Meeting One Direction

Three girls called Madelyn, Jordan and Veronica were at Ronnie's (Veronica) flat, when the best thing that happened... Read and find out!!!!!!!!


1. Chapter One

My name is Madelyn or Maddie, I have an older brother called Cody, he’s 23 and I love him to death, he went out with his friends and I don’t know when he’ll be back, my best friends are called Jordan and Veronica, but she prefers Ronnie. We all love One Direction, Jordan loves Zayn, Ronnie loves Niall, and I love Harry. Me and Jordan are at Ronnie’s flat, we’re all 19. I’m sitting on the couch eating a big bag of chips and watching TV, Spongebobs on, Jordan is next to me, her eyes are glued to the TV, and Ronnie is still sleeping, unbelievable right, “When is that woman gonna wake up?” I said with a mouthful of chips, “I don’t know, but I’m gonna go jump on her” she said getting up and walking to Ronnie’s room, “HEY, WHAT THE HELL” I heard Ronnie yell, “Hahaha” Jordan laughed coming down the stairs, I was laughing, “Well, she’s awake” she laughed, “What is she doing?” I said still laughing a little, “She’s having a shower” she said smiling, I nodded. While we were watching the TV and I was still eating, yep I love my food, I heard a knock at the door, “Who could that be?” Jordan said furrowing her eyebrows, I shrugged putting more chips in my mouth, Jordan got up to open the door.

A few seconds later, Jordan walked in with five guys wearing suits and glasses, their hair was slicked back, they look familiar, I stood up brushing crumbs off my Harry Styles shirt, Jordan is wearing her Zayn Malik shirt, “Who are they?” I said to Jordan, “I don’t know” she shrugged, “Who are you guys?” I said to them, “I’m Louis, this is Marcel, Zac, Leeroy and Nick” said Louis cheerfully, pointing the other guys, he reminds me of Louis from One Direction, “Hello” they all said, they have British accents and I heard an Irish accent, “Well, why don’t you guys take a seat” I said to them, Jordan nodded, “Well thank you” said Leo politly, they all took a seat on the couch, me and Jordan sat on the other couch, “Who are they” I heard Ronnie say, walking in the lounge room and sitting next to me, she is wearing her Niall Horan shirt, “This is Louis, Marcel, Zac, Leo and Nick” Jordan said pointing to each of the guys, I nodded smiling at Ronnie, “Hello” they said together, “Hi, I’m Veronica, but you can call me Ronnie” she said smiling at them, the guys nodded, “Oh, I’m Madelyn, but you can call me Maddie” I said grinning, “Call me Madelyn, you die” I said being serious, they looked a bit scared and nodded, so I smiled, the girls laughed, and then the guys joined in, “And I’m Jordan” she said smiling happily, the guys smiled and nodded, “Well, I see you guys like One Direction” said Louis wiggling his eyebrows, “Uuh yeah, we do” said Jordan, “Anyway you guys can wonder around the rooms, make yourselves at home” I said nicely smiling at them, “Thank you very much” said Leo, he’s very nice, the guys got up and walked around, when they were out of sight Jordan pulled me and Ronnie into her room, “What are you doing?” said Ronnie confused, I just nodded, “Do they look very familiar to you” Jordan said looking at us, “Uhh yeah, I think, why” I said furrowing my eyebrows, “I don’t know, they sound like One Direction” Jordan said, I widened my eyes and Ronnie did too, “Uhh, we should probably go out there, they might be looking for us” Ronnie said, “Yeah” I nodded, we walked out of the room, Ronnie stopped us, “What if it’s really them and they were wearing disguises” she said with wide eyes, “Maybe, but we don’t know” I said still not sure, “Well, they look exactly like them, so they would be wearing disguises” said Ronnie, “Let’s just go, they might be looking for us” said Jordan, we walked into the lounge room and saw them standing around, “So, I guess you guys are finished” said Jordan, “Uhh yeah we are” said Marcel smiling, his cute dimples showing, “Are you guys hungry, cause I am” I said smiling, “But you had a big bag of chips not long ago” Jordan said, “So, I’m still hungry” I said walking to the kitchen and getting another bag of chips, I heard the guys laughing in the lounge room, Jordan came in, “I’m gonna make some popcorn” she said, I nodded and walked back to the lounge room, I sat down next to Nick who looks like Niall, Leo sat on the other side of him, Ronnie sat on the other side of me, the other guys sat on the other couch, I opened my chips and started eating, from the corner of my eye I saw Marcel looking at me, then Jordan came in with the popcorn and sat it on the table, Nick grabbed the bowl before anyone else could, he reminds me of Niall, weird, “Everyone else has gotta have some” I said to him, “But I’m starving” he whined, he has an Irish accent and sounds a little bit like Niall, ‘Or he could be Niall’ a voice in my head said, I looked at Jordan and Ronnie and they smirked a little and I did too, Leo was looking at us weirdly, he was probably thinking that we know its them in disguise, Louis and Zac were looking at us too and so was Marcel, Nick was still eating, he also reminds me of… well me. Me, Jordan and Ronnie were eyeing them carefully, “Who are you guys really?” Jordan said smirking, me and Ronnie are too, “Uhh… well we are… um” Louis struggled to say, I started smiling, Jordan and Ronnie looking at them still smirking, “Alright, we’re One Direction” Zac blurted out, actually Zayn, “I KNEW IT” I yelled jumping out of my seat and scaring the hell out of Nick or should I say Niall, “How did you know it was us” said Louis, I sat back down, “It was pretty obvious” Jordan said, me and Ronnie nodded, “Well now that you guys know it was us, we could just get to know each other” Liam said, me, Jordan and Ronnie and the other guys nodded in agreement, “It would be weird if you guys were dressed like that” I said referring to the suits they’re wearing, “Oh right, well we could go back to our hotel and change then come back here” Louis said, “Yeah that’ll be ok” Jordan said nodding, me and Ronnie nodded smiling, “Ok, well we’ll be right back then, let’s go boys” Liam said and the boys waved bye and walked out the door, “Well that was really weird” I said leaning back in my seat, “Yeah and embarrassing” Ronnie said, “Whataya mean?” Jordan said, “Well, we’re wearing our shirts with our favourite members on it” Ronnie said referring to our shirts with our favourite guys on it, I forgot I was wearing it, “Oh yeah, I forgot I was wearing this” I said pointing to my Harry Styles shirt, I think that’s why he was looking at me, “Yeah, me too” Jordan said, “Well I’m hungry, food time” I said and got up to go to the kitchen to get more chips, yes chips are my favourite, salt and vinegar, yummy, I heard Jordan and Ronnie laughing while shaking their heads, I went back in the lounge room and threw chips at them, I sat on the lounge, they glared at me playfully while I was laughing, they shook their hair and sat on the couch, we just talked and waited for the guys to come back.


This is my new story:) hope you like it, tell me what you think:)


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