Meeting One Direction

Three girls called Madelyn, Jordan and Veronica were at Ronnie's (Veronica) flat, when the best thing that happened... Read and find out!!!!!!!!


4. Chapter Four

We all walked to the ice cream shop and looked at what we wanted,



“Wow, I could just eat everything” Me and Niall said, everyone laughed shaking their heads,



“Of course you do” Louis said patting mine and Niall’s heads, I glared at him and he quickly took his hand off, Harry, Liam, Ronnie and Jordan laughed while Zayn smiled, and Niall being Niall has his eyes glued to the ice cream in front of him, oh Niall.



After we got what we wanted, we walked back over to the park and found a tree that we could sit under, and eating our ice cream.



When we were done, we just sat in an awkward silence and looking at each,



“Well, this is exciting” I said sarcastically, everyone laughed, and then it went quiet, great.



“This is so boring” me and Louis said, we looked at each and laughed, “Oh, BOOYAH” we said and clapped our hands together, we laughed making the others laugh,



“Let’s play tip” Niall said excitedly,



“What, and run around like little weirdos” I said rolling my eyes, making everyone laugh.



“Come on Maddie” Louis said with puppy dog, you bitch, why, everyone watched in amusement, I glared at him,



I growled, “Grrrr fine” I said grumpily and folding my arms, everyone watch in amusement



“NIALL’S IN” Louis shouted, Niall frowned at him. Before he could say anything, we ran off in different directions.


finally updated!!!! hope you like it:)

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