I'm Tilly McQueen I'm 19, and I wonder what I did that was so bad to end up here, I don't think this will ever change. Nobody understands what I have been through or going through, I am all alone. For me pain is, eternity.


5. Lucky

Aaron had left after he watched me eat. He will be back soon, for a beating. I curled up in a ball on my blanket, I pictured my wonderful mother and father opening up the door and me escaping, with them and my mother and father leading a happy life, I wish. They are both dead I am left in the world with no one, but Aaron. I am getting more and more desperate the longer I stay here, I have tons of bruises covering my body from where he would beat me. I am very skinny, because the amount of food I am having.

Aaron walked in interrupting my thoughts.

"I'm beginning to grow bored of keeping you my prisioner," he said with an evil grin on his face I looked into his eyes, they had a crazy look about them.

"W-What are you g-going to do?" I whispered avoiding eye contact, he knelt beside me, I was trapped I sat in the corner, with him knelt beside me.

"Well, that would be telling, why don't I just show you?" He said, he laughed at the end. I could feel the tears prickling in my eyes, threatening to spill.

He put his hands behind his back, and slowly pulled it out, I couldn't see what it was yet. He slid it to the side of his body, so all I could see was his hand grasping something. He smirked.

"Know what it is?" He questioned. I shook my head, though I had an idea, I was so scared now. He pulled it out so I could see half of it, I could see, a very shiny object. Please, no. No. No. No. No. No.

He pulled it out fully, so I could see the sharp end pointing out. It was a knife.

"Have you clocked on with what I'm going to do, Tilly?" I hated him using my name it felt like he was cursing it.

"P-Please don't k-kill me," I whispered.

"Well, you're boring me." He said patronizingly.

"P-Please...?" I stuttered. My throat was hurting from holding back the tears. I let one tear spill, it rolled down my cheek.

"Aww, you gonna cry?" He asked, I didn't reply.

"I SAID ARE YOU GOING TO CRY?" He screeched. I shook my head, and wiped away the other tears that had spill.

"Thank you! Well, I am going to be nice, and let you live one more day? Do you like the sound of that?" I nodded, just one more day to try and escape.

"Goodbye..." He said, he put the knife in his pocket and walked out, he didn't put the knife in properly though, before he closed the door the knife fell out of his pocket it was a very small one, and the blade was small. He shut the door I ran to the knife, I picked it up and felt the point of it, it should be okay. I walked over to the door, where the lock was on the door and picked it, I fiddled around with it, then I pushed the handle, and the door opened, for the first time in two years, I could see light, I walked out of the door, I put my foot onto the pavement for the first time, in a long time. I fully stepped out breathing in the fresh air, and then I began to walk...

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