Meeting One Direction

Three girls called Madelyn, Jordan and Veronica were at Ronnie's (Veronica) flat, when the best thing that happened... Read and find out!!!!!!!!


3. Chapter Three

We finally got to the park, me and Louis ran for the slide, and the rest went for something else,



"I'M GOING FIRST PEASANT" I yelled running in front of Louis, everyone laughed, I went up to the slide and sat down, Louis sat behind me,



"Uhh what are you doing you bitchacho" I sassed, "We are going together" he sassed crossing his arms" "Ugh fine" I groaned, "Whooooooooo" Louis said, then I heard everyone laugh, what'd I miss,



"What was that" I said turning to face him, he smiled and pointed in the direction he was looking at, I looked and saw Ronnie and Niall sitting WAY to close to each other,



"Whooooooo, get in there Ronnie" I said wiggling my eyebrows at her, everyone cracked up and Ronnie and Niall blushed. Hehe, I love embarrassing my friends, I though evilly. "LEGGO" me and Louis shouted and we went sliding down the slide with our hands in the air while we heard the others laughing at us, we reached the bottom, we fell on the ground with Louis on top of me,



"Ugh Louis seriously" I groaned, "You're god damn heavy" I added, "I'm not heavy excuse me" Louis sassed getting off me and standing up, I did the same, "Yeah you are" "No I'm not" "Yeah you are" "Ok guys settle down" Liam said laughing, everyone calmed down, me and Niall looked at each other and thought the same thing,



"I'M HUNGRY" we shouted, we high fived, everyone rolled their eyes, "When aren’t you’s hungry" they all said together, ok that was creepy, "Ok guys that was creepy" I said looking at them all seriously, Niall agreed, "Ok, let’s get some ice cream" Zayn suggested, we all nodded our heads agreeing.


Heres another chapter!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry its short

hope you like it


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