I'm Tilly McQueen I'm 19, and I wonder what I did that was so bad to end up here, I don't think this will ever change. Nobody understands what I have been through or going through, I am all alone. For me pain is, eternity.


2. This Is Me

I am Tilly Anne McQueen, I am 18, I am originally from Cardiff but then I moved to Cornwall, I will tell you how I ended up getting kidnapped by my insane ex Aaron Tim Brownin, but first I will tell you what happened to my mother and father. My father died because one of his 'friends' got angry with him because he never spoke to him because he wanted to spend time with his family, I will take you back to the memory of when my father left this world...


I was holding my father's hand, we were walking along the path to the park that he always takes me.

"So, what do you want to go on first, Tills?" My father asked with his usually grin, that would always make me smile, I skipped along the path dragging him along with me.

"The swing!" I exclaimed.

"Okay, love!" My father replied, "I'll race you there!" He exclaimed. I let go of his hand and I ran ahead.

"Heyy! I wasn't ready!" My father shouted. I giggled. I got to the park before him, I sat on the swing, ready for him to push me, I turned around and saw dad coming to push me on the swing a grin formed on my face, but it changed straight to shock, a hand had grabbed my father behind the tree near the swings.

"No!" I shouted. I ran to him and that's when everything happened too fast for me to react.

I saw the gun held to his head, I saw that the trigger was pulled back. I saw my dad look scared I have never seen him scared.

"NO father I love you!" I said in between sobs.

"I love you too!" That's when father's friend, Alex let the trigger go, it was still aimed at the side of my fathers heard, Alex was holding father back. The bullet shot out, and to the place where it was aimed, my fathers head.

"NOOOO!" I yelled, as my father collapsed to the floor I saw him look at me, with his eyes full of sadness. "No," I whispered. My fathers eyes then closed.

"If I can't have him, no one can." Alex whispered before he ran away. I collapsed next to my father.

"Please wake up I love you!" I said grabbing his phone and called the ambulance, while I waited, I reminded father of all the happy memories we had together. One of the ambulance paramedics came rushing out and checked my fathers pulse. The paramedic look down at me with sadness in his eyes.

"I am sorry, but your father, has died."

I am Tilly Anne Mcqueen I am 7 and today I saw my father be murdered.

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