I'm Tilly McQueen I'm 19, and I wonder what I did that was so bad to end up here, I don't think this will ever change. Nobody understands what I have been through or going through, I am all alone. For me pain is, eternity.


7. Escaped

"Don't worry, if he does, I will protect you," I don't know who she is and she is looking out for me, I was so confused, everything happened too fast. We got out of the warehouse and she was walking next door, which is her house I think.

"I d-" I gasped for breath, the pain was taking over me.

"I don't even....... know you," I said.

"I know, I will tell you everything about me if you want, but not right now, you could still die, let's just get you to my house then I will call the ambulance." We were by the girl's driveway  we were about to walk in, when a hand touched my shoulder, it was Aaron, and he still had the knife.

"No," I gasped, which made the girl turn around. Her features grew angry.

"You dare touch her!" She shouted.

"Oh, and what are, you, gonna do about it, hu?" Aaron asked her. He lifted the knife, it was aimed for me, he still wanted me to die, but who could blame him, all the things he said about me were true, I do deserve to die, and I believe it.

"I do deserve to die." I whispered to myself.

"YOU DON'T!" The girl yelled, she grabbed the knife from Aaron and chucked it, Aaron punched her in the face, she fell to the ground, she was clutching her nose, she removed her hand, and blood was all over it. She grew angry, she stood back up.

"You asked for it," she said, she kicked him in the shin, he fell to the ground. She then drew back her fist and punched him in the face. I was so happy that he could feel just a tiny bit of the pain he put me through.

"You dare touch her again....." She whispered. She punched him one more time in the face and his nose began to bleed.

"Why do you even care? You don't even know her!?" Aaron exclaimed, the girl looked down, like she was ashamed or something. Aaron looked confused, and he wasn't the only one, I don't know her? She just avoided the question, got back up and led me into her house, Aaron was lying on the floor, and I think he passed out, after he asked her the question.

"Come on in," she said to me, she put her arm around me to help me walk in.

"Sit down there," she said pointing to a chair that was by the front door. She let me walk in first then she shut the door behind her.

"Let me just call the ambulance," she said she grabbed the phone and walked into the next room, she shut the door. I was alone by the front door.

"Ow!" I gasped, the knife stab was really starting the hurt, my clothes were now covered in blood, I was still holding onto my waist, I took my hand away, I looked at all the blood on my hand then I lifted my top, part way up to look at the stab, that was by my waist, I looked down at it. I quickly put my top back down, it doesn't look nice, but then again why would it? It is a stab wound. I put my hand back over the stab. The girl walked out.

"The ambulance will be about 5 minutes, until then we will just have to wait," she said to me, I gasped out in pain, her expressions changed to worried. Why does she care about me she doesn't even know me! The pain was getting worse, my eyes were so blurry from the amount of tears I was trying to hold back. I looked down as a tear rolled down my cheek, I could barely handle the pain.

"It's okay to cry, because sometimes, our eyes need to be washed with our tears, so that we can see life with a clearer view once again," the girl said. I smiled at the quote because my mother said it, but then I remember Aaron also said it my smile changed back to a pained expression, I looked down again.

"I'm Lexi, Lexi Smith, I am 20 by the way, Tilly," she said, I smiled, but then I realized she said my name, and I never told her it, how does she know me? How does she know my name, I don't know her, I think...

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