I'm Tilly McQueen I'm 19, and I wonder what I did that was so bad to end up here, I don't think this will ever change. Nobody understands what I have been through or going through, I am all alone. For me pain is, eternity.


6. I Deserve To

I stepped out breathing in the lovely fresh air, that I have missed out on for two years. I began to walk slowly, it felt weird being able to walk in an open area, I looked around to see the sun, shining down on me, it was so bright. I smiled, I have finally escaped from Aaron I thought it might be a good idea to run, so I began, but then a hand touched my shoulder. I turned around, it was Aaron he must of realized that he dropped his knife, I quickly turned back around and tried to run. But unfortunately he managed to grab my arm, he turned my back around and stepped closer to me, I could feel his warm breath against my skin.

"Thought you could escape did you?" He whispered into my ear. I shook my head.

"Well you're coming back with me, and you know that deal I said about me not killing you until tomorrow? Well... I might go back on that deal," he whispered again in my ear, he smirked.

"NO! LET ME GO! NOW! PLEASE! HELP SOMEONE!" I yelled at the top of my voice, I was really desperate. I looked to the house next to me. I started waving my one arm that Aaron hadn't grabbed to the window, I saw a girl looking, I started to shout more. She didn't do anything, why. Why. Why. Why?

She disappeared from the window. At that moment Aaron chucked me back in.

"Let me out!" I yelled I was so angry that he stopped me from letting me escape the only one time I probably could.

"YOU BRAT, YOU DESERVE TO DIE!" Aaron screeched at me. I thought about what he said, I do deserve to die, I do, maybe if he stabs me now, maybe it's the right time, I'm going to die soon so I might as well die now, I do deserve to die, I am a brat. I remembered the last words my mother spoke to me.

I'm ready, I was going to die soon, so I am ready to die now.

I always wanted to be like my mother, maybe now is the time.

I am ready to die.

I am ready to die.

I am ready to die. I deserve to.

I sat in the corner of the room. Aaron got the knife out from his back he looked at me and smiled, he next next to me, leaving a bit of room, he pulled back the knife , I thought, I'm not brave enough to die, I'm not brave enough to give myself up, I'm not brave like my mother. He aimed for my heart, which was already broken, he pushed the knife down but I rolled out of the way so it only went in my side. I might die though. No. Please no.

Aaron got up and left me, I was gasping for breath I was clutching my side trying to stop the bleeding. It was no good, if I don't get help I am going to die. I was now sobbing. I stood up all my weight was on the wall, I used the wall to walk to the bathroom. Right as I was about to go into the bathroom I heard pounding on the door, then it sounded like someone fiddling with the lock, a girl pushed the door open and ran over to me when she saw me. I was in shock.

"W-Who are you?" I whispered still leaning against the wall and clutching my side. I remember who she is, she was the girl who saw me when Aaron was taking me back in.

"No time for that you need to get to the hospital, you might die soon!" She said, she grabbed my side and began to slowly help me walk out.

"We have to be quiet, in case," I was gasping for breath, I spoke again.

"In case, he comes back and kills me." I managed to get out. We walked to the door and we got out...

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