guys, Ronnie and Jordan laughed, Louis got off me and I sat up,


"I weigh a pretty normal amount thank you" he sassed crossing his arms, we both stood up,


"Well sooooorry" I sassed, everyone laughed,


"Uh, uh you did not just sass me" he sassed waving his finger


"Uh huh, you sass me, I sass you back" I said sassily (if that’s even a word) then everyone cracked up, me and Louis had a stare down while we crossed our arms, then we both laugh and hugged each other.


We all calmed down and sat on the couch, me in the middle of Jordan and Louis, on the other couch, Ronnie in the middle of Zayn and Liam, then Niall next to Zayn and Harry next to Liam,


"I'm hungry" me and Niall whined, we looked at each other excited and reach over and high fived each other, everyone laughed.


I walked into the kitchen with Niall following me, I opened the cupboard and Niall went for MY chips,


"Uh, you ain’t touching my god damn chips" I sassed at him, I heard everyone laughing really hard from the lounge room, he pouted, I groaned, "Fine, but only this once" I warned him, his eyes lit up and grabbed them from my hand then hugging me tight, we went back into the lounge room, they were still laughing, like seriously guys it’s not that funny,


"It wasn’t that funny" I rolled my eyes smiling, eventually they calmed down, I sat in my seat in the middle of Louis and Jordan, Louis put his arm around me,


"You are officially my new best friend" he said cheerfully, well you gotta love him.


"Why thank you carrot boy" I said smiling and we high fived each other,


"Heeey, what about me" Harry whined, I laughed with everyone,


"Sorry Harry, but he's mine now bitch" I said hugging Louis, then everyone cracked up, Harry pouted, he looks so cute, whoa why did I think of that, well he is my favourite.


"Yep, sorry Hazza" Louis said hugging me tightly, Harry whined and hugged Liam, which made us laugh even more, Liam just laughed and shook his head.


We calmed down,


"Why don’t we do something" Liam said looking at all of us,


"PARK" me and Louis shouted, we looked at each other, "BOOM BABY" we said while high fiving each other, which turned into another episode of laughing,


"You’s should have been twins" Zayn and Ronnie said,


"Now we have another pair of twins" I said with a serious face, they all cracked up, I just smiled while shaking my head, me, Jordan and Ronnie went to our rooms and changed cause we still had our shirts of our favourite 1D guy, the boys realised this and laughed, when we were done, we walked back into the lounge room.


"Well, let’s go" Liam said, we all walked out the door, outside on our way to the park, me and Louis linked our arms and skipping in front of everyone and them laughing behind us.

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